Away from desk

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…and cinema halls :(

BUT…I’m off on a vacation for a couple of weeks. First one after 5 years, so really looking forward to it!! :D

No, dear readers, I’m not missing Kidnap, Drona or Ramchand Pakistani. The reviews will be out by Saturday. No vacation can be important enough to miss two weeks worth of movies, can it?

But yeah, I’ll be missing the releases next week, Hello and Horn Ok Pleassss, if they release as per current schedule. Thanks to Aditya, wogma won’t be missing any though. He has been kind enough to do the reviews while I’m gone. And we’ve put together a few posts to keep wogma running. So, do keep visiting!

I’ll be back!

- meeta, a part of the audience

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I sure will! Thanks, silvan and dad!!


Have a safe vacation. Enjoy


We will read ur review later right now utmost enjoy your trip yaar.Wish u a happy journey.


Thanks Seema, Neo, Fife and Arijit!!

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