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Comical action, filmy dialogue, awful flow make Singham's decent concept look laughable. It tries to make a couple of points but they are lost in the "coolness" that the film wants to be.



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Wogma Review

Singham desperately wants to highlight the power of numbers. Especially when the number is actual people who are frustrated with the system they have become a part of. Singham says, if we believe in this power nothing is unachievable. Well, this is not the first story that wants us to believe, nothing is beyond a "united" people - be it media, police or the common man. I'm not going to complain about how simple Singham's solutions are or how idealistic too. The problem is, the wagon it uses to make its point. It is action comedy. It is cool inside the theater and forgotten outside. To top it off, all the "smart action" parts, you've already seen in the trailers.

Singham would have worked a little better if they had a little more action than the one we had already seen because I remember being in complete awe of the muscular Ajay Devgn running in slo-mo, getting off a swinging jeep. It was creative and held my attention. The entire feature though, is held together by a very slow set-up, choppy flow and unbelievable character transformations to make the climax.

It is weird to assess a particular sequence or character when you like the concept of what's playing itself out but you are laughing at the far-fetched actions and reactions. I guess it's because you just wish some of the things happening were true.

Other than these things though, there were a few immensely likeable elements in Singham. One is ofcourse, Ajay Devgn. He plays the quite-in-words, loud-with-action Singham with a lot of energy. Prakash Raj plays the arrogant, "egoistical" Jaykant Shikre with a good dose of humor. The rest of the cast supports these two in whatever needs to be done to get the film through its 140 minute run-time.

These characters, the lines given to them, the set-up they find themselves in all say, "we are so cool that you can laugh at us, see if we care." They play childish pranks with each other, they mock and mimic each other, they bring in popular film references in regular conversation. These are the things that make Singham a little more than a regular good cop-bad goon drama.

The good is good and the bad is bad, and it more or less, remains so. The hero is so good, and the villain is so bad that you don't believe either of them but you still want to know how the good is going to get out of the soup that the evil has created. Anyway, maybe the gray shade had no business in films like this. Who wants the "in-between" when a corrupt politician needs to be beaten up?

Singham does represent the frustration our nation is going through. We are desperate. We want solutions to our corrupt government. We are so darn aggravated that we want to suspend our disbelief and trust that if we all came together we can crack the long-overdue whip at the system. So, we cheer Singham as he goes about his job of being honest and brave. But Rohit Shetty doesn't want us to forget it's a film. He makes sure with his "out-takes" in the end credits. All this coolness is fake; it's for films. In real life, you can't do better than online petitions and candle light vigils.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Loads, but none of it gory.
  • Language: A few "mild" swear words.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None.
  • Concept: Good cop wants to beat the sh!t out of bad politician.
  • General Look and Feel: Loud and funny about a serious topic.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 3
  • Lead Actors: 2.5
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 2
  • Screenplay: 1
  • Music Director: 1
  • Lyrics: 1

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In real life, you can't do better than online petitions and candle light vigils. What a tag line at the end in your review (superb!)others said like Ajay Devgn fans won't be dissappointed.Well said Meetu keep going. Here is mine Rohit stop playing chor police with Ajay and all those cars.


@Shashank why this on Singham's review, would you like to paste your comments on

I can delete the HP comments from here if you like.

@All I love Ajay Devgn. I had the biggest girlie crush on him, in fact I've been laughed at for liking him at all. And yet, if I don't like his movie as much as you guys do, I don't right? :D


Meetu it's been close to one week since the movie released and there is no external reviews for this movie, am waiting for it since Monday as WOGMA is the only exclusive website for all those critics reviews .I request you to please add them if you see this post.


@shashank can we move the harry potter discussion to the harry potter page please?

@vikas :D drop me an e-mail. I'm always open to having more reviewers on board.

@K S can you clarify what you are talking about?

@guddu yep, i do it on Mondays, had to go out of town, so wasn't able to do it. I'm on it, should be out in an hour or so.


It sucked... dunno why people are calling it a good actioner when there is no action in the climax...

Besides, the tone is not consistent and the jokes and the serious part do not gel...

I am not a Dabangg fan either, but at least it was consistent in tone throughout the film...

Also, I'm sick of these comical action sequences with incompetent CGI... if you are making an action film, please take action seriously... forget slo-mos & gimme sunny deol of yore anyday...


Ajay Devgan's best movie till yet,he worked very well in 'Singham'.I love the action packed drama.


@RGK I agree I'd much rather watch Ajay Devgan in the films you mentioned than in something like a Golmaal or Singham. But then, its good to see variety too.

@Suman i thought it was ok-types


We really enjoyed Singham - right up until the last fifteen minutes, when the movie took a turn towards justifying something that...well, didn't sit well with me as a US Citizen watching our cops shoot and kill unarmed People of Color and inevitably get away with it.

The rest of it? Was a fun goofy comedy-adventure-romance.


@TimELiebe :D :D


I guess it's like 24 was for us in the US - a reaction to a real-world problem with a fantasy-hero? Well, for some of us anyway, though not me....

I prefer the currently-playing series Person of Interest, which has a more nuanced view of the things we do in the name of "fighting terrorists", and how against everything we claim to believe in it is.

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