The Lunchbox - Preview

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Back to the good ol' questions, we are - What is love? What is companionship? What is attraction?



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Nothing takes my breath away (in films, more than elsewhere) like simplicity. And this simple thing is such a rarity in Hindi films these days. Just watching the trailer of The Lunchbox felt like an enriching, refreshing experience.

I do realise, there are still things that could go wrong, like the story could fall flat. There's a very high chance of the narrative getting repetitive. And that's where the cast gets to take over, right? While we are accustomed to nothing but the best from Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Nimrat Kaur too looks like she has a performance worth looking forward to. Her voiceover communicates more than many lead actresses faces can.

That makes another first for me - being okay with a voiceover. So, all this anticipation just means that I am really looking forward to being floored