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wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?) - No rating applies to Salman Khan fans
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It is a Salman Khan film + a tiny little more.



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Wogma Review

It is that time for the year again, when I go through the futile exercise of reviewing a Salman Khan film. The thing is those who want to watch it, will watch it anyways and you couldn't pay those who don't want to watch it, to do so (why would you want to do that anyway?) Kick is as typical a Salman Khan film as it gets, plus a tad bit of a story, a tad bit of an attempt at keeping things sorted, a tad bit of an attempt at acting more than usual by Salman Khan (not that I was expecting it). He enters in style. He stays, he swaggers and he mouths his sytlish lines in style. No one else matters, though they technically do try and succeed if only the audience cared.

I must confess, I think I finally get what the Salmania is all about. The very thing that gets on my nerves - his complete lack of acting skills. Tell me I got this right - he knows that he cannot act and he knows that he can get away with it - this is what makes Salman Khan, Salman Khan. Right? The over-confidence. When I saw him try to emote a little more than usual, even I felt like whistling. No, that's not the magic of Salman Khan. That's the magic of rock-bottom expectations.

Oh and listening to him speak in English is refreshing too. It is such a relief not to listen to the lines that you see in the trailer, repeated every 10 minutes to remind us how cool Salman Khan is. In fact, some of the lines are actually enjoyable even if you discount for the fact that the rest of the entire theater is in splits or on a trip of its own cheering in delight, irrespective of what's happening on screen. They are hooting in joy at anything and everything.

Should I then, discount also my joy that the whole theater went into an uproar at Nawazuddin Siddiqui's entry? Even with his short appearance, he leaves a remarkable impression. As a part of his quirky character, he makes this sound every once in a while. It was hilarious to have the audience repeat the sound every time he came on screen. Now, that is audience engagement at a completely different level.

Notice, how a lot of the film's experience comes from how the audience reacts to it (even if they have come pre-determined to have a good time). As I sit here, writing this review, I wonder if I'd have given the film any of the few points, if I hadn't seen a 600-seater enjoy it completely. Would I have enjoyed the film for what it is? Nope. Because ultimately, for me the film is about the story and how it is told. And both these bits were highly irksome.

Yes, we are back to 'thinking' in a Salman Khan film. How do I stop my brain from working when I see Salman Khan's character, Devi beat the living daylights out of a bunch of people for being onlookers to eve-teasing before he beats the offenders themselves, when in the next sequence he is pretty much stalking a woman?

The first half of the film is pretty much that. Devi wooing Shaina, a psychiatrist, one of whose first lines in the film is, "Mental ho kya?" (Do you have a mental problem?) No wonder this professional's dad is looking to either provide for her himself or look for a husband who will earn enough for her to live by. I would have tried to make an assessment of the lead lady's performance, but she is so inconsequential, despite having a good hour revolving around her, that it just doesn't matter.

In that sense, Kick is actually two stories that is force-fitted to make a feature length film. One is girl-met-boy story, the other a good-vs-evil. So, disconnected are these that they don't even bother mentioning the latter bit in the first half and the former part only happens to be lying around in the good-vs-evil part of the film. The only connecting bit is Randeep Hooda's character, Himanshu Tyagi. He looks good and does his part with the apt amount of smug.

Within each story too, there are enough continuity jerks and logical loopholes to make a 1000-word article of its own. When they do try fill us in on the logic, you wish they didn't. So, might as well stick to the aims and objectives of the audience is, "leave brain behind, whistle and enjoy", so what a waste of an effort would that be.

Other than that, all of Kick feels stilted as if its very aware that it is a Salman Khan film. The songs come in and out in appropriate commercial doses. The cinematography is better than what you would expect from a film of the Salman Khan genre, but that doesn't give the film as a whole, too many bonus points.

I didn't like Kick much + the other 599 in the theater loved it (with the two girls by my side, making plans to see it again on Tuesday) = what say, 300 crores?

