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45 minutes of complete entertainment followed by 55 dull ones of nothing happening. All of which is tied up in the 20 most 'blah' ones ever written. You do the math. Kangna is a misfit and the film has the worst climax a film could ever have.



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Wogma Review

Remember Saajan? And the dozen other films which had a struggle going on between two male leads who love the same woman? They'd play badminton and she'd be the shuttlecock? I hated the supposed large-heartedness of one friend 'sacrificing' the girl for/to his friend, as if she has no say in who she is in love with. In Tanu weds Manu our lady, Tanu has a fully-installed brain. Unfortunately, it's malfunctioning or maybe her heart is not in-sync because she is still the shuttlecock. Only this time, it's of the lady's own doing. Yet, it doesn't make the story any more interesting. At least, not the way it's written here. So what if the first 45 minutes of the film are as entertaining as they could ever be!? All's not well, if it doesn't end well, no?

The movie starts with such crisp and witty dialogue (and perfect delivery by the actors) that everyone in the audience was laughing out loud at every alternate dialogue. Alternate dialogue only because the laughter from the earlier dialogue hadn't died down for us to hear the next one. Yep, even though I didn't hear half the dialogues in the first half, I was thoroughly entertained.

All this I was still trying my best to get used to Kangna Ranaut as Tanu. Though, I don't think I ever settled down on that count. It was very difficult to shake away the question - what if someone else was playing the loud, boisterous, small-town girl who doesn't know what to do with all the male attention she gets. While, Kangna just about passes off in traditional Indian clothes and make-up, I just don't think she can carry long dialogues. Almost every dialogue comes across as if it were a tongue twister for her. While she deserves all marks for trying something out of her comfort zone, some of the lines given to her are wasted because she doesn't fit the bill.

On the other hand Madhavan perfectly wears the shoes of an NRI who is on his 'girl-seeing' trip to India - unsure, sticking out, and embarrassed by all the mollycoddling. But this act along with his spinelessness loses charm soon enough and becomes repetitive. The rest of the characters are marginally interesting, in fits and starts. That's because they just didn't get any attention from the writer; else, they had potential to capture yours. This is sad because I was sitting amongst a crowd that cheered Ravi Kissen and Deepak Dobriyal in their first scenes.

Sure, the main characters are written in detail, but the plot fails. You barely care for Tanu. The character that she is, you don't think she deserves all that she wants out of life. She is so oblivious to the ruckus she's causing in others' lives. And the specimen of nature that Manu is you want him to get Tanu, only because that's what he wants; you know it's not the best thing for him. These are interesting things, because the protagonists are grey characters, but somehow it all looks half-cooked.

Also there is a lot happening in the film other than the superficial. You have one Che Guevara worshipper who is doing things just to be labeled a rebel. While the other one with a Guevara poster in his room propagates a value system that makes you do things just so your parents are happy. The latter gives an inch because he's nice and the people around him take an ell and more. They either meddle and manage his life or misuse his kindness. This is only a scratch on the surface of this generation's struggle - be nice and misused OR use and be nasty. At the same time, Tanu weds Manu tries to show how the definition of love is different for each person.

At the macro level too, Tanu weds Manu tries to say a thing or two about the society and its changing equations. For example, the one between a bride and groom's side at an Indian wedding. And all this along with some awesome music that go completely with the tone of the film. Alas, the tone changes and the makers don't get that right.

Just when the writing starts to lull, you are given a break with the interval. But the jokes dry up, the characters become serious and clueless. It's depressing to see the same writer who wrote such brilliant lines in the first hour or so regress to total boredom and write the most annoying climax a film could ever have. I started out thinking this is the Indies reply to YRF 'wedding' films and I ended up writing this review.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A couple fist fights
  • Language: Abusive words beeped out
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None
  • Concept: romance
  • General Look and Feel: an attempt at light and peppy

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 3
  • Story: 1
  • Lead Actors: 3
  • Character Artists: 3
  • Dialogues: 3
  • Screenplay: 2
  • Music Director: 3.5
  • Lyrics: 3

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I disagree with this review; after a long time I watched an enjoyable Hindi movie and in a filled theater.


@md sorry, don't know how i missed that. Have added it now. Thanks for pointing it out

@Sumit ha ha. *takes a bow*

@Aditya i'm glad you enjoyed it!


I take back my words that you rated it incorrectly. I think you rated the different parts correctly, 3/5 or 2/5.. only 2 or 3 out of the 5 viewers will enjoy this movie. I belong to the minority here... :)


So it means it a watch once type movie....
My friends says its good....


New style but old topic like band baaja baraat.for those who love to watch wedding movies


Yeah, this definitely has an "indie" feel to it, Meetu - a bit sluggish and done on the cheap, while at the same time giving actors a chance to stretch their artistic wings in different types of roles.

I would personally say Jimmy Sheirgill got the most benefit out of this, showing after supporting roles as the "nice kid" in the MUNNABHAI movies that he's well able to handle a Sanjay Dutt type role himself. R. Madhavan does the Mr. Nice Guy romantic lead reasonably well - but I think lacks a particular flair to elevate the writing so his character doesn't come off as a dishrag!

On the other hand, Ms. Ranaut's Tanu? As I said on your Facebook Wall (I think), that woman is doesn't deserve a happy ending! I've seen her be good elsewhere (ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI), so I'm wondering what went wrong here....


@TimELiebe Your point about Tanu is so right!


And now - they've done a sequel?

I didn't like the first one!



Yep! o.O


..absolutely disagree...I along with hundred others in crowd kept on laughing...there was hardly a 10,minutes window where the jokes dried up...
Felt that the movie gave a more than fair chance to side characters and every one was absolutely brilliant in their part....in fact the characterization and execution of these characters made the otherwise bizzare story believable... Madhawan s character might not be of a superman exactly but we had double role of kangana ...that kind of more than make up for madhawan s role .... BTW ...I have read this on quora...around 50% girls don't like kangana ranaut just the same way 50% of mother in law don't like their daughter in law ...they just hate her...without any reason


@Divya "around 50% girls don't like kangana ranaut just the same way 50% of mother in law don't like their daughter in law ...they just hate her...without any reason"

ha ha ha ha...unlikely but funny nevertheless.

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