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Love, loyalty, hatred - themes that could've been so much more than heavy lines delivered in a heavy tone.



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Wogma Review

A lady tells off a don, "I am not a city, you can't own me."

It bothered me with Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai and it bothers me again with Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara - how exactly does one own a city like Mumbai? One wants to own it - I can try to imagine the magnanimosity of his aspirations. But when one claims to own it and everyone around him goes on for almost three hours about how he owns it, you begin to really wonder how that works out? How does one own a city like Mumbai, let alone twice? Once I got over it, I warmed up to Once Upon Ay Time Mumbai Dobaara's style and drama, just a teeny-weeny bit. Not enough for sure, but not a complete washout either.

The thing about a move which relies so heavily on its "powerful" dialogue is, you might indeed find four or five dialogues that invoke some kind of an emotion out of you. Either in its romance or skepticism or sarcasm or in its attempt at being profound, there might be a few lines in Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara that you just might remember. Only that you have to sift through tons of such lines including those delivered with enthusiasm by even the smallest of character artists. Whether or not you like it, you have to appreciate the dialogue writer's conviction at make every single line powerful.

In fact, many situations and characters seem like they were created to accommodate the dialogue. Fortunately, there are other situations and characters that exist to build the themes of love, hatred and loyalty. Of the three the theme of loyalty is worked upon the most and works the best. The romance is rather lame and the hatred is purely functional.

Given the huge conflict between loyalty and love, and the route Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara chooses to resolve the conflict, the film could've had a lot more impact. Despite the predictability, there was a lot of human element that could've been explored.

But when style is a priority over content and stylish dialogue delivery over actual acting, the limitations are pre-defined. Even so, though the performances don't get you too involved with the characters, every once in a while, you do forget the actor who is playing it.

You do loathe Shohaib for his audacity and for a bit forget it's Akshay Kumar on screen. This is actually a big deal considering the last few films that he has done. Imran Khan too manages to invoke some kind of sympathy towards Aslam, even if momentarily. Sonakshi Sinha helps Jasmine hold her own against the man who owns Mumbai Dobaara and for what its worth, she does give Akshay Kumar a tough fight with her screen presence.

Unfortunately, the romance has zero chemistry. There is more chemistry between Akshay Kumar and Sonali Bendre and him and Sophie Choudry in the little time they are given than Sonakshi Sinha has with either of the men. Yet, the fault doesn't lie in the performances, the writing and the choice of situations to depict romance lack oomph, despite all the superfluous style.

So, laden with heavy dialogue that is attempted at by one and all, with a heavy voice, Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara isn't as random as the first episode, yet it doesn't suck you in despite having the potential to do so.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lot of gun fights and some blood shed.
  • Language: A couple of abusive words.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A making out scene and some talk about it.
  • Concept: Love, hatred and loyalty
  • General Look and Feel: Crisp feel though set in the 80s

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 2
  • Lead Actors: 2.5
  • Character Artists: 2.5
  • Dialogues: 2
  • Screenplay: 2
  • Music Director: 1.5
  • Lyrics: 1

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"Akshay Kumar replacing Ajay Devgn in a sequel only implies a good bye to subtle expressions and a welcome to loudness - thrice over."~Exact reason why i'm not looking forward to this one despite being a fan of its prequel. Imo,Akshay is no match to Ajay in the crime/gangster genre! And the lesser we talk of Imran,the better (specific to the genre). This one might end up being a misfire!


The charm of ajay was gone,,,,akshay's dialogue delivery seems like how street boys use to say sometimes using atitude in there voice,,,,imran khan is totally miscast,,,,shahid the first option of the directer was better,,,,dont know why he was replaced,,,,change in genre gives more disappointment to me,,,,and the bad songs(except- ye tune kya kiya) only add to the dissappointment....


@Anuj @Anup I hear ya, friends. *sigh*


::facepalm:: Tammy's going to want to see this anyway, because it's Akshay Kumar - being serious! I have to say that I'm looking at this and saying, "Wait a minute - who's playing what here, anyway? And Imran Khan as a slum rat in a period piece - this is a joke, right?"

Mind, I like Imran Khan better than a lot of people do - but his talent is playing a very modern, middle-class, well-educated and globally-thinking Indian who's as comfortable with English as with Hindi. I can appreciate his wanting to stretch past "India's answer to John Cusack" roles, but don't think this is the way he can comfortably go....

I'm guessing Akshay is the guy who was the bad guy in the last movie? I keep hearing him refer to himself as "Villain" and whoever Imran Khan's playing as "Hero" in the trailer - which is never a good sign.

