Mohenjo Daro - Preview

wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
quick review:

The least Mohenjo Daro could have done is awe you with its scale. Well, It doesn't. Save a few action pieces the film has nothing to enamor you.



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What's in the name of a city? A little history? A little politics? A little culture? A little architecture? A little wonder? Or you could forget all of that and just choose to say the same old story. The underdog common man taking on the oppressor or system. That is exactly what Mohenjo Daro's trailer seems to suggest – that the city is incidental or just an excuse to have grand settings.

What makes the entire affair even sorrier is that the setting doesn't look extraordinary at all. As a lay person, as far as architecture goes, I dare say, the sets look Egyptian. Not to mention, in their enthusiasm to tell viewers how old the civilization is, they mention Christ and Buddha who as far as I know had nothing to do with that region.

Other than that then, you are left with Hrithik Roshan being Hrithik Roshan. Unfortunately, the one question that looms larger than them all is, how long with this Ashutosh Gowariker venture last? How many of those minutes will we be edging to leave? Hopefully it is close to zero. But, I have an inkling it won't be so.

Interestingly, even A R Rahman's music hasn't managed to impress everyone. Let's hope the movie does.