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Plot that should've been done away with in the 70s - lingers on unimaginatively and bores.



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Wogma Review

A contract killer who has his first fist fight when he was 5 is reformed because of love while the reformer, the lady, is oblivious to the fact that he kill for a living. Add songs at random spots, loud background score, louder dialogue delivery and you have a film that disappoints you with every passing frame.

Kill Dil doesn't start out like that though. The opening scenes are actually perfectly quirky with slick cinematography and crisp editing. It makes you sit up and take in all that is happening on screen. Until, Govinda enters, which is about 5-7 minutes into the film.

I'm not saying it is because of Govinda's entry that things go downhill, it is a coincidence that the moment the trio Govinda-Ranveer Singh-Ali Zafar start singing one of the title songs, that you wonder how come this sudden drop to slapstick zone? After that, for quite some time, I tried to make sense of the absolute lameness of how the story was moving until I caught myself trying too hard to like the film owing to the first five minutes.

Every once in a while, there is an odd dialogue that brings a smile. Ranveer Singh's overt attempt at being cute, charms intermittently too. But, the overall plot, zero attempt at building any intrigue, the unremarkable characters topped off with outlandish songs popping in from nowhere, just kills any attempt by the audience to enjoy the film.

For instance, Parineeti Chopra's character, Disha just exists. She has zero role to play in how the others are behaving but all the credit and discredit goes to Disha. Similarly, Tutu (Ali Zafar) is the protagonist, Dev's (Ranveer Singh) best friend, his alter ego too, but Tutu comes across as just incidental. Dev himself and more so his transformation seems arbitrary. Everything he does comes across as something a character in his situation in any film, ought to have done. His actions seem rather functional.

Fortunately, the performances keep things at the borderline of tolerable. Govinda instills fear as he is supposed to but by the end goes over-the-top and the drama gets over-bearing. Ali Zafar is the most subdued of the lot. While it is refreshing to watch him in a non-chocolate-boy kind-of a role, facial hair taking it a long way, his performance very soon boils down to the same old expressions. Ranveer Singh, like I said, charms but the character is too loosely written for him to do much with it. The biggest waste of talent here is Parineeti Chopra. Not only because this is a role she must have sleep-walked through but also because her character is just inconsequential.

You are left then with just a few one-liners strewn across that have the potential to bring a smile. Some stylish cinematography and background music in the first few minutes that resort to tacky and loud respectively by the end of the film. And the end itself of the film is pretty lame.

Story lines like Kill Dil had started losing their charm 30+ years ago. I am still not able to get over the fact that Shaad Ali and team, couldn't add one new angle to make it look like a product for and by the next generation.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Loads of gun fights
  • Language: A few abusive words
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A couple of kisses and love-making.
  • Concept: Love cures all?
  • General Look and Feel: Crisp which later turns into loud.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 1
  • Lead Actors: 2.5
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 2.5
  • Screenplay: 2
  • Music Director: 2.5
  • Lyrics: 3

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@Meetu: feel sorry that you have to sit through such rubbish. Having said that by experience I know that you do not review each and every movie that comes out - take Super Nani for instance. So a suggestion: just skip the crappy YRF products that are thrown at us with one and only one objective - to make us part with our hard earned money without offering anything in return. Best way is to revolt and stop reviewing their rubbish.

As regards Zafar Ali, the least said the best. Apart from a sleeper hit of Tere Bin, this Pakistani import has nothing to offer. Why do even Indian producers sign him I cannot understand - there are loads of better and less money demanding actors available in the country.


@Fan Thank you for your sypmathies. :D

I was out on a vacation, thus didn't review Super Nani. Else, if the movie is playing even in a far away theater I try to review at least one a week. Unless, I am pretty sure the show is going to get cancelled because not enough people showed up. The only exception has been "Grand Masti" :)

Rohit Sharma:

Hi Meetu, Here is what I have written about the movie. Kill Dil isn't a completely write off movie as it begins with a stylized tone, has some endearing performances, good music but gradually the movie looses its steam because of bad writing, couple of extra songs & had the ending been not that hurried & warped, it would have been a good watch. For my detailed review, please visit.........

