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wogma rating: Buy the DVD already (?) - And if by any chance you miss it in the theaters do make sure to catch it on DVD.
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Vicky Donor has a story which weaves in and out of a subject that is taboo, that too in an enjoyable and entertaining manner. Quick, witty lines are delivered with comfort and awesome performances. Even if you don't end up watching it on screen, do make sure you catch it on TV/DVD.



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Wogma Review

If we are lucky enough to have a potential Hrishikesh Mukherjee amongst us, it would have to be Shoojit Sircar. Vicky Donor made me laugh, brought a tear to my eye, made me think, and it made me care about its characters - all in a setting we could accept as real-life. And it's not like the film doesn't have a good share of quirky characters (We have a whisky drinking granny, for goodness' sake!) but their quirks are made to look like they could easily belong to a neighbor's family, if not your own.

For a subject as taboo and giggle-inducing as 'sperm donation', Vicky Donor does an awesome job of making it so regular even though the terms thrown at you are on-the-face. Each time Anu Kapoor says 'sperm' with a hand-gesture it makes you laugh out loud, right till the end. That's how good his comic timing is - that a signature phrase and symbol assigned to a character makes you laugh despite the repetition. Also, that's how good the writing is - because the time passed between two repetitions is just right and the things that come between them is either hilarious or entertaining, if not both.

Yes, there is some non-hilarious entertainment. The drama and the romance are both engaging. After a really long time, I didn't have any problem believing a couple when they said they loved each other. Otherwise, either it is said too early, or one is blind to the other's love, or it is too mushy, or the lines are ridiculously shallow. Vicky Donor gets the romance 'Goldilocks' perfect.

Same goes for the drama. This coming from a member of the audience who thinks she's has had just about enough of loud Punjabi characters and dialogue thrown at her. Beeji (Kamlesh Gill), Dolly (Dolly Ahluwalia) and the daughter-in-law-mother-in-law chemistry between them isn't something we are going to forget in a hurry and yet will want to revisit them every once in a while.

I like Ayushman Khurana - even beyond his dimples. He has an easy-going screen presence that any actor should be proud of. His easy-go-lucky Punjabi munda mannerism is so casual that it is difficult to imagine him as any other character. I guess we'll have to wait for his next for that. Yami Gautam has a sweet charm that makes you reach out to the sadness within her when she's smiling, comfort her when she's obviously sad and identify with her PMS-ing shrill yelling when she's angry.

Each character has depth and warmth - even the pushy Dr. Chaddha (Anu Kapoor) and his alter ego in the form of his assistant. Ashima's (Yami Gautam) dad and aunt add their own flavor to the mix - especially the scenes written between father and daughter. The extent to a dad can go to convince his daughter of anything - from choice of husband to how she's being silly in being upset with her husband - might seem outlandish, but we've all seen or heard of similar stuff in real-life.

The screenplay is intriguing too. It is rather obviously episodic, it has five clear parts. The first which is covered in the promos where Dr. Chaddha is trying to convince Vicky to donate his sperm. Then you have Vicky wooing Ashima followed by an amazingly witty coverage of inter-caste marriage - a subject covered to death by Hindi cinema. The second half sombers up to cover more serious issues and the entire do has a clean albeit slightly mushy wrap-up. And in the midst of all this, you have a social message that never becomes preachy and will thus be effective, when a family faces an issue like this.

After walking out of the theater, the superficial thoughts are that of having had fun for the last two hours, of having watched a good film. But half an hour later, when you have processed the film as a whole, I realized I liked it even more than I thought. And it is primarily because of this - Vicky Donor has so many elements that I thought I've had enough of and would've very grudgingly given benefit of doubt to any filmmaker or writer to cover even one of them with any freshness. But boy-meets-girl, Punjabi madness, repetitive dialogue/phrases, caste-based family issues, post-marital woes and recovery from them - Vicky Donor covers them all with a smile on its face and mine. It could be because it has a novel concept to tie this all in. Who would've thought that could happen?

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- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A few slaps.
  • Language: A few curses. A dominant Punjabi accent. Lots of talk about sperm.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A couple of kisses. A making out scene.
  • Concept: The protagonist is a sperm donor.
  • General Look and Feel: A regular middle-class environment as close to reality as it can get.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 3.5
  • Story: 4
  • Lead Actors: 4.5
  • Character Artists: 4
  • Dialogues: 4
  • Screenplay: 3.5
  • Music Director: 3
  • Lyrics:

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When films like this come, I hate being outside India. Either watch a shitty rip or wait months for the DVD. :(


@Rahul i know :(


i had never heard of this movie now i'm dying to see it


@Sandy yep, it is just one of those 'smaller' films which need to be watched and promoted by word of mouth

@Hanish yep! :D

@Selador oops..will work on getting that back in order asap. thanks for reminding me of your interest.


@@nkit Well, that's why I said 'potential' Ooh, I like Habib Faisal too!!

Priyank Pandey:

Amazing movie I ever watched....Totally Different concept....


Thanks Akshy!


This is perhaps the most perfect review of the most perfect movie made in recent times. Yes, they could have edited a few minutes out of the slow second half, but that did not affect the overall brilliance of the movie. Nice to see Annu Kapoor back in a GREAT role after ages! Found this review while Googling if any one else thought it reminded them of a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film -- and I see it did :-)


You're kidding, right, @Meetu? Either that, or you must have been suffering from a severe case of Bollywood Movie Disease when you saw this.

Smirky treatment of a serious topic, hateful characters across the board, an overall air of sleaziness - the American contingent of the India Movie Club hated this film, and turned it off after 20 minutes in disgust.


@TimELiebe This has to be a clear case of "lost in translation", especially considering that I don't think I know anyone (other than you now) Vicky who didn't like the film.

Vicky Donor attacks taboo head-on and does it with superb humor. I didn't find it sleazy at all. It is really interesting that your entire group reacted so adversely.


Definitely a case of "lost in translation", @Meetu. I posted my highly negative comments - then read that everybody else basically agreed with you that this movie was great.

Now I wonder why the serious disconnect between how we reacted and how everyone here reacted....


@TimELiebe I wonder too!


@Meetu - I often joke about my "American" perspective, but I think this is really the first time I've keenly felt Just How Different I and the people who watch Indian movies with me's worldview is from yours and Indian movie fans.

I know it perplexes you how many movies you consider "junk" that we love - though I suspect that's more just how some of us are fans of trashy films, no matter who they're from! ;) It's kind of strange, realizing for a change that a film you really liked I considered "vulgar"....


@TimELiebe and these are the difference that make this world such a beautiful place! :D


And a good thing too, given how often we disagree on movies, @Meetu! ;)

Wait till you see how much we loved Satyagraha, a film you liked but thought could have been better....

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