Mausam - Preview

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Seasons change faster than some of the scenes in Mausam. Seriously. And it takes all of two hours and f-o-r-t-y long minutes for boy to meet girl, about four times after which I lost count.

Mausam is beautifully shot, no doubt about that, but a regular love story takes forever to finish, and then there's some more left. And nope, after the first half of the first half is over, there is nothing at all that could make the lovers' frustrating journey engaging.



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When I first heard that Pankaj Kapur is directing a film, I had this imagery of a grim and gritty film. And when I saw the first look of the film, I didn't know what to make of it because it was as romantic a picture as it could get. The trailer puts all doubts to rest, if there were any left after seeing the poster.

My heart sank as I saw Shahid Kapoor do a 'nagada nagada' (Jab We Met) in this song. No, not because he wasn't doing it well, but because I am expecting something unusual, something not-seen-before from Mausam.

I know not, where these expectations come from. Maybe they are just because I believe Pankaj Kapur is an exceptional actor and if he is trying something new, there is hope that it will be good. It could have something to do with the fact that he is a veteran. I mean, wouldn't we all be excited if Kay Kay Menon ventured into direction?

One good thing that has come out of the trailer is that it has reset the expectations. Also, another thing I liked about the trailer above is that it reminded me a lot of Parineeta. Yes, the train shot that the trailer opens with adds to to that feel.

And yet, none of the good things bring back the original excitement that I had to see a Pankaj Kapur film. I know it's unfair, but at least now there won't be extra expectations for him to satisfy.

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