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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
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An attempt at being fun, cute, and philosophical. You wish it were an attempt with more conviction. Yet, a decent TV watch.



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84 tweeters have given One By Two an average rating of 0.8/5.0(?)

8 yays
66 nays
10 so-so
  • yogeshnahar: One by two... A case study on how NOT to make a movie. Lost a lot of respect for Abhay Deol after this trash #bollywood #movies
  • wasif_mir: Watched #onebytwo yesterday n I guess its the worst movie I hve ever seen
  • vppati: Go and watch #OneByTwo for Abhay Deol's acting. He celebrates subtlety and class through his acting. MY VERDICT: 2.5/5
  • vohrarohit: one by two movie gets 1/2 marks out of 10. Even that are too much from me!
  • vishalvkumar: One By Two is for Fart Cinema lovers.
  • vishalgrg45: Abhay Deol's One By Two is his worst file ever #sorry @abhaydeol
  • VirajPanchal: #ImJustPakaoedBecause I watched One by two ;)
  • VinitaThakur: One by two is the most pathetic movie of the year...!! Disappointed..!!
  • Three20kbps: One by two. Biggest mistake of my life
  • TheJatinChhabra: #OneByTwo ke Reviews maine 2 mahine pehle hi bata diye hai...they r just PAKAOED !! ★/5
  • TheBigBuddha_: I watched #OneByTwo and I'm mentally scarred for the rest of my life. Please imagine Johnny Lever's face and share this moment with me
  • sweetygeet: omg! just watched #OneByTwo what a movie..just wondering y abhey wasted his money in this movie..mujhe de deta jayada paise the toh
  • sunnriya: The'e most stupid movie i hv evr seen'! #onebytwo' eeessshhh' guys plz dont' regret ur pockets' dont watch' for da sake' lol!
  • sunilganesh: #OneByTwo film : Preeti Desai is hot but she is an average actor and dancer. Expected more from @devikabhagat, better luck next time!
  • SufiyanaSoul: So #OneByTwo is so bad it makes #JaiHo look good. Who would have thunk!
  • starkjunk: After a long time I watch a movie first day and it ends up an utter bore! #OneByTwo
  • sreekanthdass: Mr.Abhay Deol u really thought ur marketing gimmick could save this shit film...OneByTwo...
  • Sojitra_Deep: 1 star for one by two movie .....
  • Snehas85: Finally the movie ended. 2 and half hour of torture. #OneByTwo
  • sjiit007: 'Whatever..' to critics review on #onebytwo . Loved the music and great movie .
  • shetty_vish: in d theatre watchin one by two must say heavent seen such pathetic movie since decades
  • Saurabh_Vaish: I would like to forget that Abhay Deol did 'One by Two'.. #PaisaWaste
  • SaumNo: Also, One By Two is not as bad a film as the reviews say it is. Way better than Gori Tere Pyaar Mein which almost made me commit suicide!
  • Salilacharya: okk #pakaoooed with #onebytwo ... dnt thinki need that sleeping pill .. gnite folks #yawn
  • sakshikumar44: Plz one by two nhi dekhiye sirf jai ho dekhiye
  • sachinchatte: Finished with the Konkani/मराठी film A Rainy Day, it is much better than the Hindi (One By Two) & English (I,Frankenstein) films I saw today
  • sabharwalatul: A big middle finger to critics and two thumbs up to #OneByTwo, @devikabhagat and #AbhayDeol
  • roshya: Please don't watch One By Two Film and suggest your dear ones the same. One of the pakhoed movie ever Bollywood...
  • RJTapan: One by two Soup chale pan one by two movie na chale .. — feeling pissed
  • RJADITI: One by two : Total Pakaau film
  • RishabhChkrvrty: #onebytwo is not a film, it's a 139 minute ad film with horrible acting
  • ripunj: I would be the first one if protesting outside a cinema hall must be legal asking for the money back. #OneByTwo Totally Pakaoo Movie.
  • RadhikaBG: #OneByTwo most boring film EVER @AbhayDeol sorry bro very disappointed!!
  • PureAryanRace: Back to back bad movie weekends #jaiho #OneByTwo #Bollywood
  • PriyancaBajaj: Kuch bhi karna par One By Two mat dekhna!! Total pakau..
  • Praveennkl333: One by two Verdict: One minus One!( 1.5 / 5.0 )
  • PJdiploma: One by two - hey bhagwaan mujhe bachaanaaaa
  • Pishaachini: Fun activity- count the number of people in theater when One by Two starts and how many left when u decide to move out before the end
  • omlakhani: #onebytwo review.. It's like a half portion of Manchow Soup... delicious but incomplete. #moviereview
  • niteyshbandil: Sorry to say but biggest dump movie of the year will be "one by two".