Anup :

Reviews for this movie have shocked me..... No reviewer have given this one good reviews not even Taran Adarsh........ Seems it's even bad as compared to Gundam which itself was giving the feel of 80s and have nothing new to it but was at least bearable........ Ranger Singh should now say Bye Bye to YRF..... And concentrate on his new godfather SLB


Sorry it's Gunday and Ranveer


@Anup: Parineeti too must say bye-bye to YRF. She is an extremely promising actress, and a potential future # 1 - provided she chooses her films carefully. After two consecutive fiascos this year called Dawaat-e-Ishq and now Kill Dil she must ditch the production house if she wants to remain in the top bracket. If we add last year's YRF and Dharma's fiascos (Shuddhh Desi Rubbish and Hasee to Phasee) then she has 4 consecutive flops thanks to these production houses.


I m fed up of these films which are frequently being churned out, how many times would a viewer be hammered to watch the same regressive cinema (Desi Kattey & Gunday) every friday with different faces. They have run out of ideas and hence keep repeating the retro masala type entertainment which appears cliched and banal in todays era. I am saving my 250 rupees for Action Jacksion and PK.


@guddu Agree with everything except Action Jackson.It looks like every Prabhudeva film ever.The guy is stuck on taking us back to the 80's


Ranveer Singh seems to be yet another case of an empty vessel making excessive noise. The guy's got just one genuine hit to his name in 4 years, that too all thanks to his so-called girlfriend Deepika Padukone. Even Sid Malhotra and Varun Dhawan have marched ahead this year. Arjun Kapoor is the only real promising new talent to have come out in recent times, although there's still a long way to go for all these guys. Its high time Ranveer chooses his films wisely. @Anup : If SLB is his new godfather then god save Ranveer.


Ajay D will make AJ work among the masses just like he did with the far superior Singham films! You can say all that you want about Prabhu Deva's films but you cannot deny his success rate. He's the one responsible for bringing back Salman Khan out of the doldrums in 2009 with Wanted and Akshay Kumar in 2012 with RR. In fact he almost did the same with an otherwise struggling Shahid Kapoor with R...Rajkumar!


Gokul ... Prabhudeva's last two films were huge disappointment in terms of exceptations, however they did managed to recover their investment with a smidge profit. Action Jackason stars Ajay Devgn and the fact that it is a remake of telgu flick 'Dokodu' which was a massive hit, leaves no room to doubt the film's potential.
@Anuj i vehmently agree ur assessment about Ranveer, he's being eulogized by the paid critics and media and he's boastful of his pseduo fake acting credential.


@guddu I just stated it because you said you hated retro type masala entertainers but in the same sentence stated you liked Prabhudeva whose every film is a dude with a moustache trying to beat off guys while wooing Sonakshi Sinha aka every 80's bollywood film ever


Anuj - I think Bajirao Mastani will be a lot better then Ram leela which was so so for me........As it was dream project for SLB ...... And yes SLB is making good movies good movies as compared to YRF.......
As about Pravudeva ,, he is the actual reason why bollywood industry is so much busy in copying South Indian movies.....Wanted was a true entertainer because its original was too.....For Rowdy it has been ptomited in a wronge manner ,, its original was a comedy film but Rowdy although being scene by scene copy has been promoted as action movie......For Ramayiya Vastavayiya ,, a genuine sweet story has been wasted because of bad lead actors......Lastly R RAJKUMAR was a movie without any plot......
BUt now about action jaction ,, it has been copied from DOKUDU which was a great hit ,, not just in south india but all over asia,,,,and it has a really nice plot,,,,,Pravu Deva should not spoil such a good story......Although m afraid why Salmaan has disagreed to do the movie,,,,as he has been the first choice of Pravu


Direction: 2
Story: 1
Lead Actors: 3
Character Artists: 1.5

Dialogues: 3
Screenplay: 1.5
Music Director: 0.5
Lyrics: 0


@Suman: ROFL seeing ZERO for lyrics. Agree with you. Must be a first for Gulzaarsaab. Unless if YRF found another dude called Gulzaar ;-)


@Anup : That's because Salman is looking for a genre change and Prem Ratan with Sooraj Barjatya is undoubtedly gonna be the biggest hit if 2015 (although personally, i might hate the film).

