Warning - Preview

wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?)
quick review:

Well tried. But, you expect a few more thrills from a thriller with sharks and expanses of open water.



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Warning's trailer gets you mildly intrigued. Sure, it doesn't give away anything more than a few friends are out on a boat and they might be drowning. But, that's what makes it interesting - that it doesn't give away what it is about. A general pointer towards the genre and Jaws, and that's about it.

And of course, that it is in 3D with lots of water and barely-clad men and women. The music too seems to be only promotional material. I must say I enjoyed the surreal water theme across all the promotional material including the music videos.

Whether it will be a thriller worth watching at all, we'll know soon enough. Going to walk in with a completely blank slate for once.