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The question shouldn't be, "Is it good or not?" it should be, "How bad is it?" Action we saw in yesteryears, dialogue we have been listening to from earlier than that. The lameness of a story and its execution, of course, has been taken to a new level.



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"Oh look…what's that? Batman! Because this looks like Gotham city!!"
"Oh wait! Spiderman!! He's spewing a web from his wrist!"
Damn!! It's the new bloke on the block called Prince…and he's no charming superhero in disguise, he's just a common thief trying to act "yo..kewl" and all that jazz!

It's actually humiliating to me as an audience to start thinking about a film in terms of, "Which complaint should I start with?" Action, direction, acting, casting, songs, music, plot, dialogue? The deeper stuff like characterization I'll not even get into giving the genre a benefit of doubt. Just because we have seen worse, doesn't make this one anywhere close to watchable. sigh Anyway, here we go…

The base plot itself had many-many interesting possibilities. A character loses his memory. He possesses a valuable that is of immense importance to smugglers, police, crossers and double-crossers alike. We haven't the foggiest why they all want it, but obviously all of them are waiting for him to recollect where he's kept the piece. There's so much there could have been done with the mind games played and cunning plots.

But no, we are fed some humbug about memory being forcefully removed and some inexplicable "medical science" thingy with which it can come back or something like that. I don't care because I'm not made to care.

Story - strike out. Action film it is, and how could I even begin enjoying it, if the only thing I could think of for the first 20-25 minutes is, "Exactly how silly must Vivek Oberoi have felt doing this stuff in front of the green screen?." Including the dances! They are inserted like they used to be abruptly ages ago, just for a break from the seriousness of the other stuff going on.

Many action films also bank on the suave lead characters and the memorable lines they are given. You got it right, Prince is not one of those many. It has Vivek Oberoi for goodness sake! Ok, let's grant that you know with cool clothes and black shades he can pass by as stylish. But, the women! Even though they have potentially, half-way interesting characters, they are extremely annoying to say the least. Their make-up, hair-do and costumes don't help the cause.

So this character who loses his memory, regains consciousness and says, Main kaun hoon? (Who am I?)…Main kaun hoon, main kaun hoon!?! For goodness sake!! The last I heard these words said in this situation was in a film from the 90s. I guess we should just thank them for not following it up with the ever-so-oft used main kahaan hoon? (Where am I?) … Geez!!

I guess that's the question left for the audience to answer. No not the existential "Who am I? Where am I?" The very physical "Who am I? Where am I?", once they have gotten up from their deep slumber.

Oh wait! But we have more sleep to look forward to! Yes, Prince 2 threatens to come our way with open arms.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Loads of regular action stuff, gun fights and the sort.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Skimpily clad women throughout. A couple mild lip-locks and a scene on a bed that implies the deed has been done.
  • Concept: Betrayal, over betrayal over betrayal.
  • General Look and Feel: An attempt to keep it slick.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 1
  • Story: 0
  • Lead Actors: 1
  • Character Artists: 1
  • Dialogues: 0
  • Screenplay: 0
  • Music Director: 1
  • Lyrics: 1

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Roy Daniel DSilva:

He He, the travails of a fellow reviewer. When I saw the movie today I did not know whether to critique it as a reviewer or just lose myself into the typical popcorn story going on on the screen.

But hell, I then thought all this worked so right during Joy Mukherjee's time, so with the wizardy of today, the movie should work... but alas.. Vivek is wooden! You cannot help it!


Adam : Bollywoodhungama? Some standard that...for film reviews. And the reviewer here has been spending money from her pocket for years...just so that the likes of you may be forewarned. It's a different matter that you refuse to accept what she's written. And that's your prerogative. But saying things like dissing a film because she didn't get free tickets is ungrateful, tasteless & cheap.


To think that I was of the opinion that 'Jaane Kahaan...' would be absurd coz of the whole alien concept and all! After watching the tripe called Prince, I'd gladly pay to watch even a Bhojpuri movie!

I'm sure I heard someone snoring in the audience as well!


Alrighty Adam...get your point. In which case, I would never take you as a cinema lover. You're more of an escapist conformist IMO.

