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Another dark comedy that deals with the grit of the city. Fortunately, it is another well-made dark comedy. Shor in the city is well-shot and has good performances. It also has a few well-developed, interesting characters. Yet, the plot gives a very "been there, seen that" feel.



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54 tweeters have given Shor In The City an average rating of 3.9/5.0(?)

40 yays
9 nays
5 so-so
  • _mukesh: I really liked the narrative of Shor in the City... A good film... its typically non bollywoodish... Some glitches but ok...
  • VIOLETT: Shor in the city #mastwatch
  • vijaykulkarni: Watched Shor in the city. Too good.
  • thegdprasad: Kickass..SIMPLY KICK ASS !!!! #Shor In the City
  • taz963: "shor in the city" great acting, great music, great movie!!!!
  • SweeneyDey: Shor in the City is another great watch. Dark and funny. And it has Sendhil Ramamurthy.
  • srikanthxlnc: Don't think that v r not fools... Hehehe Shor in the city good movie
  • sreeyesh: In the end, I don't have any regrets on spending the money to watch Shor In The City. Pretty neat flick.
  • speak2raghu: its been movies weekend.afternoon kannada flick,"hudugaru" - amazing script & kool song(naa boardu..) evenin neatly done 'shor in the city'
  • sonaliagarwal: watched SHOR IN THE CITY movie.. !! loved it !! :) ;) sendhil is sooo hawwwwt !! <3
  • skptweets: Shor in the City - parallel story concept, Tushar Kapoor with dialogues doing justice, predictable at the end, but enjoyable.
  • SidPriya: Shor in the city: surprise package this summer, must watch ****
  • shiva_rana: Watched " Shor in the city " Good cinema for a change!
  • sheshu1431: Shor in the city.. was impressed with the nerration of the story.. good one ..
  • sarvesh_2011: Shor in the city - Good movie
  • saahil_taurean: Had seen Shor in the City...dis movie suprised me....d acting was a touch too gud....Tusshar my pic and ending was superb....4/5 I say...!!!
  • rohanss8888: wt an awesome movie.. ahh .. nt too gr8.. but kinda a watchable one... awesome shor in the city was reaally good if nt the best
  • ritika87: Shor in the city is a must watch !
  • rathod_hiren: SHor in the City... Worth a watch... Finally Tushar acts well & Ekta makes a muvi which is wrth watchin...
  • ranjanaeaswar: I thought Shor In The City was sheer celluloid brilliance.
  • rajvibhow: Jst saw shor in the city..short and sweet!!
  • rahulakulkarni: weekend movie review - Shor in the City 3.5/5 - brilliant one liners, wish to see more of Pitobash Tripathy on the screen, smashing actor!
  • priwillkill: Just saw Shor in the city...pretty decent.Tushar kapoor was the only known "actor". ;)
  • prajishalmaboi: Shor in The City Rocks !! Reali a Surprise Package f d year :D
  • NaySlave: Watch Shor In The City if you haven't already. Low-budget Bollywood is always better than big-budget Bollywood. You'll love this one.
  • MrClearHai: Shor in the City Movie review- 3.5/5 | Clear Hai
  • MindYoghurt: Finally managed to catch Shor In The City today. Taut little movie, pulsating sound track and Mumbai all the way!
  • manjeetvicky_88: Watched shor in the city... Good one ....
  • MaddamPresident: If you were nervous about living in Mumbai already then don't watch Shor in The City. #SuperFilm
  • Krishprash: Shor in the city. Brilliant stuff. More than justifies the glowing review @SudhishKamath gave it.
  • KaranBir_: shor in the city... good watch
  • GrassHop3r: "Shor in the city" is a nice watch. Apart from Tus-whatever Kapoor! Thanks to "Pireatebay", I just watched it! :P
  • ghouse08: Watched "Shor in the city" nice movie lots of Shor...
  • ddiniel: Shor In the City... 4.5/5 !!!
  • clp1979: Shor in the city is an awesome movie :) it's a must watch!!
  • chinnusinan: Shor in the city is an awesome movie !! liked it a lot !!
  • Blu_Melody: Ok done wit all d 3!Outa haunted, shor in the city and 100% love the one film no one shud miss is shor! Edgy bold n very indian! luv it!
  • anuvratbhansali: I just saw 'Shor In The City' and it was a beautiful trip. #Bollywood, preceded by 'Source Code' and it's been a filling Saturday.
  • Anirudh_Shukla: Shor in the city and Chalo Dilli are cool movies to see... Haunted is not at all watchable....
  • Against_Pseudos: Shor in the City....excellent movie...specially if you are a Mumbaikar..beautiful cast..good performances..good script...good direction!
  • swatihingorani: So Shor in the City wasn't *as* bad as I thought it would be.
  • ridziegal: Watched Shor in the City last night. Was just ok. Liked Chalo Dilli better. #Bollywood
  • PurpleChutney: Watchd shor in the city 2day.ok ok movie.thot krishna dk n raj nidimoru did a far better job wth 99.2nd half of shor drags,n v jumpy edit 2
  • niharika51423: saw shor in the city movie.. nice tp movie..
  • anu91178: Saw 'shor in the city'.okay movie.not as good as the hype created.
  • Yeh_kya: Arright finally saw Shor in the city and morally be able to bad mouth ive been doin before i saw it anyways..
  • sojanjs: Shor in the city disappoints @annavetticad
  • samotimazumdar: Shor in the City is majorly flawed.
  • radhesen: Shor in the city.. 3 stories set in aamchi mumbai that intersect. Not too impressed by the movie but totally loved the character of manduk.
  • niksypixie: Disappointed with Shor in the City, much a din about nothing !
  • nalinirathnam: shor in the city is a tame....badly dubbed and a pointless film, way below my expectations. liked paritosh n sendhil though......
  • dhanu_hansda: I hate Balaji's (Ekta Kapoor) TV Serials,bt I lk its Movies.Their Shor in the City (Movie) disappointed me:(
  • complicateur: And the review of Shor in the City: . Despite all the good press, the film has its issues.
  • adityaanupkumar: Shor in the City shows the utter dereliction of the "new wave" of Hindi Cinema. They're all exactly the same one unimaginative movie.