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Seasons change faster than some of the scenes in Mausam. Seriously. And it takes all of two hours and f-o-r-t-y long minutes for boy to meet girl, about four times after which I lost count.

Mausam is beautifully shot, no doubt about that, but a regular love story takes forever to finish, and then there's some more left. And nope, after the first half of the first half is over, there is nothing at all that could make the lovers' frustrating journey engaging.



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Wogma Review

Mausam is like a pleasant evening breeze - you enjoy it for a bit and then fall asleep. Which is extremely sad, because you see the labour of love in each frame. It's pretty in every corner. But, the love story unfortunately goes on and on like a battery in its advert. Fine, I didn’t fall asleep but that's because I don't believe in sleeping in films, especially the ones I'm reviewing. But, I could completely imagine someone dozing off for a bit, and guess what they wouldn't have missed much when they woke up.

Ironically, the eased-out pace Mausam starts with, is the only bit that's charming about the story. It's so pretty, so serene, so simple that high expectations are set for the drama to unfold. I enjoyed the leisurely life of a village with its cute sense of humor. But maybe, like life in the village, the story doesn't move. The characters move on, their problems and state of mind remain the same. Which is fine, that's what happens when we are in love. But, I'd enjoy my love story, I lose connection with the love between Harry (Shahid Kapoor) and Aayat (Sonam Kapoor). And there are enough, "aawwww, so sweet" moments in the first half hour.

I also admired how the "sarson de khet" (mustard farms) I've been fed for over 15 years, felt fresh in the way they have been captured. The straight lines that railway tracks and electrical poles formed; the curves that bumpy paths and underground water pipes lying around the said "sarso de khet" formed - all very painstakingly framed. In fact, except for a tacky video-game-ish air-attack sequence, Mausam is beautifully shot.

But, the sweetness of a relationship and the cinematography of a film can take it only so far. Of course, there is value to getting exasperated along with the characters' frustrations. But, not if it translates to irritation with the film itself. Not if, in a love story, you are forced to say, "true love and all is ok, make them meet and get done with it already!"

And it's not like the writers haven't put in distractions along the way. There are enough of them. And I'm not talking about just the energetic songs which make you feel like you can watch Shahid Kapoor dance forever. There is historical and political context within which our lead pair struggles. Politics that you and I have witnessed. Times that we have horrific memories of. We should've gotten involved, we should've rooted for the lead pair. We don't.

This is despite the fact that you see at least one of the two beautiful people in each frame of the screen. I didn't quite get why Harry went so rigid. I was almost going to blame Shahid Kapoor for not being able to carry off the "serious" facet of Harry, but soon realized that Harry had lost all his charm and vigor. Sonam Kapoor on the other hand maintains a status quo throughout the film. In fact, her expressions are a carry forward from her debut film, Saawariya.

A love story between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl minus the parents who usually raise hell. The lovers' bad luck keeps getting worse and the hatred around them won't let them be together. Hatred that isn't even directly linked to their lives. The tragedy is rather poetic, in that, the two who want to live in a time and space oblivion are separated by geography and a timeline. But poetry can be boring.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Communal violence and a war bombing.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A hint of a kiss. Characters are undressed half way because their clothing catches fire.
  • Concept: True love. Does it break all barriers?
  • General Look and Feel: Slow and pretty.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 1.5
  • Lead Actors: 2
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 2.5
  • Screenplay: 0.0
  • Music Director: 2
  • Lyrics: 2.5

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@Anand I'm not saying I want to watch a grim film, I just felt Pankaj Kapur would make a grim feeling, just the setting in my head. for the rest, I hope so too!

@Rachit Apologies. Completely missed that one. I'm going to change that to Kay Kay Menon. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

Also, interesting...Aradhana + Veer Zara + Parineeta. Also means, we get a feel its not original. Let's hope we are wrong, no?


@Rohit i'll still hold on till i see the movie, who knows, it might have something different after all.

Trishna - Nicely shot, etc but i feel like I know the story already. Only name that makes it interesting is Michael Winterbottom.


:( I so want to watch this movie, I love Pankaj Kapoor and he is the reason why I will go!


@chintan I know exactly what you mean! :( :(


@Anand Good luck! and let us know what you thought.


@Rajan Haanji pehchana! :D next time you are in India, party!

@Kapil I know...sorry... :P


I'm just coming back after seeing the movie. I found it should have been trimmed. Quite a few scenes and probably few characters were unnecessary. The romantic scenes between the leads were also slow but honest - I liked that. It was an okay movie to watch but I expected more from Pankaj Kapoor.


@Simy we are movie-soul sisters, looks like.

@Anand only a lesson for next time. :P ;)

Rubab Tareen:

Mausam was an awesome movie of Shahid Kapoor. I like him so much and you reviewed Mausam very beautifully. I like your words

anand sharma:

Mausam was an awesome movie of Shahid Kapoor. I like him so much and you reviewed Mausam very beautifully. I like your words

Asif Srabon:

This movie is very nice and romantic


Wow, beautiful and romantic movie of Shahid Kapoor. Shahid Kapoor is my favorite actor and he is looking very handsome in the movie.

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