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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
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Jai Gangaajal is an interesting web of actions, reactions and re-reactions between the usual suspects - people, police and politicians. Engaging even if not new, while you are there and awfully ordinary once you are out of the theater.



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Wogma Review

Jai Gangaajal is what you expect it to be. The law-and-order-administration-politicians-businessmen nexus is out to get the powerless common man. Comes along a conscientious police officer who takes the nexus on. Except this once, the police officer is a woman. It is great to see that just because the officer is a woman, things don't change much. The men around her don't give her extra leeway nor do they take advantage. It is nice to see a woman treated like just another person. However, the film then has nothing too new to offer.

Sure, the back and forth between the two sides is stronger in this film compared to the Singhams, Dabangg Agains, and Rowdy Rathores. However, it remains second fiddle to Gangaajal.

Is that because it has a woman as the lead? I'd say no. It felt like it was more because she wasn't the only hero. It was nice to see the main protagonist and an actor of Priyanka Chopra's stature to give that much space to another character. Now, it might come across like a woman can't do her job without a man. However, I would go out on a limb and say, the job of taking on such ruthless and powerful people isn't one person's job. A team working towards one goal is relatively more believable compared to a one-man army. It also works well that the lady here is more like the inner voice of all the policemen in her force.

However, would an male actor of this stature have agreeably played second fiddle? Would the lady herself have been okay had it not been the director of the film?

Let's say these questions are outside the purview of the experience of the film. Then, I'd walk in with the understanding that it is about Bholenath Singh's (Prakash Jha) inner struggle and the lady police officer, Abha Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) is secondary in the story. Once you change that point of view, you have a very interesting story of a cold and ruthless police officer realising his precarious and dispensable position. Of course, you have to swallow the quick turn around. Yet, the well-developed remorse is not very common.

And what a fine actor Prakash Jha is! He makes Bholenath's move from arrogance to brooding to soft-hearted believable despite its improbability. Unfortunately, so consumed he seems to have been with acting that he missed out on asking Priyanka Chopra to lose her model-like gait. When she is at one place though, she tries her best to make her voice sound authoritative. But then, she moves. And the model is back. Manav Kaul can now do a hot-headed politician in his sleep. Ninad Kamat as his brother though shines as the goon who's tantrums can put any two-year old to shame.

There is another character in the film that is vying for your attention. All. The. Time. The background score. It is relentless. It is loud. It doesn't go with the film. There were a few scenes in the second half when it takes a break and they are beautiful. Those scenes made me want to see the film once again with the background track turned off. It wouldn't be a surprise, if the film becomes better manifold.

As it stands though Jai Gangaajal engages you while you are in the theater – maybe making you a little fidgety towards the end because it is over 2.5 hours. But once you are out and think about it, if at all, you realise it is not too out of the ordinary. Except that you want to watch more of Prakash Jha as an actor.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lots and lots. Also people being hanged.
  • Language: A few abusive words.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Rape is implied and spoken of.
  • Concept: Common (policewo)man vs. system.
  • General Look and Feel: Bright and loud.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 3
  • Story: 3
  • Lead Actors: 4
  • Character Artists: 4
  • Dialogues: 2.5
  • Screenplay: 2.5
  • Music Director: 1
  • Lyrics: 1

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Prakash Jha has become predictable and boring to watch. He does not seem to have a vision of his own anymore, tends to swing with the mood.

His last hit, Rajneeti, was more because of the strong story inspired by Mahabharata - the best epic ever written. And generous sprinkling of Godfather. Otherwise that movie too would have fallen flat despite the presence of Devgn, Bajpai and Patekar.

I do not expect any ground breaking stuff from this movie. It will be a mix of many recent police flics, as observes Meetu. Plus the female cop will give Jha extra freedom to throw in an attempted rape or even a real rape just to undermine the cop psychologically.


First thing first. Jai Gangaajal is NOT a sequel to the 2003 Ajay Devgan starrer Gangajal. But the overall theme of the movie is somewhat similar. The main character in this film is also a police officer just like the earlier one. But this time it’s the turn of a lady cop played by none other than Priyanka Chopra.


Makes me wonder if either Ms.Chopra did this as a lead-up to her starring role in the American television series Quantico (which has gotten a second season despite being more stupidly written than Insan - and less enjoyable, to boot!), or if she got cast as a result of starring in that show.

Do you even get to see it in India?


Yes @TimELiebe, we do get to see it in India.

No idea which came first for Priyanka Chopra.


@Meeta - I'm sorry, because Quantico is really insultingly stupid, and a waste of everybody's talents.

At least Priyanka Chopra's getting well-paid to be in an idiotic American television series? And at least American audiences are getting to see an actual "Bollywood Movie Star" on television every week - and for once, she's not playing a terrorist or a socially awkward nerd?


@TimELiebe Yes, there is a silver lining

Lokesh Kumar Sharma:

I really liked this movie..The song were also good..

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