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Honest man versus corrupt system. As novel as that one gets, only louder when we thought it wasn't possible.



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Wogma Review

Doesn't it actually feel like every actor needs to have an action film in which he/she is the honest and/or do-gooder fighting against the corrupt system? Actually, it is more specific than that. It is like every actor should have a film like this with Prakash Raj as the villain. So, Singh Saab The Great adds Sunny Deol's name to the list. As expected, it is loud and gets louder by the minute. And there are entire 150 of those, no less.

I must say the slight twist in the concept is interesting but they give up on it even before the audience begins to appreciate it. Other than that though, it is as run-of-the-mill and tedious as it gets. The action choreographer tries to shock every once in a while by going a little over the top. But, you end up being just slightly amused rather than awed with those gimmicks.

Even with these interesting deviations in terms of writing, the emotions never engage. It has to be as much due to how exposed we are to this theme as it is to the writing as it is to the performances. Over-written dialogue delivered by Sunny Deol in a manner that we are so used to over decades. For the rest you have Prakash Raj whose performance could've had an impact had it not been the, goodness knows how many, 15th time we've seen it.

What I found absolutely ridiculous was the sudden introduction of a communal tone. It comes out of the blue and way too late in the scheme of things. It thus ends up sounding like an afterthought. Not that way too much thought has been put in the plot, anyway.

And yet, isn't this what we knew to expect? The Deols - they seem to have a world of their own. That world has either the three of them in lead roles, else in cameos with one of them as a lead. This world has an audience of its own that enjoys cars lifted and turned around single-handedly by the famous two-and-a-half-kilo hand. This world is impervious to the likes and dislikes of outsiders. I watch because, well I like giving every movie a chance. Or maybe masochism just comes easily to me.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lots.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Cleavage, an item song. A couple of fleeting intimate scenes. No kisses or liplocks or other physical intimacy.
  • Concept: Honest man versus corrupt system.
  • General Look and Feel: Loud, very loud.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 1
  • Story: 1
  • Lead Actors: 1
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 1
  • Screenplay: 0.5
  • Music Director: 0.5
  • Lyrics: 0.5

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Is this a religious film? The name of the film certainly gives that impression. The promo does not give that impression but promos can be quite deceiving and tricky, in addition there's only one promo circulating.

In comedy nights Navjotsingh Siddhu made a remark that if anybody can play Guru Gobind Singh's role then it is Sunny Deol.

There are absolutely no other previews elsewhere.

So what's it about? At least important to know if it is mythological/religious film or a fictional film.


At least its better than crap south indian remakes,,,,and why 1 mark for acting,,,sunny deol and prakash raj both have done there job nicely along with jhony lever and sanjay mishra,,,,yes prakash raj was repetative,,,,but its not his fault,,,,
Meetu - me and u had a litl fight when u have given watch if u have nothing better to do - to - shoot out at wadala ,,,, m still waiting when u will give good a review to a bollywood action film,,,,bcoz its the only genre where i always disagree to ur reviews.......for me the rating would be ’watch when on tv’ bcoz the execution was good,,,,script was novel,,,,just the x factor is missing,,,,or u can say lack of innovation.....


"Doesn't it actually feel like every actor needs to have an action film in which he/she is the honest and/or do-gooder fighting against the corrupt system"~isn't that exactly what we saw in Arjun,Ghayal,Ghatak,Damini & Tridev? I guess these movies were a lot more powerful in content and had a much younger and energetic Sunny Deol. Am quite sad to see my once favourite actor doing such movies these days at this age!

Pritesh Dubey:

Indian audience gets bored with similar concepts, action+corruption+message, this formula is also old now, people wants to see something new, filmakers should not make films only for the sake of actor's fans...
We want something different, however some crap movies still earn 100+ crores because of actor's brand image.


"This world has an audience of its own that enjoys cars lifted and turned around single-handedly by the famous two-and-a-half-kilo hand."~a biased and unfair argument made on the basis of just 3-4 films. Ask any Sunny Deol fan what Betaab,Arjun,Ghayal,Tridev,Damini,Ghatak,Border and Gadar meant to them and you'd know! And let me not even get into the legend of Dharam paaji!


@Fan nope, not religious. There is some communal mention, but nothing more than that.

@Anup Yeah, but it's over the top and that is always a pain to endure.

@Anuj Exactly!

About the biased an unfairness of the argument - well i was referring to the same thing.

@Pritesh :) All in the name of "commercial" cinema.


Even Sunny's most trusted fanbase from Punjab/Delhi region would be quite embarrassed and unhappy to watch him do films like Jo Bole...,YPD-2 and now this! He might be as angry as he was in the 90's but he certainly ain't that young anymore! As for Anil Sharma,just proves that he's a one Hit wonder namely Gadar-Ek Prem Katha (all thanks to the one man's brawny jingoistic display of unabashed patriotism and love).

@Meeta : So finally u did manage to agree with me :P


@Meetu: thanks for 2 clarifications viz.

1. It is nota religious drama.
2. No kisses or liplocks or other physical intimacy

I will wait to see how it trends over the weekend before deciding to go watch it or not. But thanks for your clarification, it helped me remove it from "not interested in watching" category :-)

Have a nice weekend.


@Pritesh - it's a popular theme, especially with working-class audiences, and it travels well (American action movies and Chinese martial arts films do it, too). It doesn't matter how well it's done so long as it's got lots of scenes of your "regular guy" hero beating the living crap out of bullying crooked goons/cops and their mean rich and powerful master - it never gets old, because it speaks to a nearly-universal desire To Slap Some Respect Into Your Boss/The Cop Who Harasses You/The Slimy Politician Who Cuts Services To Your Neighborhood.


"filmakers should not make films only for the sake of actor's fans.."~Its not about film-makers making films for fans.Its about business demand and market dynamics.Actors like the Khans',Roshan and even Ranbir & Akshay to some extent are too popular to be ignored.Its all but obvious that makers' will prefer catering to the massive fanbase of these actors when there's so much at stake and guaranteed returns! Of course there will always be the Kahaani's,Aashiqui 2's and the Vicky Donor's but for that one's gotta couple strong content with target audience sensibility (urban or mass sector) all within a shoestring budget. Something that none except the Bhatts' have been able to master over the years.


@Anuj well, you do say the right things, some times :P ha ha ha.

@Fan My pleasure.

@TimELiebe Popular yes, but i guess for people like me who watch a film or two at least every week, it becomes tiresome if there is no creativity at all. :D


"well, you do say the right things, some times"~unfortunately cannot say the same about the critics fraternity at all,not even once :P esp when reviewing mass entertainers :P

Shelly Singh:

Singh Saab the great good movie

Baljinder Singh :

plot could be more effective .....and story could have given more strength .....but still it was a great work displayed by team ......communal script is introduced to define the strength ....of good human vs bad human ......nothing more than that ......all in all a patriotic movie .......and well defined direction


@Meetu - no argument there! We have a glut of them in the US as well - and most of them are not really that good.

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