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One of the most pleasant hours spend in the theater. This subtly satirical documentary is engaging and entertaining. A must watch for sure, in theaters if you are keen.



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  • _kunal_pradhan: Have seen Supermen of Malegaon a few times, at festival screenings, home. Wonderful documentary, funny, poetic. Def a #MustWatch.
  • z_maahir: Watch "supermen of malegaon" to understand the most important thing, is to have a dream..the rest just falls into place
  • weeny: Watch one of my favourite flicks, the delightful Supermen of Malegaon which finally plays theatres across the country starting tomorrow!
  • VIVECKVASWANI: And supermen of malegaon is a tribute to the sheer indefatigablity of the spirit that made Indian cinema survive 100 years!
  • varun067: Guys I seriously recommend everyone watch Supermen of Malegaon (running in PVR) directed by a friend Faiza Khan....
  • TyagiGeetika: Salaam to Supermen of Malegaon.
  • thehindurss: Passion and paisa vasool: Faiza Khan’s documentary, Supermen of Malegaon, turns the spotlight on the makers of r...
  • talib_h: just watched Supermen of Malegaon, brilliant n hilarious. You'd never think these things..these talents exist in India.
  • snigdhapoonam: "In some ways, Superman from Malegaon is more amazing than Hollywood’s Superman and Spider-Man could ever be."
  • saurshaz: [email protected] [email protected] After kshay, now PVR brings you 'supermen of malegaon!', its playing worli, juhu, goregaon PVRs! Must not miss!»»
  • sapnabhavnani: Supermen of malegaon today. Did u see it? Do not miss it!
  • Sangeetha_Devi: Watch Supermen of Malegaon if it's releasing in your city. Super fun, I had the chance to watch it in EFLU during a screening.
  • Sachobytes: Supermen of Malegaon. Must watch.
  • ruhanibaatein: Don't miss Supermen of Malegaon, playing in your near by PVR cinemas! Charming film.
  • Ruchira_roy: Please watch Malegaon ka Superman-a satirical documentary.very innocent,real,earthy...Loved it.we remembered Malegaon for diff reasons sofar
  • ronyd: 1hr of supermen of malegaon is more fun than 2hrs of Spiderman.
  • pratik_salunke: Deres much into Malegaon than power looms and tragic blast memories. Kudos to Supermen of Malegaon-the documentary.
  • PoppadumArt: Loooved Supermen of Malegaon! Such a fun movie after so long! Go watch!! cc @supermenofmgaon
  • Navjotalive: There was a standing ovation for 3.5 minutes. Need I say more? Go watch Supermen of Malegaon NOW!
  • mrajshekhar: saw supermen of malegaon today. came back with deep respect for nasir sheikh and his crew. SoM definitely a must watch!
  • miyaamihir: In the 100th year of Indian moviemaking, you can't have better tribute to this magical medium then docu 'Supermen Of Malegaon'. Don't miss!
  • Metrollhead: Malegaon ka superman!omfg i died laughing!its releasing tomorrow in India,must watch for everyone!!
  • mesopystic: Supermen of Malegaon is quite great. Very funny. Watch Watch.
  • Mehndi7692: Loved Supermen of Malegaon. Its a must watch! :)
  • Mediatator: Supermen of Malegaon: Highly recommend watch. One of the best Indian documentaries seen. Very heartening to see a houseful show in PVR.
  • mayurpuri: I STROOOOOONGGGLY RECOMMEND 'SUPERMEN OF MALEGAON'. If you are a human being, you must watch it.
  • ManushkaKhisty: The cure for cynicism hits bombay tomorrow! It's called Supermen of Malegaon! Go watch it at PVR. it will change your life!
  • madammalai: Go watch Supermen of Malegaon. That is all.
  • kunalmandekar: This week's best pick is Malegaon ka superman. Do watch it its hilariousssss. 5/5
  • kaymatthews: May I suggest if you have the chance to see Supermen of Malegaon this week, you take it? It is wonderful, & I loved it:
  • karlgomes: Supermen of malegaon = pain cooler
  • JescKy_L: Supermen of Malegaon...a must watch, this film. And it NEVER gets old!!
  • iAswathi: Supermen of Malegaon! Go watch NOW!! Funny, sincere and made me emotional. Movie with a heart. Well done!
  • hussainthelal: Supermen of Malegaon is the most honest piece of work I've seen. cinema or otherwise. Its beautiful. Please watch, One show daily at PVR.
  • hardik_radhe: Saw 'Malegaon Ka Superman' some time back. What a fantastic film! Really loved it! I believe it has released today. Go for it!!!
  • gyandeep4a: "आवाज़ वैसी नहीं है, लेकिन हम गाना गा रहे हैं" - 'Supermen of Malegaon' is tht rare film which celebrates filmmaking itself. Terrific stuff!
  • freakomalay: Supermen of malegaon poster is sooo good. Also a must watch - janta saying
  • DitaVie: Supermen of Malegaon! GO WATCH! In select theatres this week. Superb movie!!!!! Don't miss it!
  • dipperr: Hatta saawan ki ghata Spiderman. Today I'm rooting only for Supermen Of Malegaon! Must watch, twice over!
  • DipikaThawani: Supermen of a super funny movie=D :p =))
  • dhruvpande: Do yourself a favour. Watch "Supermen of Malegaon"
  • delhisultan: Supermen of Malegaon is an endearing film. It needs all the support it can. Technically a documentary that doesn't let you feel it is one.
  • deepakyen: If you're still not convinced #supermenofmalegaon is a #MustWatch, shubhra gupta's review should do the trick:"
  • DarthBobTarkas: Supermen of Malegaon was very funny and very touching. Loved every moment of it, and ended up wishing for more.
  • DarshanBangera: Just watched Supermen of Malegaon with the crew in a packed house at Juhu PVR. Insanely Hilarious!!!! Go Watch
  • CrazedDiamond: Supermen Of Malegaon is definitely a must see!
  • CilemaSnob: Saw Supermen of Malegaon. Great fun! was happy to see the big audi at PVR Juhu completely full (except 1st row) n ppl clapping in between.
  • chuck_gopal: Saw Supermen of Malegaon. What a lovely little documentary. Catch it before it goes out of theaters. Highly recommended.
  • ChelseaSaldanha: Review: Supermen Of Malegaon is heartbreakingly hilarious
  • BlessChet: Supermen of Malegaon - A cute documentary on making films for the love of it. MUST MUST WATCH
  • bhalomeye: plz plz plz plz plz go and watch Supermen of Malegaon!
  • azeem2112: If u really wann c an honest and heart touching film actually soul inspiring go watch supermen of malegaon ..
  • avehimenon: I've watched Supermen of Malegaon twice. Went again today and it still moved me. You shouldn't miss it. Playing at a PVR near you.
  • atifaslam12345: Supermen of Malegaon is hilarious #faroghjafri #akramkhan #sheikhnasir #shakeelbharati
  • archthegr8: I totally second! "@aamir_khan: Saw 'Malegaon Ka Superman' some time back. What a fantastic film! Really loved it! Go for it!!!"
  • akinak87: If you haven't already, go watch 'Supermen of Malegaon'. It's incredibly funny and poignant at the same time. 1/2
  • AbhinavBhatt01: 60 odd minutes of smiles that is 'Supermen of Malegaon'. Thank you @shiladityabora
  • aaaishwaryaaa: Go watch Malegaon ka Superman it is gna be one awesome movie!afterall I was born there!its gt a touch of my awesomeness!!#OhYeah! Haha :D