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Except for a difficult performance by Kareena Kapoor and the lost character she plays, Heroine is one dramatic scene after another without anything substantial.



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54 tweeters have given Heroine an average rating of 1.0/5.0(?)

9 yays
41 nays
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  • yearning4d_sky: Boring,disjointed,confused story telling .sHe has dun gud n matured acting.not. Worth it.
  • WhatzInAHandle: Not bad that a movie was taken on such known facts.But wonder how the cinema-wallahs reaction 4 this would be.Secret is officly OUT #Heroine
  • wanted_a_life: such a waste is @Heroine The Movie...................stunning degradation in madhur's class :(
  • VeerS91: The title 'Heroine' is ironic. Because that's what Bhandarkar was snorting while making the movie
  • UdaasPriest: Lalbaug Ganpati Mandal received 2 cr in donations during weekend. That's 1,99,99,800 more than what Heroine movie grossed over the weekend.
  • ThatPungiDude: Finally watched heroine yesterday and all I could see were cigarettes n alcohol..
  • tejash316: Watched #Heroine movie. #MadhurBhandarkar hits a nail right on the head about #Bollywood. Great performance by #KareenaKapoor. Good music.
  • Sushil156: Even Gals in the office hated #Heroine ! Their Comments: No story, Fashion movie copy, same characters. #Trash
  • Sumitcaring: Aishwarya Rai wud be happy 4 leaving HEROINE coz only the best scene in the film is INTERVAL :D
  • ShivaniBasnet: Loved kareena's performance in heroine ...movie was not as good as expected though.
  • shamal_46: Heroine.. Glamour doesn't make a movie..
  • SahilAnand37: #Heroine: Not something what I expected it to be. Though I don't know what people mean by it, I would say it anyway: one time watch! :D
  • RoomanaKhan: #Heroine Bekar Film watched only cause of Kareena she superb so I m not asking 4 my $1.
  • rahulkumar205: heroine is such a great movie by madhur bhandarkar
  • rahul871: #Heroine utter disappointment!!
  • PyaliSays: :: Madhur Bhandarkar becomes the first man to make a same movie with 3 different names - Page 3, Fashion & Heroine. Chutiyapa !!!
  • priyujadeja: Watched Heroin Last Night... Just Superb One... Kareena Acted So Well.
  • payalraghani: Heroine nice movie .. Loved kareena n randeep <3
  • oldmonkchants: "Heroine" has a happy ending.You feel extremely happy that movie is finally over.
  • Neetish: The Dirty Picture - Entertainment = Heroine
  • Muizansari: "HEROINE" ouchh pakaau he boss!!:[email protected]
  • Mrs___T: #heroine epic failure!!! What a waste of money!!
  • MinorityReview: Heroine Movie Review - Should have been called Psycho. Too superficial and poorly made - Minority Review http://www.minority-review.com/heroine-should-have-been-called-psycho-too-superficial-and-poorly-made
  • Mehreeny: Heroine was sucha dragggggg! Please don't watch it.
  • MarooshaD: Heroine #worstmovie
  • KocharAnand: Watch #heroine only for #kareena
  • ketkiangre: #heroine: snap review- Kareena promising, movie drags, wait for it to play on tv unless you hv extra dough to spend
  • i_am_mak: kareena kapoor was awesome in #heroine superb film
  • IrusRaj: Madhur Bhandarkar: A man who perfected the art of using a big canvas to show nothing #Heroine is a damp squib Babes
  • Infamous_Duke: Kareena kapoor is worth the watch but not as #heroine
  • iMeditatinNinja: #barfi must watch #Heroine don't watch
  • iam_ishita: Sacrificed my sleep to catch #Heroine first day first show! Well, it wasn't worth the effort. Horrible movie. :|
  • honeyizzsweet: Had seen #heroine.. didnt like the movie but Bebo undoubtedly superb.. she is the reason ppl can bear the movie story.
  • FizzaJasmine: havent seen an indian movie in yrs. #heroine #fail only thing that helped was the GORGEOUS faces onscreen #ArjunRampal can u BE any hotter?
  • Eventwalla: #Heroine A mashup of all madhur bhandarkar movies #TrueStory :P
  • Diksha_Sahni: #Heroine seems a rejig of page 3 &fashion. stereotypes (gay designers, junk jewelry wearing journalists) exaggerated bore one to the core.
  • DeccanGypsy: The LMAO Truth --> RT @diogeneb Aradhya to Ash: "Mom, you escaped doing Heroine thanks to me. You're welcome"
  • debashis4u: Worst ever film - Heroine, wasted 3 hours :(
  • DeathRattle7: #heroine Movie was GOOD...Kareena as always fabulous and nice acting.. Randeep was also good... @KareenaK_FC
  • Curious_Saint: Got a really bad headache yesterday. Thanks to the movie Heroine. What a juvenile movie!
  • Cryptoterra: Heroin or zombie apocalypse. Choose your own adventure.
  • cpsingh9955: Please don't watch Heroine. Full paisa waste
  • cniloy: Couldn't have said it better than this. Heroine review | http://in.movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-reviews/heroine-review-172402016.html via @Kunal_Guha
  • chirpncherp: So true... I was... RT @mindlessmoron #Heroine has a happy ending. You feel extremely happy that the movie's finally over!
  • beingAnnee: Watched heroine today ..kareena acted sooo welll loved her <3 ...but the movie was not tht good.. expected alot from the movie :S
  • Babiejaan: Saw Heroine yest..Awesommee..cud relate to sm scenes coz even I'm from the industry..Kareena was Brilliant..she surely deserves an award..
  • atanu4ever: #Heroine: an unrealistic movie directed by a so called realistic director. Genius of Kareena wasn't enough for the rescue.
  • aravindsati: #Heroine is 1 of d most borin movies ive seen in recent tyms,felt lyk wchin a mix of dirty pic n fashion wid absolutly no plot or storyline!
  • amlansinha2011: watched heroine, so bogus movie
  • aman_punia: Heroine was a good movie but the ending kinda sucked #spoiler
  • AjayDev_: Excellent movie heroin..! Thumb's up for gorgeous kareena with her excellent acting n beauty..!
  • agarmettea: Heroine is monotonous, characters-shallow & caricatures. Its outright ridiculous movie & a fine piece of garbage.
  • AbhishekJSoni: Yesterday i cudnt tweet as i was in a shock state as i saw #heroine, even got bad dreams. Today I'm back
  • AanamC: I didn't know a movie with so many beautiful clothes by @ManishMalhotra1 could go so wrong! #Heroine