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lots of typical Salman Khan action sequences
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: skimpily clad women in songs.
  • Concept: A hero who looks for adrenaline rush and finds it at an unexpected place.
  • General Look and Feel: Loud.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 2
  • Lead Actors: 2
  • Character Artists: 3
  • Dialogues: 3
  • Screenplay: 1
  • Music Director: 2
  • Lyrics: 2

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ganesh yadav:

Thanks for Review. hope Kick will get more star. feeling glad on being here


@Meetu,I think this film would be at least 250 cr if not more,By the way i liked the review of yours at least this time Salman had given something to you in the department of acting.I completely agree with you about his acting skills and he himself has commented that he is not a great actor but he is a great entertainer and that is what 90% people look for, so 599 people in theater were only watching the entertainment and nothing else and if going by your words this could be really entertaining movie not necessary classy.

Ehinome Okojie:

Salman has come to kick the botoxed buttocks of his haters/critics.

ehinome okojie:

Kick is a smart attempt by Nadiadwala to blend
crowdpleasing cinema/salmania/critically acclaimed actors to give a wider audience to the film. Aamir made some name by collaborating with the so called acclaimed actors.

Ehinome Okojie:

This is a Telugu remake, though a lot has been changed except for the theme, i doubt this will gross above 215cr. All the best to Kick.

Ehinome Okojie:

Devi Lal Singh (Devil) what a conjecture, make way for our banjrangi bhaijaan aka bangbangi bsngjaan.


Hoo-boy, Salman the Smug is at it again, eh, Meetu?

As I've said many times before, NONE of us American Bollywood (sorry, Pradeep) fans get why Salman Khan has a career - he seems like some wife-beating thug who gets by on a greasy excuse for "charm" to us. I guess he's one of those weird cultural things - like Sylvester Stallone….

Dattaprasad Godbole:

This is the first Salman movie in long time that I watched in Theaters.

I enjoyed a few lines thoroughly, what was more interesting was there were no fat jokes this time.


@Siddharth exactly! as far as numbers go, well a bit here a bit there ;)

@Ehinome :D

@TimELiebe well, couldn't agree more.

@Dattaprasad fat jokes? yeah, the lines were slightly better. That's the thing, our expectations are so low, that even slightly better makes us want to give it extra points.


I really love these clownish haters whining and complaining every time a blockbuster of the biggest superstar of the decade releases. Don't worry always got your Dedh Ishqiya's and Highway's trash to satisfy your egos :P

Anuj :

@Meeta : No rating applies to any film among any target audience including the multiplex proved by Ek Villian's phenomenal performance in the plexes despite all these crap reviews. Now if Sid Malhotra can galvanize an audience despite flase and misleading reviews then imagine what a Hrithik (Krrish 3,Bang Bang), Aamir (D3) and particularly a Salman (every film of his) can do to the poor critics needlessly wasting their and everyone else's time, money and taste by writing nonsense and illogical reviews week after week. The way things are going, i wish and hope that the worthless and insignificant critics become an extinct fraternity soon (they're anyways insignificant already). Long live commercial bollywood cinema, cheers to the heroes,heroines and villians lighting up the screen and entertaining us year after year...After a pulsating HOLIDAY and a hard KICK, time for the SINGHAM to return with a roar or rather a BANG BANG !!

kumar saurav:

Kick. Is a nice movie...guys.....dont know why these critcs r so jelous of him....


@Anuj missed you and your discussions on this forum.well critics do sometimes a favour to those who want to watch film by promos and sometimes by name etc.So i don't think it is at all a going to end though critics do fail some time to understand the overall picture of a film and some times underestimate the audience.I think Meeta does not give biased reviews just because she loves one star and not other more often then not her reviews do give at least me a clear picture whether i should watch on screen or my laptop.But i do understand is she does not like typically commercial films which are hardcore masala films.
@Meeta in between it is bit strange that if i do not give comments for more then 6 months all my previous history is gone.Is it like that only?


#Kick has nothing to look forward .. Trailer was better than entire movie.


@Siddharth oops! That's now how it should be. Have you used the same e-mail address as before? If you have used the same e-mail address, please let me know, and I'll take a look into it.

