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Great performances accompanied by smart lines. Irrfan Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma show versatility by succeeding at comedy too. The script has nice, consistent characters. And the songs have good lyrics too (for a change!). Unfortunately, everything is ruined by the most inept climax, leaving the audience with a sour after taste.



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Did the whole world change while I was on vacation? Or maybe I am just naïve. When did the singular motto of every married person become to try and have an extra-marital affair? And even if that happened, do we really need to blame a city for our promiscuity? However, once you get past these two basic plot premises, you begin to appreciate the performances and the flashes of clever dialogue.

The most remarkable achievement of the director and the actors is the chemistry between each couple, whichever part of the triangle they are. Be it - revulsion, indifference, love, intimacy - all emotions convey (at most times) what the character feels. Also, the characters are pretty consistent, which is an achievement in itself.

And Irrfan Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma playing comic relief is so refreshing! They keep the mood light whenever the other characters start taking themselves too seriously, giving the required impetus whenever the pace begins to slacken. Shilpa Shetty gives an elegant performance and Kay Kay Menon plays to perfection the-guy-you-would-love-to-hate. And we are back to a suicidal Kangna Ranaut, but at least this time around, she looks good. Sharman Joshi's talent desperately needs to be treated with meatier roles. And somehow, the Dharmendra-Nafisa Ali track seemed very forced and contrived, especially because of the shabby treatment their dialogues were given.

The movie starts off with some brilliant lines that almost sound like poetry, but soon enough doze off to inane-land. Thereafter, the brilliance is pretty much sporadic.

Similarly, the lyrics are a welcome change from the nonsense we have been served in the name of poetry, of late. They reflect the mood of the characters and flow well with the overall situations. However, all the songs sound like they have been composed by a rock band. Which would have been tolerable but for the picturization. In an attempt to avoid lip-synching they went overboard. Give me the unnecessary songs, with barely-clad men and women dancing for me, I will take that. But, three men - none of whom have seen a comb or a razor in the past year, but know a lot about greasing curly locks - coming at me like objects do in a 3-D show, in every single song. Not done! Even in the name of fashion.

It is the climax of movies that do not have any particular purpose in mind that can make or break the movie. And the culmination fails here big time. It feels like the writer got bored towards the end and just wanted to get it done with one way or the other. If not for the cumbersome climax, the movie might have been well worth a watch. But, alas...

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Life In A Metro Movie Review:

[...] Meetu : ” Life In A Metro starts off with some brilliant lines that almost sound like poetry, but soon enough doze off to inane-land. Thereafter, the brilliance is pretty much sporadic.” [...]


by the way meetu who designed your site, it has a "COOL" look. different from the blogs i hv seen around.


Thanks, amit. Well, we designed it ourselves. Still working on the colors.


I am glad the movie worked for you Ashima. Thanks for the revisit!


we as in? do u hv a team? hey posted my review yesterday... do bother to check out.


Read your review, Amit. So this time we agree on several counts!

We as in my husband - the all-in-one: CTO, promoter, editor - and me. That's the team!


I saw Metro today & completed enjoyed myself...Konkana & Irfan were the BEST.....Kay Kay was like totally into his ruthless character.


so ur husband also a movie buff. A great jodi u two seem to be.


Right, Mehak. Metro is full of good performances.

Thanks, Amit!


Thanks for taking the time to share your views, Sumit.

Hey morph! I was just beginning to miss you. So, let's get to what we enjoy doing best here - discuss :-)

"Black Friday" - am long done arguing. "Eklavya", we had issues with genre classification and I thought we pretty much sorted that one out here.

Now Metro, *whew*, I am glad we finally agree on a few things at least :-). The thing that disappointed me the most is the climax. The only story line with an end that did not seem contrived was the Ranjeet-Shikha track. That one was handled well.

Well, I for one, almost always can think of lyrics as poetry and music as a separate entity in itself. And I am pretty sure, I am not the only one who enjoys doing so.
"hai tujhe bhi ijaazat, kar le tu bhi mohabbat" - works for me whatever tune it is set to.

BTW, is it safe now to assume that I "get" movies that both of us either like or dislike? :-)

I am glad you liked the site's new design, still working on the colors though. URL - damage done. Nothing that was shorter and conveyed what I wanted to say was available. Might consider using, but feel it will be equally difficult to remember.

Thanks again for stopping by! Keep coming.


morph wrote:

only reason
people will notice the songs’words -atleast in a hindi movie , is if music is good , unless they are selling
supplying lyrics printed on a booklet .

This is definitely not true for me. I definitely notice the lyrics and music as separate entities. For example, take the song "hai tujhe bhi ijaazat, kar le tu bhi mohabbat". I like the lyrics, but absolutely hate the music/tune - they make it sound like a background song being sung while the jilted lover is going off to commit suicide.


Hey, morph - Navin and meetu agreeing is a rarity, so I am just going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Morph wrote - i wont write here if i agree with you

meetu writes - bahut na-insafi hai (This is grave injustice!)

Wow, we agree again! :-) Script and character consistency are the most important part for me too - Be it Hindi or anything else. But it is unfair to expect that from everyone, right? Each person has his standard. Just like with children, it's wrong to expect every child to do well in academics. So, I try my best to appreciate how far the movie succeeded in what it set out to do.

Characters who behave and talk real appeal to me too. And that's where the climax literally shocked me. Are you sure people weren't laughing at the Monty/Shruti climax instead of laughing with it. I was laughing too, but at it, with my hand on my forehead instead of my stomach. It was hardly "real". There was a big leap from Neha wanting her lover to leave his family to doing what she did.

The climax is where the rating dropped from "Watch for sure, preferably in theater" to "Wait for video release". It is sad but true, that expectations vary depending on talent. I have a strong feeling that people who created the first 1 hour 50 minutes were creative enough to come up with the last 20 minutes that went with the flow of the movie.

BTW, the Shikha-Ranjeet track worked because that is exactly what I expected. And a lot of credit goes to the director/writer for this because Shikha's character was developed and protrayed very well. Having her do anything else would have been just to be "different".

No, dear Morph, Salaam-e-Ishq got the same rating as Metro, because the middle 2 hours were entertaining and that movie's aim is not to show me reality, it is to entertain me.

Thanks for the feedback on the site name. Will work on it.

Thanks again, for the time and energy spent on writing here.


it is good film


Alright Morph, I understand your point of view. BTW, I have sent you an e-mail on a different subject, can you please check? Thanks!


Hi Hiral,
Just writing to let you (and other commenters) know that meetu is away until mid-June attending a movie appreciation course in FTII so she might not be able to respond to comments for a while. She will get to them after she is back.


vry vry good movie

bianca bhatia:

hey guys this movie is just amazing, outstanding....

It leaves a message behind saying that all this can happen in our lives ....... and

who knows this might happen in any one's life........

so watch it because it is good.........


I loved the movie a lot. I have a list of fav films and yes of course "Life in a Metro" is one within them.

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