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Makes you feel empowered, even though you can see their solutions are way too simplistic.



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51 tweeters have given Ungli an average rating of 3.4/5.0(?)

32 yays
13 nays
6 so-so
  • wilii_: #ungli must to be SUPERHIT
  • Wequar2000: Indian film UNGLI and today.s Pakistani politics, interesting to watch; Fight against corruption.
  • srushtik: Guys if you haven't watched @emraanhashmi 's #ungli yet , go watch it today ! Complete entertainer which wins your heart !
  • SrinjoyMukherji: #Ungli is a great film!!!! Great job by @karanjohar ji ....... I love this film!! Everyone in this film is very good!
  • soHELLbaba: Frndshp day valentine day celebrate karna banta hai To Ekk din expose the corruption day banate hai... #ungli #Fever
  • snaidu666: #ungli has a storyline which the south has been hamming on since the past decade, its like converting a masala dosa into a paneer dosa
  • shivam_mah90: #Ungli has been watched....a sheer disappointment.
  • shaswat49: So finally watched an Awesome Bollywood movie after so long #Ungli !
  • sharikkh: Ungli...nice film...as always emraan is awesome... Fight against corruption.. Nice thought wish dis cud be applicable in present situations.
  • Saurabh_Vaish: #Ungli is GOOD!! 3.5stars to this @karanjohar @DharmaMovies production. Nice story, fast paced and good acting by all..
  • Sajid71409191: Watched ...but is emraan as cameo? #Ungli @UngliTheFilm superb movie
  • Saif_Attar: Ungli is a average mvie , first half is manageable ,whre second half is quite interesting, overall movie contains nice msg @UngliTheFilm
  • sahu_in: After watchin' #ungli its like, Gotham has Batman, Mumbai gets its own Ungli..Look up and feel safe from Corruption.
  • ruslaanmumtaz: Really enjoyed #Ungli. All mumbaikars will relate to it. I'd watch a sequel if they made one. We need an Ungli [email protected] @emraanhashmi
  • Rushes: Wish there was a real #Ungli gang
  • rs_praveen: #ungli #ungli #ungli mast h yaar. . . A must watch. . .
  • rrrajat: Ungli 2.5/5
  • rozelle_l: Please don't miss #Ungli. Please watch it, please coz I am so much jealous of those who saved themselves of this [email protected]
  • ronakgpatel: #Ungli.. Fictitious movie on realistic issues. The director has taken the IQ of the audience for granted!
  • rajivvijayakar: Opportunity for a quasi-masterpiece let down by (very) bad writing, dialogues & music - #Ungli http://www.indiawest.com/entertainment/bollywood/movie_reviews/ungli-movie-review-far-fetched-fairy-tale-of-quick-fix/article_d5be72d8-7731-11e4-b8b2-1bf2c247a63d.html
  • rajathkumar: Also saw Ungli. Its less Hashmi & more Hooda. Not sure how Dharma has added value. Nothing like a Dharma film. Decent watch. Not great.
  • pankito09: #Ungli could have been a more wittier and smart take on the common mans issues. Rather it played out as a limp and over simplified drawl!
  • narayan_mj: UNGLI movie Nice concept but all went in vain due to poor narration & Characters
  • MYHARTSRK: #Ungli Is A Good Watch ' Loved It
  • mr_abhisek_de: Watched #Ungli. We really need such non-profit-org in India to #ConquerTheCorrupt. I know how it feels. I'm myself a victim...
  • MrCoffeekhor: #Ungli movie! The positive about it that was it stayed to its name. Ungli word was uttered many times in the movie. Rest, okay'ish flick.
  • mallik0425: #ungli is a pathetic vigilante film which neithr explores theme wth seriousness nor sarcastic comedy genre.1 more filthy scrpt writin effort
  • Legend_Khan1: Watched Ungli, Good performances by all but execution of the story was pretty bad. Meh, I didn't really enjoy it 2/5
  • kneekeytha: #Ungli one time watch
  • khnaveed: #Ungli very nice #Bollywood movie to watch, if you really like plots on corruption. # http://twitter.com/khnaveed/status/538770481696878593/photo/1
  • keetuda: Ungli is stupid audience's A Wednesday!
  • kaupar: Just watched #Ungli ..nice movie.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl1UPQbIQ4s&feature=youtu.be
  • jha_siddhus94: #Ungli has an interesting concept. @RandeepHooda shines out. My Rating : 3.5 /5 stars.
  • imuhk: An excellent Bollywood flick. #Ungli
  • imrajeshchauhan: All right our rock star #Angadbedi is back again on screen. With a blockbuster #Ungli must watch @BishanBedi proud father you are sir
  • ImHimanshu_7: #Ungli @VishalDadlani AwesomeMusic
  • iamsalman143: #Ungli is just mindblowing..... @emraanhashmi you were rocking as always.. ♡♡♡ brilliant performance
  • IamDev427: Watched #Ungli does even our normal society also need the same sort of gang to completely decimate the corruption?! #GoodMovie
  • HRangoonwala19: Ungli is such a nice movie tho
  • HitGal_Hashmi: yes, watched #Ungli! loved d story n of course, emraan's character n acting! :*
  • gourabkundu: Just watched #Ungli - another of those 'could hv beens' decent flow but.
  • drskbheda: UNGLI::A very timely made film as the need of time is justice to the poor and needy and remove corruption in all sectors-Govt.-non-Govt..!
  • dipalibkn: #Ungli .. nice movie with good msg .. bade dino baad ek aachi movie dekhi :)
  • dilLogical_rahi: Watched Ungli and enjoyed it !! 3/5
  • bvhfbvfbvh: Go watch ungli mind blowing sooooooopurb
  • BongFromBombay: What the hell happend to indian cinema #Ungli #Why #Torture :/
  • BeingBihari: UNGLI bokwaas movie hai.
  • aryansingh163: The runtime of #Ungli is just 2 hrs still you find it too much to bear...
  • akshatahegde07: Ungli is a thought-provoking and inspiring movie for the youth #Unglimoviepublicreview, #Unglimoviereview http://www.india.com/showbiz/ungli-movie-public-review-a-thought-provoking-and-inspiring-movie-for-the-youth-says-audience-207275/
  • ajeetpanigrahi: #Ungli Movie is very good. Entertaining and yet meaningful. Dont go after ratings by others and go for it. Worth a watch.
  • achalsharma17: #Ungli nice movie to watch let fight togther against this #Corruption and make them our #India free and better place to live