And I'd request you to walk your talk. On one hand, you talk about dissing a film on its demerits, and on the other hand, you dismiss films like HF, Paa & MSFU as boring. Period. Tell me...if I were to show you a different perspective on these three films, would you change your opinion on them being boring? The three were anything but that. HF was insightful, and a peek into the life of the father of Indian cinema. Paa was too gimmicky for my taste and I hated it, but it was programmed to entertain, to say the least. MSFU was one of those rare occasions when a remake turns out better than the original, and we have a masterpiece as the original here. Wonder how you found these films boring.

As for entertainment, make believe stuff can be entertaining too, but it needs to be bound by something called a script which is based on characters. Most of the Hollywood films you mentioned have a strong script with beautifully written characters (with the exception of Avatar & Transformers...but those two were light years ahead of any other film of their time in technology). The Hindi films you mentioned are in a different category altogether.

Damn...I can write on to no end on this but I guess I've overstayed my welcome here. Its sad when we accept trash like Dhoom-2, Race & Prince and then justify it with names like POTC, TDK & Matrix. Take my advice, watch films, enjoy them, but keep your trap shut. Blasphemous wannabe!!


And before you come up with another of your lame Taran Adarshesque retorts calling me a Hollywood tool, let me give you some examples of good entertaining Bollywood films from recent years...

The Munnabhai twin features
Johnny Gaddar (Watch it to understand the power of the know everything that's happening...yet you're glued to the edge of your seat)
A Wednesday (Another script winner...and what performances from AK & NS)
99 (A small unpretentious comedy...wonder if you've watched it)
Luck By chance (Strong characters, tongue in cheek humour, realism much beneath the surface. A courageous attempt at holding a mirror to oneself)
Little Zizou (Low-budget but high entertainment)
Wake Up Sid (Mainstream, commercial but still an enjoyable film due to the well-written characters)

Many of these films are make-believe. Munnabhai, JG, Wednesday, 99; all have some really unbelievable events transpiring...but you don't ever pay attention to that because the film has been crafted with skill and the make-believe events are bound nicely.

In films like SIK, Dhoom2, Race and now Prince, the craft is AWOL...and there's nothing connecting the make-believe events. Hence, one is forced to look at them.

We reviewers spend our time watching films that aren't really worth our time. We do it for the love of the medium and the enthusiasm to share our POV & know others' POV's. For all you know, we would rather enjoy the film than feeling so bad watching it. If only the film would allow.

@Meetu : I'm really sorry for these long rants...but over the last couple of weeks, I'm really disturbed about how easily our audiences accept trash...and then be so bombastic about it.

Over n f'n out!!


Adam : Thanks for the pity. I need it to survive. And wasn't getting any from anywhere. You really came in as a lifesaver. Would be even more grateful if you could tell me where I swore at you. Did they tell you in school that escapist, conformist, blasphemous & wannabe are swear words?

And you know what? I accept that you're quite knowledgable. In fact, I bow down to thee. I'm just trying to act like a movie connoisseur and I'd rather not dare question your viewpoint. You, on the other hand, have every right to shout from the rooftops that anyone not agreeing with you doesn't understand entertainment...oh sorry, ENTERTAINMENT. Such a sore loser.

By the way, I'm still waiting to know why you found the films mentioned above boring. And I know I'm not getting an answer.


Adam...that anger wasn't directed at you. If you felt that way, apologies.

Now...have you really watched MFSU? Ever been to Rajasthan? If your answer to either of the questions is yes, you wouldn't say what you have said here.

Yes...the film is a remake (I'm not using the word ripoff for reasons that I'll be elaborating on) of Polanski's Chinatown. But it was better because...

1. It wasn't simply copied and pasted like so many other films are. This was adapted to Indian conditions very nicely. More on that in a bit.

2. You call it fake and lame, but ask a small-town Rajasthani and he'll tell you how closely it mirrored small-town Rajasthan.

3. You call it a confused version whereas I saw in it a depth that was missing in the original, and a pretty coherent depth.

4. Performances in MSFU have been praised by one and all, including your dearest, Taran Adarsh.

5. The pace is slow for a reason. There's a stronger character arc in MSFU as compared to Chinatown. Chinatown was a taut thriller whereas MSFU was a study of characters built around the same plot. I repeat, its not a copy. Navdeep has added a whole lot of his own perspective to it. The plot is the same but the execution is very different.

