Kahaani - Preview

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An extremely quirky atmosphere is created by the camera, the narrative, the sound, the music and Vidya Balan. An experience that might seem incomplete if not watched on the big screen.



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I doubt there's anyone who won't give Vidya Balan a five-on-five for her acting just based on the trailer. And, at least I am very intrigued by the story line too.

In fact, admiration for Vidya Balan increases with every trailer you watch and so does the intrigue about the film. Each trailer introduces just that little bit more to keep you interested in both the trailer and make you more curious about the film.

Vidya Balan's pain while looking for her missing husband is so transparent that you heave a sigh of relief when you see her smile in the last trailer linked there. The only thing that could hamper any anticipation is the director's last venture as a director, Home Delivery. Yet, I'm expecting to be in a state of shock if Kahaani is anything short of a brilliant film.

How awesome would it have been if I could go in with neutral emotions and I had no anticipation, the bonus would have been so much greater - that is how sure I am of watching a mesmerizing story on screen.

And the good news is that Kahaani has started on the right note with its music.
Milliblog - "Kahaani is quite an interesting departure from the duo’s usual sound."
Music Aloud - "8.5/10"
dunkdaft - "do not miss this fantastic transformation of the composer duo."
Bollyspice - "4.5/5"
Bollywood Hungama - "3/5"