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As creepy as it gets, even if that is what one should've expected.



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Wogma Review

Sure, I knew what the movie is going to be about. Not being a huge fan of Basu Chatterjee's film either, didn't help. But, that The Shaukeens would have no redeeming factor whatsoever, was disappointing.

I don't consider myself a prude or conservative, but watching the likes of Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor and Piyush Mishra as lechers isn't my idea of fun. It doesn't help that Lisa Haydon seems to be playing dumb, but looks too smart to be playing so dumb.

That's not to say, that they don't act well. At least the men. They do their jobs well enough to creep out any woman in their vicinity - both on screen and in the audience.

I don't really have much more to say about this one except that I had to keep comparisons with my all-time worst film ever, *Buddha Mar Gaya * at bay. And it wasn't the easiest task to do that.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None.
  • Language: A few abusive words.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Skimpily clad women and lots of leching.
  • Concept: Three letchers in their 60s trying to find sex for themselves.
  • General Look and Feel: Bright and loud.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 0.5
  • Story: 0
  • Lead Actors: 1.5
  • Character Artists: 1
  • Dialogues: 0.5
  • Screenplay: 0.5
  • Music Director: 1.5
  • Lyrics: 0

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Direction: 2
Story: 2
Lead Actors: 3
Character Artists: 1.5

Dialogues: 2
Screenplay: 2
Music Director: 0.1


Well Meetu!! atleast write about your ordeal that you expreinced sitting through out the film. A review needs to be written complete either bad or good depending upon your observation. Honestly speaking it feels like eulogy. :p :) :)


as i thought this one doesnt come as a biggie of the year ,, neither the reviews are any better......
Doenst excites much.....NOT gonna watch this at theater


@Meeta : Why don't u review Hollywood films? I'd like to read your views on Interstellar,Fury and Gone Girl.


@Anuj - actually meetu have reviewed some hollywood movies earlier in this blog ,, for example see review of THE INTERNATIONAL ....
But for now Pradeep Menon is doing a great job as reviewer of Hollywood movies forbthis blog , he is my Favorite and i m a big fan of his reviews.....Personally my thoughts match more with Pradeep as compared to meetu....


@Anuj: Pradeep is doing a swell job with the Hollywood department. Having said that, yeah why not a rotating system for both Hollywood and Bollywood. Unless of course Meetu doesn't like watching Hollywood or Pradeep doesn't like watching Bollywood.


Wish Bollywood learns to rip off films like Fury and Gone Girl instead of the Knight & Day's of the world. We Indian audiences ain't that dumb after all (as proved by HNY's collapse at the BO). As they say, "Nakal ke liye akal chahiye" :P


Of course an Inception or Interstellar kinda film ain't possible in India since it would cost a production over a 1000 cr investment.


Inception wouldn't be understood by a vast majority of Indian audiences. It's too complicated to follow. It forces you to think along with the film. Most Hi-fi fans, yours truly included, like to watch without having to think during the film.


@Fan: Its not as complicated as it appears at first! By the way, didn't u like Inception?


Yes, I enjoyed Inception. But it is one of the rare sci-fi that I enjoyed. Plus I hate to think when I watch movies - I am more the Manmohan Desai generation than a Shyam Benegal - or our favourite Vishal Bharadway ;-)

Amongst the Hollywood sci-fis that thoroughly disappointed me in recent times are Oblivion, After Earth. Waste of time and money. And so usually I avoid sci-fi until there is an excellent review - like what Pradeep did for Interstellar. I will certainly go and watch it on giant screen now.


@Guddu Well, every once in a while I take the liberty :P

@Anuj @Anup ha ha ha ha... I love movies. Period. Language and Nationality no bar. And I think I can say the same about Pradeep, but will wait for comment from him. There are two reasons I have tried to stay out of reviewing Hollywood -

- I think this system accords consistency. As one would expect, Pradeep and my choices don't match a 100% of the time and it helps keep things in perspective if one person reviews all Hindi films and the other goes for Hollywood and now we have a new writer for Marathi films. Considering each of us can review only one or maximum two films a week, we stick to this categorization.

- Pure convenience. We get invites to Press shows for Hollywood films, most of them are in Mumbai and Pradeep is based out of Mumbai.


@Fan I'm not sure of that one. We are a big population and I think we are ready for a change in the type of cinema we watch. I'd say, let the filmmakers give us a chance and maybe they'll find enough takers for films that "force you to think". Even if it won't be a huge percentage, we as a absolute number is huge enough that even a small % of the population makes for a big enough number.


@Meeta : Barring the obvious budget constraints, another reason why we cannot make a good sci-fi film is 'coz it involves the coming together of genuine knowledgeable scientific minds. Nolan himself is an engineer by profession and one of the producers of Interstellar is an astro physicist. Such concepts involving deep scientific concepts do need minds with in depth knowledge about the subject which unfortunately none of our film makers do. And scientists and researchers never become film makers in India!

