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wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?) - *Two disclaimers - I saw the Hindi version. I have never been a Kamal Haasan fan.*
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Mountain out of a molehill - the ban that is. The film itself is a very average action flick attracting attention only because of Kamal Haasan. All Vishwaroop wants to say is, "My name is Khan, and I'm not a terrorist." His character that is.



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34 tweeters have given Vishwaroop/Vishwaroopam an average rating of 4.5/5.0(?)

30 yays
3 nays
1 so-so
  • YashSachein: Watched Vishwaroopam at Bangalore PVR cinemas.. Awesome story, making, casting and acting packed with Kamal's style of unengaging direction.
  • vishy1986: Wat a movie... Luvd it!!! #Vishwaroop #Vishwaroopam #Kamal Kamal Hassan u will always be d best!!
  • viru988: Film "Vishwarupam" is perfect entertaining movie. It is no any contradiction of religious status. People should show only entertain.
  • thegirik: Kamal Haasan is back to his usual best. Liked Vishwaroopam, a movie thats def ahead of its time on indian screen..
  • Takayasu_M: this is kamal's vishwaroop...he stands in INDIA at present...hatss off#vishwaroop..#vishwaroopam
  • S__Sinthu: Watched vishwarupam today all i can say is; OMG he proves it once again, legend! @shrutihaasan there were so much crowd today here in uk:-)
  • shivkantbharti: Frnds must watch VISHWARUPAM........really nice movie
  • PrabhuDE: Finally Watched Vishwarupam... Speechless with technical aspects of the movie...
  • NikhilK14854755: i like so much vishwarup movie.....
  • moksh_events: Watched #vishwarupam today. I think its a cool movie. What can be worse than crime getting committed n no action rather than cinema ??
  • mohankrishnauk: Hi Shruhassan i watched the Vishwarupam cinema very good.
  • mercking1: vishwarupam is such a grt movie go a watch it
  • mayank61282: Vishwarup.... An excellent movie
  • malleshthota1: To day saw the VISHWARUPAM movie...superb . ...kamal s great movie....
  • ljunit: Watched :- Vishwaroopam (2013) Really nice one. :-) Giving 4/5.
  • KranthiSane: I watched vishwarupam is sooo nice
  • KartikDayanand: Bloody awesome film. More later! #Vishwaroop #vishwaroopam
  • GabrooSahota: #Vishwaroopam IS A GOOD MOVIE!
  • dthrelease: #Vishwaroopam: #Vishwaroop Review by Chaitanya Sharma 3.5/5 The film and the legend deserve a packed theatre!
  • ComShifin: kamalhasan film vishwaroopam super movie.
  • chefNehalSarda: #MyReview : #Vishwaroop #Vishwaroopam.. The film is a delicious watch for its dramatic action & brilliant stunts... 3.5/5Stars...
  • assam_chowhan94: "Vishwarupam"- there is nothing about controversial which was publish in news before releasing the movie. Well directed by Kamal Hassan.
  • arunrathreya: #vishwaroop #vishwaroopam watched twice, first time was good and second time was mind blowing! Several layers and details.. a Masterpiece
  • amoljathar1111: Vishwarupam MovIe is really Nice.....I like tHat
  • amarnathashok: A road trip to Satyavedu, Andhra pradesh to watch a movie! #vishwaroopam.. Was worth it.. Enjoyed every bit of it! I support #KamalHaasan
  • aloksanwal: Watched Vishwaroopam y'day. What a brilliant piece of art! Sleek production, tight script and fabulous acting.. Must watch!
  • ajjubodkhe: i just saw movie vishwarupam........... awsome movie........! sir kamal hasan rocksssssssssssss.
  • Adityastwts: Since i dont belong to any religion, i have no right to say anything about the movie ban, as a cine lover i liked #vishwarupam #kamal rockd
  • abu1383: kudos to kamal hassan for vishwaroop ! Far better than any hindi movie released in the last 3 mts !
  • abangalorebloke: Vishwaroopam was a nice flick! Action was definitely Indian types.. Overall 8/10
  • nevil_chheda: One of the best movies with one of the worst ends! #vishwaroop #vishwaroopam
  • me_ram: Vishwaroopam – an unpardonable offense-fest | ~ Well said. Also add making you sit through 2:45 hours without interval.
  • mehaaaaa: # Vishwaroop ; #Vishwaroopam doesn't have much weight.. but u should watch it just for Ulaganayagan #Kamal Hassan B) \m/ He rocks!! :D
  • Evil__Cartman: #Vishwaroopam s a maha chutiya, fucked up movie. Predictable numerous time seen storyline & concept. Only couple action scenes. #KamalHassan