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A few, predictable, spooky scenes apart, there is nothing new about Vikram Bhatt's latest horror flick, Raaz 3. It's the same old unintentional comedy found in a lazily made horror film.



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Wogma Review

Raaz 3 is a very regular horror film. It provides it share of unintended laughs, goes through the motions of trying to spook you with sudden peek-a-boo by the devil. And since there is a devil at work you cannot escape the age old science vs. faith argument. Unfortunately, nothing about the way it is done is novel either.

Sure, you get to see Bipasha Basu in a viciously negative role and you do wish death upon her. But what you see in the trailer, is just about what she maintains for the length of the film. Somehow the character's arc sounds way too similar to that from Heroine except the black magic part, hopefully.

If Bipasha plays the dark witch, Shanaya, Esha Gupta is the purest of pure whites, Sanjana. Which basically translates to her screaming and getting scared a whole lot. This must certainly be covered in Acting 101, and Esha Gupta does that just fine, except for the times her diction goes off.

Bang between the two is gray Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) who is caught between what seems like duty and love. Herein lies the greatest folly of Raaz 3's concept. Something as disastrous as black magic is supported by Aditya for some flimsy reasons. You are never once convinced that he is that subservient to Shanaya's wishes. Emraan Hashmi, must be able to carry such roles with effortless ease, especially since he gets to seal a couple of problem situations with what he does best, a kiss.

Besides the regular stock of songs and aerobic dances, Raaz 3 has its expected share of scenes that are meant to scare with a relentlessly thumping background score. Not a single of these 'scary' scenes come as a shock that will make you edge towards the end of the seat. This is despite a reasonable dilemma faced by Aditya. But, it isn't taken too far and the struggle is too superficial. The 3D too is used either just for the sake of it except for just a couple of times for a few 'horror' scenes, not to mention that you can see the blur/ghost at times even while wearing the 3D glasses.

Everything about Raaz 3 feels shallow and very uni-dimensional. Even a character as gray as Aditya, isn't treated with any detail. Raaz 3 is yet another run-of-the-mill, Bhatt horror film.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Loads of violent scenes.
  • Language: The F word used a couple of times.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Lots of cleavage, a bare chested Emraan Hashmi and Manish Chaudhari too! A couple liplocks and making out scenes.
  • Concept: The power of black magic used to gain/retain power and fame.
  • General Look and Feel: Dark and B-grade horror movie.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 1
  • Lead Actors: 2
  • Character Artists: 1
  • Dialogues: 0.5
  • Screenplay: 1
  • Music Director: 1
  • Lyrics: 1

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it seems like big horror movie as previous raaz but still am waiting for the review at <a href=3D"www.bollywood4family.com">bollywood4family</a>

Avnish Jain:

Raaz 3 Reviewed !!

Vikram Bhatt's Raaz 3 an another sequel to raaz 2 doesn't resembles anything related to raaz and raaz 2 except the name SANJANAAAAAAA (Hope you guys remembered)

Vikram Bhatts directed Raaz 3 is an another Horror flick by bhatt's family and this time its better, superior, and frightening..

The 3D effect makes your fear run on in your nerves for couple of shots. It gives you 440 Volt ka jhatka for few scene..

The story line is superbly directed and this time its a sensible story within horror flicks.
I personally dont get any 440 ka jhatka in horror movies but there were 2 shots which were beautifully shot and it made me feel, Yes M watching a horror movie.

A revenge story, with black magic, overall nice shooting locations, very good VFX effects make it over all a good movie !!

Background score is superb and it makes you feel a horror situation entirely..

Acting wise, Bipasha steals the show completely and no one could do better than her.
Emraan Hashmi is going great with his acting as well as her kiss scenes.
Esha Gupta couldnt find any scope as shes the trapped soul so most of the time she has to just sit and act !!

Over all go and watch this in 3D if you love horror movies, It will surely do not disappoint you by any chance...

3.5 Stars

Its better than 13B, Click, Raat, Purana Mandir, Band Darwaza, Bhoot but comparing with the Original RAAZ it still lacks the punches !!

Silvan De Souza:

I found the film decent, though nothing new yet it was quite scary and 3D was well done for once as per Bollywood standards.
Some scenes were quite scary btw one thing to add in ur notepad meetu, how come a director after getting best director award directly announce the best actress? A ghost calling from a phone when he could go directly and send the msg?


@Meeta : Does the movie really have Esha Gupta stripping off her clothes and running naked in front of a crowd? Or was all that talk just a publicity gimmick?


@Silvan yep!

@Anuj Well, her character Sanjana does run around naked, but it is covered up with railings, etc by keeping the camera at appropriate angles. There is no frontal or posterior nudity.


@Meeta : Is it really a better 3D experience than the likes of Ra.1 and Don-2?


@Anuj not really...though a cockroach scene you asked about is decent 3D in terms of managing to creep you out, but there too credit is to the cockroaches scene rather than the 3D, i'd think.


Meetu! u seem to have a problem with most hindi films


@Silvan here you go http://wogma.com/movie/barfi-review :P And actually more at http://wogma.com/rating/5/basic/, http://wogma.com/rating/4/basic/, http://wogma.com/rating/3/basic/


Btw some portions are not explained properly, like the satan not able to kill esha when he would have no problem killing the maid?
Also the liplocking scenes were crudely interwoven


I still doubt this is the first 3D film as Chota Chetan(1996) I remember was the first 3D film in india and then Vikram's own Haunted


@silvan oh most certainly this is not the first 3D film from India!


Hmmm - why do I think you've just reviewed my American Bollywood Fan Club's Halloween movie, Meetu? :D


@TimELiebe ha ha ha...it will be a good laugh for sure :D

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