Anup :

May be Sci fiction could be a impossible genre for Bollywood,, but there are a lot of other genres which Bollywood can be inspired from...... David Fincher is a great example for making small budget crime thriller..... NOT just gone girl, but girl with the dragon tattoo , Zodiac(his master piece), panic room, the game, Seven,, in fact THE SOCIAL NETWORK(his second masterpiece),,,, Bollywood never tries such deep thinking crime thriller or so intense biopic(like social network)..... At least they could try to make more movies like KAHANI ........but no one has time for these........
Expecting a good movie from Dibakar Benarjii next year,, BYOMKESH BAKSHI which is a remake of soft humour and great suspense thriller Bengals movie........


Anup: basic issue is a combination of lack of good writers and the urge to make a quick buck. Looking at Memento or Avatar or Inception etc . the story is rock solid. And once you've got a great story rest all falls in place. Urge for quick buck is to have low costs by not paying for whatever few good story writers available.

The only rock solid "un plagiarised" Hi-fi story that I have seen is of Jewel Thief. I have seen it several times. And each time I watch it as intently as before with the objective of finding that one logical error or chronological error - or a fast one that the director tried to pull in order to make the tale gripping. But I have not found any gap or lapse or even a lucky coincidence that allowed the story to progress.


@Anuj That is only up till now. Who know what's in store tomorrow. Forever, an optimist, that's me.

I believe as the audience gets exposed to more and more cinema through TV (in the interiors) and multiplexes and film festivals (in the cities), we will see a change in the kind of films made.


@Fan : Avatar? Really? Its the most senseless, illogical and boring sci fi movie ever made! Damn I nearly fell asleep half way through it.

@Anup : One guy whose gonna change the face of bollywood is Neeraj Pandey. With A Wednesday and Special 26 behind him, watch out for BABY on Jan 23rd!


@Fan : Have u watched "A Wednesday"? One of the rare bollywood films to have even inspired hollywood film makers!


The movie was so uninteresting,,,,,the scenes where Akhshay is not there are so dumb....Unnecessary songs ,, and foolish gags....It tries so hard to make audience laugh.....Seriously who laugh in this time on a Fat girl doing Poll dance.....
AK cant save the movie ,, as he has very less to do.....This movie should be a flop......For making a good movie into a crap by remaking it.....And where all the money has been wasted.....It has a bugdet of 42 crores !....Seems we got a production house much more foolish compared to YRF......


@Anuj: Personally I rate A Wednesday as one of the finest movies to come out from Bollywood in recent times. Mind you it's a UTV product :-). Having said that, I could accept and grant the criticism that there's a fair deal of lucky coincidence helping the film. Like your typical R K Laxman common man (read next door uncle) being so well versed in latest hacking techniques that even geeks are incapable of. Doesn't happen in real life. But for me such liberal licence is granted to a film maker. And so I enjoyed it.

If your question however was in comparison to my example of Jewel Thief, then I'd say that JT was much better, as it was devoid of all cinematic licences aka convenient coincidence or convenient change of hearts to make the story move ahead.


@Anuj: I didn't mean Rajesh Khanna's Avatar ;-)


@Anuj: which Hollywood film are you referring to when you say A Wednesday is inspiring Hollywood film makers?

Anuj :

@Fan : Even i'm not referring to Rajesh Khanna's Avatar. For all the money spent on its production, it was an extremely over rated film with a wafer thin and laboured plot. Inception,Source Code and the Matrix series are still the greatest sci-fi hollywood films that are all produced on a fraction of Avatar's budget.


A Wednesday was remade into a movie called "Stupid common man" starring Ben Kingsley. Unfortunately the English version was a dud and not a patch on the original. It was even remade in Tamil starring Kamal Hassan and Mohanlal. Today, 6 years after its initial release it is one of the biggest cult classics in urban India and generates higher TRP's than the likes of Dhoom-3 and Krrish-3 even today!


@Meeta : Looking up the archives and your review of A Wednesday, I'm actually a little disappointed that you didn't give it the highest rating on this site! Wonder what turned you off in what I describe as a near "flawless" and perhaps the most gripping thrillers in modern day bollywood.


@Anuj: I was not aware of the film called A Common Man till you drew my attention. Looked it up on imdb. It cannot be classified ad a Hollywood film. It's a Sri Lankan production based on A Wednesday. Thrre are 9 producers credited for the film and majority of the names are typically the sub continent names. Apart from Ben Kingsley there's no other notable Hollywood name associated. Largely explains why the film did not succeed despite a powerful script of A Wednesday. Had it been produced by an established Hollywood studio then they would have correctly marketed it, and hopefully would have tasted success like the Oscar winning Argo from Ben Affleck.

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