@Suraj :D oh well...


@Meeta same email address.Do you want my email address too :-)


@siddharth No, I will take a look.


Meetu u ave always been harsh on Salman Khan, it isn't surprising to see that u did not rated the film. Your review is directed towards Salman fan's who according to u don't ave brains and are ready to appreciate any Salman Khan film despite aving flaws. I can belie your wrath against Salman's lack of acting skills , let me tell u had Salman not starred in films like Dabangg, Ready, Bodygaurd etc these film woudn't ave super blockbuster merely for Salman's presence in the movie.


@Guddu I disagree that I don't like Salman Khan films because they have Salman Khan in them. I agree that I don't like these films because I didn't enjoy the films.

I disagree that I am rating the fans. I disagree that I think they don't have brains*. In fact, I am envious of them, that they can enjoy a film so much. Unfortunately, that still doesn't make the film good for me.

*My husband who is an IIT graduate, a PhD in Computer Sciences, who I can have lovely, interesting, insightful conversations with LOVES Salman Khan films, and I look at him in bewilderment. I just don't get it. :)


@Meetu ise kahte hai ghar main hi maat khaana then how can you convince @Guddu :-).
@Guddu i think she does not like the typical Masala films .She did not like Holiday and gave average rating which according to me was quite a decent film except Sonakshi.So she is like that only and that what i liked in her reviews.The same Raja sen and Taran Adarash go over the top and had given reviews which were only dependent upon either the star or the production house.


Meetu i buy ur line of argument, i consider you a good critic whose reviews reflects intergrity and fairness but this review of urs was erroneous which left offended after reading . I can understand how does it feels to see ur hubby enjoying a film that u have disagreed to rate. It's ur job to review a film and ur entitled to your opinion by expressing your thoughts and views, i am nobody to give u suggestion or for that matter be critical.

@Siddharth i often find Meetu reviews quite reasonable and honest but i found myself bewildered to see a review where fans lack of merit are blamed for film's revenue.


@Siddharth ha ha ha...though, I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. Taste is taste, liking and disliking cannot be imposed on the other.

@Guddu oops, you misunderstood, I think. I am assuming you are referring to the last line of my review.

It was more to say, "I didn't like the film, right? So obviously it is going to break records" - a joke. And also, in a way a recognition of the fact that the people who like this genre, will get what they want.


It's that time of the year. The biggies are all lined up for takeoff. And wogma is back with its own biggies Anuj et al :-)

I am and always have been an unashamedly massive fan of hardcore masala films, especially one with a mass accepted super star. But Kick did not give me the kick. It is a very shoddily put together film, scenes move without any thought out flow. And the"being human" message being mixed in in a jarring manner is a big bore. Jai Ho suffered from the same contrived forcing of being human concept. If a masala film is to have a social message integrated in it then the writers should blend it in smoothly.

I personally found Nawazuddin in top form. After a long time a Hi-fi villain is able to instill fear with his presence. Very high chances that Nawazuddin could get typecast on villain's role.


@Fan : My comments would be few and far between and hopefully a lot more accurate this time around. As for KICK, even I found it a bit boring in bits and pieces. Definitely not as entertaining as Dabangg but a lot more watchable than Bodyguard and CE.

PS : Seems like every film u dislike ends up breaking records, first Dhoom 3 now KIck :P


155 cr in 1 week!! OUTSTANDING...word of mouth across urban and mass sector seems to be a unanimous thumbs up. All set to end with lifetime collections of 225cr+ which would put it in the same range as CE and ETT (inflation adjusted).

ehinome okojie:

Kick nets 18L in fifth week to put it at 214.97, my prediction was spot on, may be disappointed by a few lakhs.
Top 5 (Hindi)
Dhoom 3 - 261.25 cr
Chennai Express - 218.52 cr
Kick - 215 cr
3 Idiots - 202.47 cr
Krrish 3 - 198.66 cr

ehinome okojie:

I think Shuddhi should be a game changer.

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