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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

As we'd expect from the trailers, a satirical, court-room drama that keeps you engaged for the 2+ hours. Won't stay for too long after though.



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Wogma Review

On the surface, it'd look like Jolly LLB 2 has Akshay Kumar do something different from the norm - relatively fewer songs, lesser drama than we'd expect, make it seem different. Soon enough though, we realise that the common man/police officer (be it from Singham, Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore, etc) who takes on the system is replaced by a lawyer. Even so, the drama, the back and forth between the two lawyers and the ever-entertaining judge in Saurabh Shukla keep you interested through the 2+ hours.

That's not to say, every minute is engaging. There are many scenes that stretch longer than necessary. They are usually at emotional turning points in the film. However, those extra seconds spent to underline the drama, take away from the impact. The courtroom drama too goes back and forth borderlining unbelievable every once in a while. But, that could just be to bring in the dreariness of the court room to the theater. The unrealistic bit is, of course the satire, intended to keep things light. Like they say in the film, you have to smile because you are in Lucknow.

The satire within the court room works. However that outside the room, seems a bit much, even if it is hilarious. I am referring to a cricket match here. Or even the other wink at women power through Jolly's wife (Huma Qureshi). The rest of the writing conveniently bounces back and forth between the two sides of the case, keeping things interesting, but not entirely unexpected.

What took me by surprise is the performances. They are not overboard. None of them were subtle, of course. But none were intolerably in-the-face. Each actor, be it Saurabh Shukla, Annu Kapoor or Huma Qureshi, owned the screen when they were on it. Akshay Kumar (Jolly) on the other hand merges with the background – in a good way. Even if I discount my bias towards “stars” who tone their stardom down, Akshay Kumar makes you believe equally his helplessness and his over-confidence despite some very filmy lines.

The State vs. Jolly LLB 2 is worth the time you spend watching it. Whether or not it is worth the energy spent in going to the theater and back, and the extra multiplex bucks will depend on your affection for Akshay Kumar, satire, courtroom drama and so on.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A fake police encounter and a suicide
  • Language: Clean. Some abusive language dubbed out by more acceptable words
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None
  • Concept: The system vs. a lawyer
  • General Look and Feel: An overt effort to make the court look crummy.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2.5
  • Story: 3
  • Lead Actors: 3.5
  • Character Artists: 3.5
  • Dialogues: 3.5
  • Screenplay: 2
  • Music Director: 2
  • Lyrics: 2

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'Sure, with Akshay Khanna getting in the “up against the system” mode, melodrama cannot be kept at bay.'

I guess, you mean 'Akshay Kumar'.


Yes of course, @Swapnil! I meant Kumar not Khanna. Fixed it. Thank you for pointing it out.


Awesome movie and great acting by Akshay Kumar. He is really changing the face of Indian cinema with his movies like BABY, GABBAR IS BACK, AIRLIFT, RUSTOM and now JOLLY LLB 2.


There was a dialogue in the very first few minutes of the movie when AKSHAY say to another man , "SAARI PADHAYI AAJ HI KAREGA KYA" ? And the tone with which AKSHAY says it , was as same as he said the famous dialogue 20 years ego "BACHE KI JAAN LEGA KYA"? What i want to say is that i agree AKSHAY is a very good actor , but somehow it started to feel like he has very limited amount of way to play a character , and he is not doing anything new. And m not talking about the theme of the movies he select(which i think are great except crap comedies) , rather m talking about thw characters he is playing.
in his last film RUSTOM , AKSHAY has had made the Joke out of one of the most Landmark case in the history of Indian Judiciary System. And although JOLLY LL2 is better then RUSTOM still the irrelevant jokes (not intrinsic like JOLLY LLB 1, rather forcefully added) take over the main plot which was not much of an interesting thing. I went to watch a good court room drama made engaging through nice investigation and down to earth humor , rather i get a half hearted murder case suger coated with a lot of good but irrelevant jokes .


If Akshay Kumar is monotonous I wonder what his critics have to say about the likes of Srk & Salman who give the same set of 5 expressions be it while playing a romantic hero, a gangster, a messiah or a wrestler. Jolly llb 2 is yet another feather in Akshay's cap after classics like Baby & Airlift and entertainers like Special 26 & Omg! His expressions, dialect and mannerisms in each of these films has been chalk and cheese. Jolly llb 2 might not be the best courtroom drama but is definitely entertaining enough and filled with dark humor to keep u hooked on for over 2 hours.


Anuj - Entertaining - Yes. Good Courtroom Drama - No.
And yes , i also find Salmaan and SRK monotonous , since many years now. But i didnt had


Anuj - Entertaining - Yes. Good Courtroom Drama - No.
And yes , i also find Salmaan and SRK monotonous , since many years now. But i didnt had that problem with Akshay , its only after BABY (which was his last film i liked) he felt like monotonous.. Its like he can play only two characters 1. The serious one (Baby , Special 26 , Rustam) , or the Mockery One (Jolly Llb , Housefull series , Welcome , Singh is Kind and Bling)..
But again thankfuly his movies are not monotonous as his expressions.
There comes very few movies like OMG where i find something new in his acting.
He is good in all the above mentioned movies , but not something which he havent shown earlier..


Barring his voice/baritone (something out of his control), every single performance of his has been near perfect, be it a mythological Lord in OMG!, a conman in Special 26, a commando in Baby, toned down intensity in Airlift, mass entertaining avatars in Holiday/Gabbar and Rustom or his usual buffonery in Housefull 3 and Singh is Bling. An absolute entertainer whose reinvented himself like few can at his age and stage of their careers.

Sagar Patel:

Entertaining: Yes. Good Courtroom Drama, based on local courts: Yes.
its full timepass movie not much serious drama.

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