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wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
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The least Mohenjo Daro could have done is awe you with its scale. Well, It doesn't. Save a few action pieces the film has nothing to enamor you.



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29 tweeters have given Mohenjo Daro an average rating of 3.4/5.0(?)

19 yays
8 nays
2 so-so
  • Yasameen111: Mohenjo Daro was so good!!!
  • xopayalspatel: Favorite part of Mohenjo Daro was Hrithik Roshan. Wow.
  • viralaol: Mohenjo Daro. Amazing movie
  • UMARBALOCH: Mohenjo daro Bakwaaaas treen movie — feeling bored
  • surajv530: Hritik sir Mohenjo Daro is a blockbuster in my view.but public not given good response to ur film.
  • Srutarshi97: Mohenjo-daro is fabulous. @iHrithik sir is just awesome and @hegdepooja made a great debut.
  • SmileAdoomy: Mohenjo Daro was a really good movie tho (needed subtitles
  • slyandsulk: So far Mohenjo Daro is Lagaan + 80s love stoy + gladiator + karan arjun in prehistoric setting. It's funny how sad it is.
  • siddhirathod_20: saw mohenjo daro yesterday. very nice movie . must watch.
  • SawanPapriwal: I rated Mohenjo Daro (2016) 6/10 #IMDb
  • samratindra2: Mohenjo Daro is a mess,cartoon-like narrative proves and unintentional comedy. — feeling frustrated
  • sagar_rao: Its high time we ignore reviews from media who misguide public & sabotage sincere, novel ideas like this.Masterpiece#Epic#Mohenjo Daro
  • RehanMUFC: Hardwork of @iHrithik in Mohenjo Daro is insane Just beautiful
  • ranjitswe: Mohenjo Daro is a well crafted historical movie....Its not a bad movie ...great acting by @iHrithik & @hegdepooja #MohenjoDaro
  • Prakash_Jha_: Mohenjo Daro is the Excellent Movie.!!
  • NewsBossIndia: Review: Mohenjo Daro is old wine in an ancient bottle..
  • Nathealings: Akshay Kumar best thing about Rustom; Mohenjo Daro was okay … via @dailyo_
  • m_shomaa: Thanks Ashutosh Ji, @iHrithik @hegdepooja & others for gifting such a movie like Mohenjo Daro! How gracefully the history has been depicted!
  • JennaVora: Great work from the entire Mohenjo Daro team! Great performance by Hrithik!!! #HrithikRoshan #poojahegde #MohenjoDaro
  • JamalTauseef: Review for Mohenjo Daro movie * Animation was : bullshit * Sound : lame * Direction : Comedy * Cinematography...
  • ImGreenGuru: Hritik Roshan's Mohenjo Daro sucked real bad, but the Mohenjo-Daro heritage of ours deserves respect and...
  • imathur97: I actually really liked Mohenjo Daro
  • fatmaabader: Now I can say that Mohenjo daro is the best movie for 2016! #HrithikRoshan #MohenjoDaro
  • DipeshMohile: If script writers can't think beyond a typical love-story in 2000 BC setting, what else do u expect? via @sharethis
  • desigirl1995: Mohenjo Daro- Great movie. @hritikroshan stayed true to his legacy of his amazing acting.
  • carla_filmigeek: I walked out of Mohenjo Daro a little less than halfway through. Here's why.
  • BuzzKaran: Saw #Mohenjo Daro absolutely [email protected] must watch it to experience #masterpiecesarman .bravo✌
  • anishreddyyelti: Take a bow the entire team of mohenjo daro
  • adityayadav62: Mohenjo Daro, an awesome movie , @iHrithik sir, with this quality of work i m sure u will write a new definition of acting in Indian Cinema