  • mskothari: #onebytwo (facepalm) I'm just pakaoed. Can't believe I even came for this movie.
  • Moxin1: #JaiHo a total washout ..........but better then one by two
  • me_Richa_: One by two is bad in one word and don't watch in two. #OneByTwo
  • maximaminima: I thought One by two was quite okay! Don't know why all reviews killed it.
  • marwadichorri: #onebytwo slooooouuuwwww... Boooooring! Skinny babe.. Adorable abhay!
  • MapsofIndia: One by Two flows meaninglessly in different directions. The story doesn’t seem to be in sync, the actors...
  • manishchum: Who the fuck made this one by two...
  • little_Athena: I'M JUST PAKAOED! #OneByTwo
  • LazyKachua: One by Two. Ratings - 0.5/5
  • KommmanMan: One By Two is full of shit. Literally and Figuratively, both. #Review #OneByTwo
  • KnightSuty: On the whole, an out of the box film like ONE BY TWO has some engaging moments, but they are few and far between....
  • KislayaDube: One by two is bakwaas movie
  • khanna_ujjwal: #OneByTwo story very cosmo @misspreetidesai impressive #abhaydeol as alwaz clean #rati agnihotriji superbbb..grippin 1st half #inoxjaipur
  • KanikaSikka: Dear #Bollywood, I will watch every movie that releases this month. But if even one more film is anything like One by Two, I shall kill you!
  • kamaalrkhan: #OneByTwo is very expensive gift by Abhey Deol to his girlfriend who will leave him very soon coz film is disaster n washout at Boxoffice.
  • jun6lee: One by Two -- Definitely a story told with absolute finesse, probably the only such Hindi film so far this year. Cutesy story. 3.5/5 from me
  • incognito_amito: One by Two stars for ‘One By Two’.
  • HWTMovie: #hwtm #OneByTwo #OneByTwoFilm - 1 / 5 not the natural Abhay Deol roles !!
  • HumanlyAsshole: #ImJustPakaoedBecause i watched One by two.
  • hsingla: One by Two makes your mind half working by it's irritating dialogues.. Specially by female actors in the movie #OneByTwo
  • HeartOut_Loud: One by Two... 4 stars
  • graffy_vibhav: One by two.....waahiyat waste of time :-/
  • goolmohar: #OneByTwo Disappointed :-\
  • girishmallya: #OneByTwo is just about ok, liked the last 1/3, otherwise the movie drags quite a bit. Expected better stuff from Abhay as a producer.
  • GhoshShivaji: Different yet shallow types. Abhay Deol acts cool, as always. #OneByTwo
  • firstonfriday: #one by two.. Watch it.. 3.5/ For Abhay. Deol's creeky comedy... Abhay congrats for ur timing fr comedy and as a producer
  • erneelkamal: टाइम पास है
  • docvaruna: #OneByTwo was a good movie! Enjoyed it!
  • CrajiMunda: Just watched 'One By Two'. Ek aur zabardast hathoda pad gaya yaar!! :(
  • copy_pen: Pakaoyedddddddddddddddddddddddddddd !!! #OneByTwo
  • BollywoodUncut: #OneByTwo Public Review | Worst Movie Of 2014
  • BlackoutPriest: God... #OneByTwo movie just sucks... Pathetic!!
  • biswatosh: Seriously didn't understand why Abhay Deol produced film like One By Two. we all expect at least a sensible subject from him. #OneByTwo
  • AyuqKhatib: #ImJustPakaoedBecause You're making movies like One By Two.
  • arpitpathak: you got Enemy? Sponsor him for ONE BY TWO at Director's cut / PVR Gold class. You'l be one short of enemy when the movie ends! Enough said!!
  • apurvnagpal: One By Two : Very Painful
  • AnkitaMehta2: #OneByTwo is by far the worst Abhay Deol's film....looks like the film is his gift to Gf Preeti Desai...
  • amit12354: #OneByTwo is super boring and tests your patience at every scene.. Good Concept but lacks a good screenplay, dialogue and direction #review
  • akashsikdar1: #OneBytwo Will Be a flop :-(
  • AjayGrover29: If you have plans to watch #onebytwo today then you can sleep for 2.30 hrs instead it would be much better..
  • addygunners: #OneByTwo what a brilliant performance by Abhay Deol. He knows how to connect with his audience. But then other part was super boring.
  • abhinav_arvind: #ImJustPakaoedBecause i saw #OneByTwo today.. cant get out of this disaster..
  • Aarna_Ram: #OneByTwo sucks big tyme!!!
  • Aankhi01: Loved 'One by two'. Gorgeous couple.