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Violence for the sake of violence. Romance for the sake of violence. Comedy thrown in. Wannabe masala.



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Wogma Review

Love conquers all. Or does it? Whether it does or not, do you care? At least R...Rajkumar doesn't make you. It makes you feel love and romance is just a means to meet the end of making an action film with Shahid Kapoor as the star.

Shahid Kapoor does make the most of it though. His comic timing as required for a film of this nature is decent, and he does his best to emote anger, fatigue, worry and the rest too. Unfortunately, the comic lines are either over-writtent to sound way too "filmy" or are inane.

Similarly, Sonakshi Sinha lands herself in another role which requires her to play second fiddle to the male lead. Though her introduciton on screen with a fight sequence makes you believe that this one might just have some meat for her. You see glimpses of variety that she can do, but it is too little and certainly disheartening after what we saw her do with Lootera. Yes, I know, I am still stuck there.

That aside, you have Sonu Sood with a lot of brawn. It's very interesting that R...Rajkumar, a film that clearly wants to hit the masala film lover in you, has a villain who is better looking that the lead pair put together.

Considering that I have spent three paragraphs on the actors, it is safe to assume that there is very little to talk about in the other departments. The writing least of all. It certainly didn't have material to be stretched into a screenplay of 2.5 hours. I must say though, for the flat and unimaginatively predictable overall plot it does manage to bring in an unanticipated turn of events. But not to worry, it goes back to being as was expected in five minutes.

There is a lot of action packed in too. Some of it is even a little innovative at the beginning. But, the purpose is so masked and the killings so random that you can stay amused only so much. Add slo-mo and close-ups and you have tuned me off.

Of course, that means the cinematography is dramatic and the background music loud as is associated with any film of this genre. That then leaves the music department, which well, might have foot-tapping material, but the lyrics are outright awful. And somehow awful lyrics almost always translate to sleazy dances by women.

Yet, I wouldn't like to take away anything from all the heart that Shahid Kapoor puts in the dances. The choreography is mind-bogglingly complicated, as they are in any Prabhu Deva film. Also, those too become repetitive and eventually dry up. Not to mention, as usual, there is nothing graceful about dances set up by him.

In that sense then, R...Rajkumar is exactly what you expected it to be. If not as a Prabhu Deva film, as a film that aspires to entertain with masala. And yet, the house was full, with equally enthusiastic whistles and hooting at Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi and Sonu Sood. Correct, I don't understand this world.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Loads. Some long exposed, gory prosthetics too.
  • Language: Mostly clean.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A couple of scenes that suggest intimacy and some dialogue does that too.
  • Concept: Love conquers all?
  • General Look and Feel: Loud and brash.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 1
  • Story: 0.5
  • Lead Actors: 2.5
  • Character Artists: 1
  • Dialogues: 1
  • Screenplay: 0.5
  • Music Director: 1
  • Lyrics: 0.5

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R.. Rajkumar Hindi Movie Review


As m frustated of masala movies,,,,m not going for this,,,,really expecting some quality movie in future.....
And in recent time max of masala movies are not working well in box office,,,,only few hv grossed well including chennai express just bcoz of star power.....
Looks like the masala audience is also a little bit bored with masala movies.......
And also after much time i have seen that a masala movie is reviewed bad by almost all reviewers....
I have checked atleast 15 wedsited and the highest rating for r rajkumar among them was 2.5 out of 5......even worst then phata poster nikla hero.....


What a unlucky man SHAHID is ,,,, anything he is doing ,,, not working for him atall....even if his work is not bad atall as u have said in ur review(meetu)....
Well his next movie will be with vishal bhardawaj who have given him KAMINEY (my fav movie of Shahid),,,,its named as HAIDAR based on shakspear’s Hemlet co-starring Shradha Kapoor,,,,really exited for that....


Failure of r rajkumar will make the masala directers like pravu deva to think that even masala movie will need innovation for being liked by single screen audience....
It would be interesting as pravu deva is already making two films for next year....


... Was not planning to watch this movie anyhow ...with such reviews will definitely stay away ...though still am curious to know why this movieis titled ...R...Rajkumar....what that extra prefix R stands for ....am really curious


bad characterization , no script , machismo manifestation peppered with crass humor . It even doesn't follows the principles set by its predecessors like Dabbang , Rowdy , Singham etc. Meetu i think u had been lenient reviewing this film , i saw people extremely frustrated by the relentless violence depicted on screenplay and awful screenplay.


@Vishal It was supposed to be Rambo..Rajkumar but there were some issues with Stallone's Rambo, so they had to withdraw the Rambo. Shahid does call himself Romeo Rajkumar in the film though.

@guddu lenient? it is the lowest rating.


This one's doing surprisingly well in the single screens and the interiors. Definitely proves that Shahid in a mass entertainer is a lot more acceptable to the audiences than a Saif or even a Ranbir. R..Rajkumar is as bad a film as Besharam and yet its trending better! Now imagine if Shahid gets a better and stronger content based mass entertainer like Dabangg or a Singham. Ranbir's reign at the single screens would be history even before it begins!


After being universally thrased by every reviewer (note the reticence to use the word critic) ... surprise surprise - the movie is performing strongly. Based on near unanimous poor reviews I had skipped the film, but given the box office numbers I might just watch it the coming weekend.