Also, hasn't this movie been "coming soon" since basically The Dawn of Time? What took so long - and what happened to Shahid Kapoor, who might have been a bit better fit as the young interloper?


@TimELiebe No idea what took so long and why no Shahid Kapoor. The signs aren't good, is all I have to say for now :D


@Meetu @TimEliebe : Akshay's role is an extension from where Emraan Hashmi's "Shoaib" left off in the prequel!


@Meetu : Here's some food for thought for those wondering why mediocre films are recording historic box office collections these days!



ur review is better then what i expected,,,,seems u liked the sequal more then its preceeder(which i had liked alot)

Vikramjeet Singh Mann:

Hey Meetu ,

I read your review which I stopped after Special Chabbis and the reason being its an Akshay movie and I contradict your reviews in Akshay movies like Houseful 2 and Special Chabbis.

Here in this movie also I have a different view than yours.You have categorized this movie as Even the keen wait for DVD while I would have categorized as - Switch channel if its on TV.

Also I have changed my mind about No Smoking after a person who smoke heavily told me that he got frieghted a lot after watching the movie and one person have stopped smoking. Hopefully you dont smoke. But now I think it is due to fact that I am not a heavy smoker I was not in a position to understand or appreciate the movie.


That's what I figured, @Anuj - I suppose it's pointless of me to point out he's all wrong for Shoaib? The article you linked to it interesting - it sounds kind of like what we call "tentpole" movies here in the US (the current STAR TREK and IRON MAN entries, PACIFIC RIM though that did much better in Asia than the US, and ELYSIUM). Movies that can become hits despite not hitting during the main moviegoing seasons (summer and Christmas in the US) tend to draw a bit different audience, so the movies are aimed more towards them - ROWDY RAHORE and DABANGG 2 actually sound like the kind of movie that would have been huge hits on the drive-in and "grindhouse" circuits (similar to what the blogger Ashar calls "the masses") back when they were still a factor over here.

@Meetu - sounds like you only "mildly disliked" it rather than the "outright hated" it that your Preview suggested you suspected you'd feel. I wish I could see this film with Shahid Kapoor instead of Imran Khan....


The recent trends says that a film title must be linked to a past work. Films like Murder 3 , Aashiqui 2 are prime examples of good renumeration on weekends. Irrespective whether it is a sequel or prequel , these films have managed to trick the audience .Who knows they might have planned a third installment as well.


i have good what i expected,,,,surly its better then. CE ,,,, but akshay is no ajay devgan,,imran is no emraan. and abhimanyu singh is no randeep hooda,,,,the movie a lot of melodrama,,,,with herois dialogues everywhere,,,,some fits perfectly some doesnt,,,,but atleast it has some decent story....And if we ignore some streched scense in 2nd half and some unwanted songs it could be a good time pass,,,,nothing more....


I hated the movie. What a pakao movie. The dialogue start getting on your nerves pretty quickly, and Akshay Kumar pretends as if he wants every dialogue to a historic/classic one. Sonakshi was irritating. Imraan Khan was confused whether he was a gangster or a lover boy. Songs were barely ok. Switch channels if its on cable.


@Anuj That link isn't working.

@Anup, Vikramjeet oh well, there are always times when I surprise myself ;)

@Vikramjeet I'm not a smoker, No Smoking just fascinates me by being so ambiguous. I'm glad it worked for the person who quit smoking. And I'm glad that you could see the film in new light.

@TimELiebe Acutally, I mildly liked it. :D

@Guddu Really? Any studies to that end? Also, it would be interesting to know if there are films that are named so and weren't a hit. Oh and I'm sure this one has a third instalment coming. :D

@LostinLamancha oh well...


it good movie! atleast 1 time watch


Meetu - didn't find preview of Madras Cafe on Wogma yet. Coming soon, I hope :)


@Prafful :)

@Swapnil Have been delayed, coming up by end of day today. :D


outim is the best movie... i love this movie... 10/10..


Horrible film. Together with Himmatwala this will go down as the worst film of 2013 (and will also figure in the top 10 of last 10 years' worst movies ever).

The intercourse joke, if one could call it a joke, just goes on an on.

Dialogue writer seems to be on an elevated track penning dialogues with best vocabulary words but the entire sentence makes no sense. Seems like he/she has used an automatic dialogue generator based on group of hi-fi sounding words.

Milan Luthria as director has no idea what he wants to convey, or film.

Everybody believes that he/she is the smartest alec in town with cheesy sounding dialogs but that make no sense at all.

If suing was allowed to producer for rendering my productive time useless by watching this crappy product, then I would certainly do that.

Totally avoidable film.

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