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Well tried. But, you expect a few more thrills from a thriller with sharks and expanses of open water.



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Wogma Review

A theme that involves a bunch of people stuck in a tight life or death situation can invoke only so much thrill. Especially, if you are exposed to thrillers. You know some will die, some will make it. You know bad things will happen and either the characters will find a way out or not. The mystery of whether or not happens by itself isn't intriguing enough. Then what is it that hooks the audience in, if at all? Characters? Atmosphere? You need that extra spark to keep you with the film, which unfortunately is wanting in Warning.

What Warning has though is an urge to do something that has rarely, if ever, been tried in Hindi films - use vast expanses of water to create a chilling atmosphere. It succeeds at times, and not so much at others but the effort to do something new is not lost on the audience.

A large part of what didn't work can be attributed to the loss of brightness due to 3D. I won't say the 3D was bad, because it does shake you up a bit when a shark comes your way, if only the water was bluer maybe the film wouldn't come across as dull.

True, once the situation sets in, there is hardly any up or down in the arc of the story. You have your regular drill of the blame-game, self-blame, introspection people bonding and/or fighting and so on. There are huge group dynamics that can be explored in situations like this. But, neither the thrill element nor the human angle is touched upon more than superficially.

It helps then that the actors do a decent job put together. Except for the French speaking woman who looks out-of-place, maybe intentionally, the rest of the cast goes about alternating between supportive, scared, strong, sad and so on pretty well.

Another thing that worked well was the claustrophobia created by the open space that the ocean is. By the end of the film, you could feel your skin shrivel as if you were in the water for those over 1.5 hours.

I don't know if I should happy then that an attempt was made or be unhappy that it wasn't taken a level deeper to engage and/or explore.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A few slaps and scenes where people beat each other or themselves up. A shark attack.
  • Language: Largely clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: No sexual content. But bikini-clad and bare-backed women, shirtless men and so on.
  • Concept: A story of survival.
  • General Look and Feel: 95% of the film is where the characters are in water.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2.5
  • Story: 1.5
  • Lead Actors: 3.5
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 2
  • Screenplay: 1.5
  • Music Director: 2
  • Lyrics: 2

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seems like its based on Piranhas.


@mac Haven't seen that one. But from what I hear, just maybe.


The commercial prospects of this film would definitely have been boosted had they just had a few "barely clad" women and done away with the men. Who wouldn't fancy a few bikini clad damsels in distress even if the plot's worth nothing at all! ;)

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