Review - Rakht Charitra I: advanced degree in gore

wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?) - or watch it in theater if you want action porn
quick review:

Never have the last 15 minutes of a film made me revise the rating of a film from bad to better (actually worse to bad, in this case). That might just be because the only story that happens, is in that span. The first 120 minutes is someone killing the other in a "brutality" competition. Yeah, only an optimist like me can find a positive in that one.



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Wogma Review

This review is a tribute to all my friends who complain that reviews here don't tell them about the story.

Once upon a time, there lived a little boy called Bukka. The trauma of having a weird name was the first scar on his mind. It was only symbolic of what would seem like a troubled childhood. The other damage to his brain was caused by the creepy voiceover narrator who told him bedtime stories. Bukka made his nightmares real for others, in their actual life. When boys and girls his age were learning to color within the lines, he looked for creative ways of spurting blood out of big, fat black ants. It wouldn't be a surprise if we found out that his father actually designed new instruments for him to hone his skill. These toys were why he loved his father. The only person he ever loved.

(yeah, yeah, you are at the right place. This is the review of Rakht Charitra I)

As he grew older, he graduated to frogs, rats, and eventually humans. Such was Bukka's love for killing in new ways that, when one of his men was found dead, he would get disgusted with how clichéd the murdering style was, and kill one or two of his own henchmen, because they happened to be around. He never needed a reason to kill. His father, Nagmani Reddy, usually had someone handy to serve as specimen. Nagmani was a politician.

Nagmani was an insecure, second-wrung politician. Nagmani was led by an easily-influenced, pawn politician, another Reddy. Other Reddy politician had a trusted rightman Veerbhadra. Now at this point (which is 7-10 minutes into the film), if I think hard, I'm sure I'll remember who offended whom and then killed whom. And there was always someone or the other who wanted revenge. But, I'm not too inclined to stress my memory. Because I don't think Ram Gopal Varma/Prashant Pandey care much about that.

Their only intention is to set a clear stage for the next Rakht Charitra threatening to knock our doors in exactly 4 weeks. But he still had these 2 hours to fill before he could get there. So, he has put up an exhibition of the goriest gore possible. And shed all pretentions of giving us reason. Unfortunately, so impressed was he with his own output that he just added the last 15 minutes to make whatever happened thus far, redundant.

While I have begun enjoying gore to a certain extent (so what if I still squirm), I'm a happy child if there's meaning and story behind it. And this is what happened in the last 15-30 minutes. The story presents such an interesting 'what if' for the sequel that I had to bump the rating up by a bit. Though the glimpses felt like it will just have more of the same.

Else, Rakht Charitra is to pulp action, what David Dhawana/Priyadarshan comedies are to slapstick - brainless, story-less, motivation-less.


Ps. In this world of gore, don't assume there is no place for women. Albeit the only two functions they have are to serve as objects to satisfy lust or to cry and feed for their men.

Pps. I have a question. If Aakrosh can get into trouble for derogatory remarks against CBI officials , how come no one is bothered about the practical absence of law enforcement agencies in Rakht Charitra?

Ppps. Oh yeah, the actors they all growl and widen nostrils very well! The background music growled and the camera looked like it had nostrils that wanted to widen them beyond their capacity. O-kay enough nonsense!

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Every minutest part of every single minute has violence in it
  • Language: Nothing spectacularly obscene, but there's nothing clean about the film either.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Women being picked up for rape. A couple of scenes that imply sex.
  • Concept: Ruthless cleansing of the country's rotting system to make way for a new "orderly" order
  • General Look and Feel: Brown, dark, grim

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 2
  • Lead Actors: 2
  • Character Artists: 1
  • Dialogues: 1
  • Screenplay: 1.5
  • Music Director: 1
  • Lyrics: 2

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movie lover:

meetu-i m not getting your verdit.what's your final conclusion?did you liked it or not.your detail rating seems to be biased.Give us the overall rating from your detailed one.


@movie lover wogma verdict "even if you are keen, wait for the film to be out on TV/DVD"

connect indya:

Nice review, giving the reader to decide about the movie.

Roy DSilva:

I agree with Meetu fully with the review. The movie has too much of violence - nay, unidentifiable violence - it is violence for violence sake.

This extra dose of violence may be good for some parts of the audience, but there are several who want a reason for all the violence.

This is not violence, it is plain and simple gore - I do not think we have the palate for that as yet.