By the way, even Chinatown was about "they're after your money". Humara dhobi dhobi, tumhara dhobi drycleaner? Sahi hai bhai.

And let's not get into a discussion on lists here...this isn't the space for it. You'll see my POV much clearly on the following pages where I've compiled a list of the most overrated and underrated movies of the noughties.

You're more than welcome to a debate there.

And yeah...The Sixth Sense & Sarfarosh aren't recent movies. Both are from more than 10 years ago - 1999 releases.


BTW...if you want to pay to watch Race, Krish & Dhoom2 again, you've never seen a good thriller. Seriously.


woaah! i don't check comments for the weekend and miss all the fun!! In my defense, I didn't think a movie like Prince would invite such intense discussion.

Ooops! sorry, I'm not supposed to diss movies that I don't like. Forgot that!

Hey, but wait a minute, then what exactly am I doing here?

@Roy I see you, ma friend, I see you.

@Joe Don't you think it'd be better if you judge my judgement after you've seen the film?

@Ramen and @Bollyfan thank you so much for holding fort while i was blissfully unaware of the action i was missing

@Chittaranjan oops! Where and when did you watch the film? Could have been me you heard snoring ;)

@Adam and @Bollyfan Thanks for the lively discussion here. I just want to point out that even if you don't agree with my opinion, it tells you whether or not to watch the film, right? You've been a loyal wogma reader for a long-long time. By now, you must have guessed the point of my reviews. I tell you why i liked a film or why i didn't. Depending on whether or not the reasons bother you or not, you make your decision. More on that here - Why read a review?. And I sincerely believe, every one of us has a right to expess our opinion, however blasphemous or wannabe it might seem to the people who are not of the same opinion.

@bollyfan are you kidding me? I love such discussions, please don't call them rants! I'm touched by the stand you took on my behalf. Means much, thank you!!

@Adam mere bhai, how well you know me! Yes, I did start 'blasting' the movie from the first minute, because i had issues with the shoddy CGI work. That you can mention Dhoom 2 and Race in the same sentence as Matrix and Dark something. Usually, I'm extremely happy when people like films that I don't because, you know one more happy cinegoer is good for the filmmakers. But, I feel hurt on behalf of all Matrix (at the very least, part 1)and Dark Knight fans (including me, of course) because you missed the point. They had such a deep comment about us as humans, a society and at some level evolution too. Geez, like @bollyfan i can go on and on if we are debating between these two categories of films. And you know why? There's hardly anything similar, you know!? Oh well...

By the way what's wrong with realistic documentaries on Discovery, they are pretty good, you know.

I think I've just seen the last one in the Bourne series - i thought it was just about ok. The action was good, though the camera did most of the action, rather than the actors/action choreographers. But, that's about it.
There wasn't anything else to it.

Sounds like you haven't seen Prince because you say, "I agree with dissing a film on its demerits, but c'mon, it can't be all that bad." Please watch the film and we can continue the discussion here. Till then, happy weather channel watching!!


Chittaranjan might've watched it in an empty theatre and heard himself snore. Happened with me in Sadiyan. :D

Waise Yceebhai...kabhi purane doston ko bhi yaad kar liya karo. An entire community depends heavily on thee.


@Bollyfan ha ha! ye Yceebhai kaun hai?

@Adam 1000s and lakhs of people can love a film, but if i don't like it, i don't like it. I never judged or said anything about others liking or not liking it. If they don't like it as much as I didn't like it - good, if they like what i didn't like - even better!


@meetu : Yceebhai is Chittaranjan. I know him from another life. ;-)


@Adam : In fact, it was your mention of Matrix, TDK & POTC in the same breath as Dhoom-2, Krish & Race that got me started in the first place. :D

By the way, I have no love lost for Ghajini either. Here's what I had to say for it...

Hindi Radio:

Watched it! its ok not much finishing in various graphics which they tried to show as hollywood movie! Just a Time pass movie!


India me Prince to gadde me girte hi rehte hain........reminding you of a 3 years old kid that fell into a tubewell pothole :)

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