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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

An attempt at being fun, cute, and philosophical. You wish it were an attempt with more conviction. Yet, a decent TV watch.



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Wogma Review

You try to summarize what you felt about a film and you are at a loss. The opening sequence was cool (even if inspired), but the fart jokes were well, fart jokes; but that scene between mother and daughter was pretty well-written for a film of this genre, but the film was not paced well; but the climax was one of the best ever, but the songs are all over the place even though they are nice...And so on. That of course is One By Two. It has a chic, Hollywood rom-com feel to it, except that it is Indianized with songs, etc.

So, like the ping-pong ball between Amit's (Abhay Deol) mom (Rati Agnihotri) and dad (Jayant Kriplani), you move from a well-done thing about the film to something shrug-worthy and back; from a witty line/scene to toilet humor; from Amit's story to Samara's (Preeti Desai).

However, the one big thing that worked for me is the concept. At about minute twenty, I reminded myself to note down when the lead pair would meet. And then, slowly, as the idea started getting clearer, it got interesting. But - there had to be a but, right? - the two individual stories were more or less boring. What is worse is, it comes across as the writers somehow knew it and to cover it up they added lame humor that didn't belong. The only curiosity left then, was how the two stories would intersect, but unfortunately that is not the point of the film.

Samara, a struggling dancer, goes through the regular ups and downs of any story that would have a struggling dancer as a lead character. And yet, its just refreshing to see a woman in a rom-com spend so much on-screen time and energy on something other than a man. Of course, her character could have been written in better detail with all the layers that were exposed to us. Even within the limited scope, her character's relationship with her mother was given one nice, long scene to breathe. If only, it went a little deeper. It doesn't help that Preeti Desai doesn't have a whole range of expressions. This makes your empathy for Samara stand-offish.

Amit's story on the other hand is stuck, just stuck, right from the beginning. But, maybe its intentional. The thing about defining your lead character a boring makes him exactly that - boring. And how long can you stick around with a boring character, let alone root for him. And yet, when Amit does the right thing, you give him a pat on his back. When he vents, you are ready for his character graph to do something that gets your interest, but remember? He is stuck.

Abhay Deol does Amit's crazy venting bit with "pakao-ed" pretty hilariously. But, we didn't really doubt his acting capabilities, did we? What is frustrating is that the entire sequence doesn't fit in the film at all. Amit is never shown as being frustrated with life in general, but suddenly has this outburst. The outburst makes sense, but not that Amit had it.

The side characters do add a little spice to the ongoings, which are bearable to a point. And then they become repetitive. I would like to see more of Preetika Chawla though.

And actually, I don't mind seeing more from Devika Bhagat, in the hope that next time, she'll make every thing about her story and the film crisper and tighter.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None
  • Language: A few abusive words
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Skimpily clad women. A couple of scenes where a couple is making out.
  • Concept: Love or lack thereof.
  • General Look and Feel: Urban, slick.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2.5
  • Story: 3
  • Lead Actors: 2.5
  • Character Artists: 3
  • Dialogues: 3
  • Screenplay: 2
  • Music Director: 3
  • Lyrics: 3.5

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Its the first time ever m not getting interest in an Abhay Deol movie,,,,dont know why he want to add this film to his filmography,,,,,,,,cant say anything,,,,just hope......


Going by the reviews and audience reaction on day 1,i guess mega flopstar Abhay Deol is all set to have his 18th consecutive disaster! This ladies & gentlemen is the true value of critics made "brilliant actors" :D


@Anuj really 18 consecutive disaster? or it is solo film? I think he has ZNMD,Sanghai(Average),Dev D(Average not a disaster)and what about oye lucky


@Siddharth:That was pun intended man,why take everything so seriously? :P Shanghai was a flop while Oye Lucky was a box office flop too! As for ZNMD,take Hrithik-Katrina out of that film and lemme see how much it would've earned. Agreed all 3 had equally significant roles but star value was provided only by HR-Kat! As for Dev-D,I hated the film.In Raanjhanaa he was blown away by Dhanush. Point is,he's an over-rated actor and an unreliable box office commodity who does not find favour with the audiences more often than not. His popularity level is not even at par with Hashmi and Imran Khan.


@Anuj i just thought in that way after looking into his filmography were he has done only 14 films.
He is no star and thats why he is trying something different not the some commercial stuff.But I liked Dev D atleast for its climax.
Also dont compare him with Imraan Hashmi :-) i think he too is a star in his own way.


@Siddharth:Discussions and comments on my blog alone :)

@Meeta:Are u sure your rating's accurate for a movie which has an average rating of 1.8/5 and an opening day occupancy of under 10%? :P


Only blog,,,,where the movie have got decent rating,,,,all reviewers have given bad ratings to it,,,,,even yaariyan have good reviews by some reviewers (although very few)........
But i woudnt doubt Deol’s acting capabilities,,,,,flop movies doesnt show that he is a bad actor,,,,,he only doesnt select commercial movies much,,,,and ofcoarse have done some bad movies too,,,,but most of them are good as a movie but not on the commercial basis.....
For Deol and wogma review,,,,m gonna give this movie a try,,,,ofcoarse not in big screen.......Dont want to waste my money


To be precisly i have liked his - socha na tha , honeymoon travels , dev d oye lucky lucky oye , chakravyuh , ZNMD , shanghai , and ranjhana,,,,,......
And he is not at all overated,,,,because an actor’s capability in acting is rated watching how good he had performed his work in the movie,,,,not by giving commercial hits on the basis of popularity and promotion....


Bad promotion , debutant actress , an actor like abhey deol , who can act good but cant pull the audience single handly, below average music reviews ,,,and last but not the list bad movie reviews , what else u need to flop a movie.....Every thing is there in One By Two.....
Biggest benifit will be for Jai Ho to earn some more money in its second week ,, and fir Hansee to fansee which would get any compatition ....... except by not so interesting HEARTLESS


@Anuj, what average rating 1.8? If you are talking about averaging out my department wise rating it is 2.8 for this film. In any case, the whole point of the department wise rating is that the film rating can be completely different from the average because each individual department fares differently. So, the reader gets an idea (if not from the review itself) of which department's job played a role in my like/dislike of a film. Technically, it is possible for a film to score well in all departments but still get a low overall rating because it just didn't work for me as a film.

What does opening day occupancy have to do with how I liked the film?


Average rating of 1.8/5 is what u refer to as external reviews from other critics.


@Anuj But, the external reviews haven't been collated yet.

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