@Anuj @Fan I am not really surprised this one did well - by the hooting and whistles in the multiplex I watched it at :)


@Meetu:Something which pretty boy Ranbir is incapable of generating,however "Besharam" he becomes! Shahid is a lot more popular among the masses and in times to come even Ranveer and Arjun Kapoor will outdo Ranbir in mass popularity! All he'l be left with is the manipulative media and the handful of multiplex junkies to falsely make him the next "big thing" :D


"by the hooting and whistles in the multiplex I watched it at"~mercy lady...imagine if even the multiplex audiences start taking to mass entertainers,what would happen to our beloved Wake Up Sid's and Rock On's!! Guess only the critics might be interested in watching them :P Multiplex darlings SRK & Aamir have anyways gone back to mass entertainers after their brief stint with urban cinema(with mixed results). Akshay & Ajay are reasonably popular among the masses,Hrithik can pull of a classy ZNMD with as much elan as a massy Agneepath or a kid fantasy Krrish-3! That leaves us with only one "superstar" whose handicap at galvanizing the masses has been laid open this year. No prizes for guessing whom i'm referring to :P


@Anuj Why do you even bother with me, when it comes to comparisons? I don't care whether Ranbir Kapoor is the next big thing or not. I want to watch movies that I like. I want to watch movies that I don't like. And I want to watch all those in between.

I don't get why you would bring up Ranbir-Farhan and Hrithik every single time? We are talking about Shahid Kapoor, let's stick to that.


My statements were with context to Shahid if u read them again! And comparisons are inevitable when you're flooded with choices week after week. Nobody can deny the fact that Ranbir has been blown out of proportion by the media and the critics fraternity alike.

PS:I have indeed taken note of a lot of Ranbir praisers across the media & the www backing off and taking a very neutral stand since Besharam happened :P

Umesh Kumar:

It was not that bad. Critics has thrashed this one from the word go. I believe if Salman was in place of Shahid, this would have been a blockbuster.
R.. Rajkumar has some great music. Good performances.
I know its too much of Masala movies these days but we should keep in mind the entertainment value as well.


Its the talent of prabhudeva that he has made a whole 2 and a half hour movie without having a plot........
Dont know why people are watching this over bullet raja.....
Does only jaw dropping action sequence , some hit songs and too much promotion is everything to make a movie hit,,,,isnt a good plot some fine twist and a very good climax is needed.....
For shahid he has done a good job in his act but in the way of gaining his position again in bollywood he has choosen two bad movies (PPNH AND RR).....He should choose some movies in which he could show her acting talent like KAMINEY
About sonu sood,,,,he is waisting his time in such movie ,,,, his chulbul pandey was better,,but he is made for really better roles


As I had noted above, given the trending box office I decided against all caution to spend my hard earned money and free time to finally go watch this movie.
My R... Review?
R (Romeo) was a bull, and Rajkumar was shit. What does it mean? R ... Rajkumar was bullshit.
Yes, Shahid acted very well, full marks.
But that's it.


@Fan - the only good thing in the movie is shahid and some of his action sequence,,,,but they too seems too long and faulty too because of slim physics of shahid,,,,whats ur view,,,,is it ok for shahid to do all in all south indian type action movie or to do much movieS like kaminey , vivah and jab we met - acting orianted movies as his next two movies are with vishal bhardawaj and tigmanshu dhulia,,,,i think his next two movies will be better for him as compared to PPNH and RR....
My question is that in regaining his status in bollywood what will be more important for him,,,,critics appraisal or high grossing masala movies....


@Anup: Shahid was good in the film, as I noted above. But he is totally let down by a juvenile and puerile script. A script and execution that is typical of South Indian masala flicks. Songs were horrible, once again like the South Indian masala flick songs - telephone booth mein hasne wali type songs. Background music was unnecessarily loud. Senseless and simply too too too much violence. Heavily influenced by Singham, including several cast of Singham repeated notably a bloated Shiva. This movie would work wonders in South India but elsewhere it should be a disaster. Which it wasn't and that is what surprised me.

As regards the kind of role Shahid should do to be a widely accepted star, I strongly believe he should do mainstream cinema, a lover boy a la Jab we met, or even macho like RR.

Niche roles do not lead to commercial success, best case being Naseeruddin Shah from previous generation and Irfan Khan from current generation.


@Fan:Dude,what's this bias against south Indians in general?Have u even bothered watching the real Tamil/Malayalam classics?Ghajini/Singham/Ready/Veer Madakari are just full blown masala entertainers which cater to the masses in the south,exactly the same way they cater to the masses among the Bollywood audiences.And of course the hypocrites that the urban audiences are,they too watch the so called "masala entertainers" and enable them to become massive hits despite wearing the civilized and sophisticated mask on public discussion forums.The fact that most remakes have worked well among the Bollywood audiences clearly proves that the taste of Bollywood masses is no different from that of Tollywood/Kollywood mass audiences.I do not see the need for u to be discriminatory in this regard.

PS:Dunno about south,but R..Rajkumar has performed its best in the "Hindi speaking" belt viz Bihar,Central India and Rajasthan. Wonder what u have to say about that!


@Anuj: cool down. I just said that script and execution is typical of South Indian films. All other interpretations drawn are your own. So don't use my shoulder to fire your gun.


Incidentally,this particular manner of storytelling,screenplay and action sequences is being followed more in Bollywood films these days than South Indian one's. Maybe a case of Tollywood/Kollywood progressing while Bollywood moving in reverse gear!

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