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One of the most pleasant hours spend in the theater. This subtly satirical documentary is engaging and entertaining. A must watch for sure, in theaters if you are keen.



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Malegaon ka Superman - the title sounded funny the first time I heard it, the kind of funny one should avoid. Yet it was intriguing, having known of the little village and a few people from it - those who have suffered the communal riots mentioned in passing in this documentary. What we see is not the film itself, but it's making - a film about the supermen of Malegaon who tried making Malegaon ka Superman. And I haven't seen anything as heart-warming in a really long time.

Supermen of Malegaon is soaked in sweet irony. You blink and you might miss one. And it all done without being overt or direct. The simplicity and subtlety with which things are talked about and issues are covered is remarkable - from the intentional mockery of film-making in India to the hypocrisy that a film-maker exhibits in keeping his brother from making a career out of making films.

In fact, this making of Malegaon ka Superhero is an advanced lesson on jugaad. The number of innovative fixes to overcome the budget issues while making the film or simple lack of knowledge is just amazing. And these are just the fixes that the documentary decided to focus on.

That doesn't mean that we'll like Malegaon ka Superman. But just the number of hilarious things they have Superman do or the characteristics this most unlikely Superman (played by Late Shafique) has might be enough for the ticket money. That besides, how can you not encourage such enterprising filmmakers?

Who would've thought we'd be watching a documentary, the making of an almost-no-budget (in today's times) film in mainstream theaters. We have come a long way, and yet it seems only a beginning - worth celebrating, nonetheless.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None. Just mention of communal riots.
  • Language: Clean.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None.
  • Concept: The making of a movie called "Malegaon ka Superhero".
  • General Look and Feel: Documentary.

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  • Direction: 4
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Manuel Neuer:

This is amazing!


Is this the same documentary that was shown on Discovery Channel a few years ago?

Wondering why they need to show the same thing on a theater screen.


No clue what was shown on Discovery Channel? But this one is just worth the trip to the theater. Just because it is simple and heart-warming. :D

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