@connect indya all reviews here leave the decision to the readers :P

@RGV THere are no ulterior motivations, which is why they might not be clear.
Pulp fiction is one of my favorite films, and so are some other pretty violent films. So, nope! it's my feminine side does not come in my way of enjoying a good film.
I'm not that air headed.I doubt RGV read the review he commented on properly, he commented on some sentences out of context.
aaah...numbness resulting of watching too many bollywoodish, etc films...there could be a point there...checking...naah!
Again, please read the review again, the violence didn't bother me, the meaninglessness was keeping me from enjoying it completely.
Ghajini barely has a better rating than this film

@Roy yes, i would have been happier if there was a reason for the violence. But, I think I have developed a palate for such violence. So, the gore is not why i marked this one down.

@jitaditya that's the thing, right? the voice over IS RGV-style loudness. Actually, I call it RGV-style comedy.


@RGV the film evoked that kind of sarcasm from me. So, to that extent it succeeded, didn't it.

The comment on the actors had to do with the acting or the lack thereof in the film. And I've never been a big fan of the camerawork in RGV's films.

I doubt i'll be able to control myself from pointing out an excess when I see it, whether it's slapstick, mush, loudness, whatever.

I see you have rated the film a so-so, and so have I.


@RGV Requiem for a Dream, Seven? Or maybe someday i'll write about my list of novel ways of killing people ;)? Till then, i shall go back to growing up. :P

Oh yeah, one grouse i do have is - if I had liked the film in its entirety, it'd be construed as RGV ke blog pe aayi thi iss liye she's liked the film. No-win for me. *Sulk* *sulk*

@Prince but why? I enjoy violence as much as mush. there's room in my heart for both. only for the well made ones though :D


@RGV then maybe you will find this one just a thriller too.
Aaah! i love the purpose with which you read reviews (my), will certainly keep that in mind while writing next time onwards. But, you have to agree that writing reviews the same way everytime, gets boring. So, i guess i wanted to go with what i was feeling while watching the film.

@Suman good thing! because the blog is called "without giving the movie away"


@Sridhar really? i reiterate, i DO NOT have an issue with extent of the violence. But, how long could a person like Bukka survie in real world politics, a guy who kills to entertain a whim. He's psychotic and that too will be tolerated only so much by anyone, even if it is out of fear, no?


@Nirmal heyyy! long time! Well, i thought the sarcasm would be read as the review. I own up, I tried something different because i was tired of writing the same-ol' way, and it bombed. Hits and misses, can happen with reviews too, i guess.

Same goes for comment 'quibbling' sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It works for some, doesn't for others. Btw, what exactly do you want me to own up to?

My discliamer in the beginning was again sarcastic (hate it when i have to say it, beats the whole purpose of sarcasm!) Anyone who's seen the film knows I'm being sarcastic (hopefully), those who havent, I thought would get a feel of how gruesome the main (only character worth remembering) is. My reply to Sridhar holds up. Problem is Nirmal, even if i because of any vague reason wanted to, will not be able to give too much of the movie away.

Arre, are you saying when i enter a film festival and am going in to watch a Polish film which is about the enviroment in Poland in the 70s, i should do my homework? Only then, I'm allowed to dislike the film?

Its unfair to the audience if a film assumes that I have read up on the topic before going to watch it. I know it helps, but how can I be penalised (not allowed to give it a so-so rating) for not having done the research?


@nirmal no-no, i never regret watching films :) or reviewing them. ultimately it's just what i thought of the film. The rating is what i felt while leaving the theater and the review is a post-analysis of that feeling.

@epifinibox oh well, the bane of www. BUT, note that the wogma system has been able to identify that you are two different people :D yay!


an angry look is still a reason. and from a stranger/unknown person i can still understand. but your own people??


@kk have you seen the film? Bukka killing that guy with the brass elephant? anyway, i'm not saying it doesn't happen, i'm sure it does, we live in a strange world. But, do they get away with it for so long? Well, that too I'm sure happens, doesn't still mean i have to like it


Just an aside...Bukka isn't a weird name down south. It harks back to ancient heritage with Bukkaraya being one of the founder brothers of the kingdom of Hampi.


@bollyfan dude. i'm sure you realise there are enough names around that sound weird and can be made fun of. this is a joke! sheeesh, can't believe i just explained a joke i made :(

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