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Vicky Donor - Preview

Vicky Donor

wogma rating: Buy the DVD already (?) - And if by any chance you miss it in the theaters do make sure to catch it on DVD.
quick review:

Vicky Donor has a story which weaves in and out of a subject that is taboo, that too in an enjoyable and entertaining manner. Quick, witty lines are delivered with comfort and awesome performances. Even if you don't end up watching it on screen, do make sure you catch it on TV/DVD.

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It's been a while since a trailer has made me giggle throughout. Which is already thumbs up for the concept, the dialogue, and the dialogue delivery/comic timing of both Anu Kapoor and Ayushman Khurana.

Interestingly, the whole Mahabharat theory mentioned here, is something that I've already read and has been discussed at home ever so often. So, the idea wasn't new at all. And yet, it made me laugh both times I saw the trailer - once in the theater and once a little while ago. That, in itself is a beautiful example of a scene well executed.

The good thing is the trailer doesn't give away too much. In fact, none of the promos give away more than the main trailer, so much so that you get bored watching the same thing again and again. I mean just look at the near-zero extra content in this producer's interview?! But all is forgiven as long as there's a lot more content in the film.

And anyway, the only trailer is one of those that makes you feel that there are more jokes than the ones shown and the jokes are not all there is to the film. In its own way, it is commenting on parents using technology to imbibe their aspirations in their child even before the fetus is formed. And at the same time it seems to be working on making people talk about a topic that is unnecessarily taboo. By repeated use of "unmentionable" words it is desensitizing it's audience even before they walk into the theater.

The entire team seems to have worked well on getting this product in a palatable form. None of it is cheap or offensive and as the unassuming director points out, "there isn't an adult joke in the film." Speaking of unpresumptuous, I really liked write Juhi Chaturvedi's down-to-earth, even plain, attitude in this interview. With the rarity of women writer/directors in the industry, it takes special bravery for a woman writer to use the kind of language that has been used in the film.

And finally, I like Ayushman Khurana, right from the couple of TV appearance I've seen to the goofed-up cricket match hosting. I love the way he holds his own in John Abraham's item number, which by itself is worth a few eyerolls- the mandatory shirtless John Abraham being given a pipe shower by white skimpily clad women and all. End credit rolls taken care of.

Anyway, I'm clearly looking forward to some good fun and subtle comments on the topic by Vicky Donor. Meanwhile here are some music reviews -
Milliblog - "Well put-together, enjoyable soundtrack, this!"
dunkdaft - "As a comedy flick, did not expect the soundtrack to be so good."
Bollyspice - "3.5/5"
Bollywood Hungama - "2.5/5"

Vicky Donor - Movie Details

Vicky Donor - Trailer

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When films like this come, I hate being outside India. Either watch a shitty rip or wait months for the DVD. :(


@Rahul i know :(


i had never heard of this movie now i'm dying to see it


@Sandy yep, it is just one of those 'smaller' films which need to be watched and promoted by word of mouth

@Hanish yep! :D

@Selador oops..will work on getting that back in order asap. thanks for reminding me of your interest.


@@nkit Well, that's why I said 'potential' Ooh, I like Habib Faisal too!!

Priyank Pandey:

Amazing movie I ever watched....Totally Different concept....


Thanks Akshy!


This is perhaps the most perfect review of the most perfect movie made in recent times. Yes, they could have edited a few minutes out of the slow second half, but that did not affect the overall brilliance of the movie. Nice to see Annu Kapoor back in a GREAT role after ages! Found this review while Googling if any one else thought it reminded them of a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film -- and I see it did :-)


You're kidding, right, @Meetu? Either that, or you must have been suffering from a severe case of Bollywood Movie Disease when you saw this.

Smirky treatment of a serious topic, hateful characters across the board, an overall air of sleaziness - the American contingent of the India Movie Club hated this film, and turned it off after 20 minutes in disgust.


@TimELiebe This has to be a clear case of "lost in translation", especially considering that I don't think I know anyone (other than you now) Vicky who didn't like the film.

Vicky Donor attacks taboo head-on and does it with superb humor. I didn't find it sleazy at all. It is really interesting that your entire group reacted so adversely.

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