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An engaging conman story that loses steam a little too often.



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Wogma Review

Raja Natwarlal has a few very interesting twists and a few edge-of-the-seat moments. But the fact that the person in the soup gets out way too easily, the person who is supposed to be duped is conned too easily and the utlimate climax is a little too simplistic - all take away from the thrills that are set-up. It does engage only to fizzle out too soon.

A prime example of this is the climax. The build-up to the climax is truly engaging. It has the appropriate twists, it has the perfect measure of the hero being caught in a tight spot, you really want to know how he is going to squeeze out of this one, but the climax itself is as lame as it gets. An anti-climax of sorts.

These dips after a reasonable high comes across as lazy writing. Given that there is hardly any effort spent on according depth to the characters, and the dialogue is simple except for the lines for Paresh Rawal's character, the high in the thrilling situations is the only thing that makes the story kick. It is unfortunate, that a film with one of the best cliff-hangers I have seen at interval, isn't able to retain the interest.

Emraan Hashmi and Paresh Rawal perfectly pose as the smart Alek and the experienced conman respectively. Paresh Rawal's introduction in fact is equally amusing and cool - the kind of arrogance and smart that you think is deserved. But, he doesn't get to show much of that off later in the film. Kay Kay Menon too starts out as a menacing character but later tones down. Though he makes the most of the bits given to him, as we are used to expecting now. Humaima Malick brings nothing to the table in terms of her performance. In fact, Deepak Tijori with his short, restrained yet comfortable appearance leaves a longer impression.

The main problem with Raja Natwarlal is it is different from the conman films we are used to. Yes, and unfortunately, "different" goes against the film. It takes itself too seriously. Other films of this genre like Bluffmaster or Bunty Aur Babli have a slick, sweet humor about them that doesn't allow the story to dip. Even Khosla Ka Ghosla, in fact - which also suffers from the other problem of a very smart businessman turning gullible to suit the story's requirement - has a subtle humor about it which keeps that smile intact.

Even so, Raja Natwarlal can be a casual TV watch which you won't regret. Especially, since you can forward/switch channels when the run-time lengthening, otherwise irrelevant songs show up.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lots.
  • Language: Clean.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: The lead lady is a bar dancer, a couple of bar dances, a few lip-to-lip kisses.
  • Concept: A conman tries to dupe a criminal business tycoon.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2.5
  • Story: 3
  • Lead Actors: 3.5
  • Character Artists: 3
  • Dialogues: 3
  • Screenplay: 2.5
  • Music Director: 1.5
  • Lyrics: 2

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@Meetu i think this movie reminds me of one of the earlier movie Ek Khiladi Ek Hasina and it was a decent film.Hope I am wrong but it seems heavily inspired by that.

Roy J:

Meetu, here's a comparison....The Sting. From the trailer you can tell this movie is a rip off of The Sting. Conman's partner dies, so he joins hands with a more experienced conman to take revenge on the guy who is responsible of his friend's death. Emraan is playing Redford's character, Paresh is playing Paul Newman's, and KK is playing Robert Shaw's. This is going to be a horrible movie.


@Siddharth Haven't seen that one.

@Roy J haven't seen that either :/

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