"a dude with a moustache trying to beat off guys while wooing Sonakshi Sinha aka every 80's bollywood film ever" ~ Jaane Bhi do yaaron, Satte Pe Satta, Laawaris, Aakhree Raasta, Karma, Mr. India, Tridev, QSQT, Maine Pyaar Kiya, Vidhaataa, Ram Teri Ganga Maili, Arjun among others.


Imo Parineeta is a sweetheart and much more talented than bikini glam dolls like Deepika and Katrina but she needs to work with good film makers like Neeraj Pandey, Farhan Akhtar, Vishal Bharadwaj (in Kaminey mode) etc in order to get the best out of her.


KILL DIL is perhaps the beginning of the end of the YashRaj legacy that sees no future after the death of the man named Yash-Raj himself! Unfortunately even Yash Raj Chopra's last movie was the worst that he ever made in his whole life.


@Anuj: how I wish that your last post turns out to be true. Unfortunately they do their economics of a rotten tomato film; calculating just how many suckers will turn up; and restrict their budget to that amount necessary to make the necessary ROI.

People across India have to vehemently reject their products and consistently reject their products. Despite being a leading production house they do not dare to innovate; do something hatke; be a pioneer and a trendsetter. In that sense UTV is miles ahead of YRF despite being relatively much younger than YRF.


Kill Dil worst movie i have seen in our whole life.....


Kill Dill came to me as one of those rare movies in which the plot is all most zero ,, or too many decades old ,, but the humor , acting and the style of treatment makes it nice enough......Something like what happened in case when i have watched TASHAN (YES I know tashan is considered as one of the worst movies by critics but there are few people who liked it and m one of them)....And i think there will be some who will like kill dill....Still m not saying that its a good movie,,but its passable with some really good LOL moments.....
Although its too hard to understand how can four of such actors have selected such a dumb plot....And for how many more movies Ranveer will be paying back the debt to YRF for launching him by selecting movies like Gunday and Kill Dill.....Its time for him to give another performance like LOOTERA....Hope Vikramaditya Motwane is listening . .


@Anup I can do with another Lootera - both from Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha!


After Udaan, Lootera was a letdown.

Just like after A Wednesday, the special 26 was a letdown.


@Fan: I personally feel Special 26 in itself was a good watchable thriller and a lot better than many of the films bollywood churns out year after year. Of course when you make a movie like A Wednesday as your first, the expectations are bound to be sky high!


@Anuj & Fan - cant expect every next movie to be better then the last one ,, but thinking of the movies which came every friday to the theater Lootera and Special 26 are gems.....
And i personally doesnt find any flawes in Lootera,,,,......


Lootera was nice. But Udaan was superb.


@Fan I don't think the two are comparable. Different genres, different moods.

Though I didn't like Special 26 much, especially if you had to compare it to a film in the same genre - thriller - A Wednesday


@Meetu: Agreed that Udaan and Lootera are as different genres as chalk and cheese. But the expectations are oblivious of such factors as different genres, etc.

After watching Udaan, you go to the theatre expecting even more from the director. I found Lootera, by itself, a nice movie. No two doubts. It's the comparison that let's down.


@Fan Oh well...


"I found Lootera, by itself, a nice movie. No two doubts. It's the comparison that let's down." ~ ditto for Special 26 vs A Wednesday, Haider vs Kaminey or even an Interstellar vs Inception. Sometimes making a masterpiece can actually be a film maker's burden when directing his next!

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