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har naam pe nahi rukte, dhadkano ke bhi usuul hote hai

(Not every name manages to skip a beat, heartbeats have rules of their own.)

Too much mushy trouble and you get one beautiful line. Now that you've read it, you can skip the film. It takes the romance out of pain in love. Could there be a worse crime?



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Wogma Review

So much for expecting intense love because there is so much pain in the trailer. For films that make you look forward to them after the trailer, the least you can say is – all the good bits were in the trailer, leaving nothing new in the film. Hamar Adhuri Kahani gives you no such pleasure by making the intensity snicker-worthy and way too mushy for its own good.

I'm no cynic. Hardly. But, I ain't being swept off the floor by over-dramatized, loud background music and filmy dialogue either. Even if it is being pretended to be said with the utmost sincerity and puppy eyes. The romantic in me needs to the story behind the sadness. I can't just be told “She's sad. He's sadder and oh he's saddest.” Mind you, these lines aren't being said by a voiceover, but by the characters themselves.

Even if you don't hear it out loud it is like one character says to another after having heard of the latter's pain, “I see your tragedy and I raise you to my horrific past.” And guess what? You as an audience, never really get into the thick of the sadness.

It takes the romance out of pain in love. Could there be a worse crime?

Don't I need to see why Vasudha's (Vidya Balan) value system is so strongly ignited when what I know of her actually is that she doesn't believe in it? Don't I need to know why Aarav (Emraan Hashmi) thinks he is devoid of love and affection when what I see is a mother who loves him immensely? Well, even if I haven't been told the opposite, don't I need to be shown why Hari (Rajkummar Rao) is the hateful misogynist he is and yet claims to make the woman of his life so important that he manipulates his whole life around her? Not to mention, why are all of them martyrs? And where did all the feminism come from suddenly? The film was most certainly not about that.

None of the failures above can be blamed on the actors. They all play sad to the best of their abilities. Their only fault might be that they create zero chemistry – of hatred or of love. But, I'd think the actors saw the film as a lost cause scene after scene and just couldn't muster the juice out.

Be done with it – looks like their attitude towards the film - a sentiment echoed in the audience. I could sense, that the houseful 200-seater was waiting in anticipation for something to like about the film. I know I was. As one ridiculously mushy line followed the other, I picked on one that was said randomly by a side character and I will say that is my takeaway from the film.

har naam pe nahi rukte, dhadkano ke bhi usuul hote hai

(Not every name manages to skip a beat, heartbeats have rules of their own.)

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A husband beating his wife.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: One scene that implies a couple just had sex. Some talk about this scene.
  • Concept: Undying love.
  • General Look and Feel: Nothing extra-ordinary.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 1
  • Story: 0
  • Lead Actors: 3
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 1.5
  • Screenplay: 0
  • Music Director: 2
  • Lyrics: 1.5

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Hamari Adhuri Kahani - Trailer

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I found the trailer to be quite boring. Looks like a film on adultery camouflaged under the guise of mature love. Not my cuppa. Anyways i find most of the Emraan Hashmi films to be similar; seen one then seen all.


Meetu@ , u havnt mentioned that it has been written by Mahesh Bhatt , and i find this combo(emraan , mohit and mahesh) pretty interesting. Murder 2 was nice although ripped off but nice..
And of coarse , Emraan Hasmi is born to play this type of characters only , a person who can love a lot. This could be his comeback.... People are talking about it.. Many are waiting for this.. Lets see whats in the bucket .


@Fan @Anup Looks like people who are looking forward to it are doing so with all their heart and those who don't care, don't care at all. No in-betweeners?


Mohit Suri's track record and Emraan's track record with the Bhatt camp certainly gives this one a chance in the B/C centers. And as Aashiqui 2 proved, if the content is admired, sky is the limit!


I found all the video songs not very interesting. They just repeat the same romantic bits that you see in the trailer. And the pace of the movie seems like its going to be slow and feels the same throughout. But I really love the music of Hamari Adhuri Kahani. Probably some of the best songs of the year - especially Papon's Humnava and Arijit Singh's Hamari Adhuri Kahani title song.


Epecting a lot from dis movie.....emrssn looks in best orm...no other actor can fo these types of roles(madly love) better than emraan...songs r great


First reviews pouring out.

0.5 out of 5 by Indian Express. That too becasue they could not give 0 (software forces them to put a non zero value).

Just as I had thought, seen one seen all.


Ouch Meetu, 0 for story, and 0 for screenplay. The backbone of any film.

I feel sad for Vidya Balan whom I rate as one of the finest actresses in Hindi films alongside Tabbu. Her film selection post Kahani has been atrocious - Shaadi ke side effects, Ganchakkar, Bobby Jasoos, and now this.


@Fan I agree *long, sad face*


Nothing to say . Not a single positive review..!
Seems like the worst movie in Mohit Suri's filmography , that too when written by Mahesh Bhatt..
Thanks for some early reviews i have decided to skip it..


Reminds me of RGV's tweet after Bombay Velvet. Every film-maker laughs at an AAG till he makes his own AAG and burns in it. This one is Mohit Suri's Aag I guess!


I thought your lowest rating was reserved for low iq toilet humor filled crappy movies. Does this really deserve to be bundled in the same rating category? I don't think so.

I usually agree with your reviews, but I'm glad I went ahead and watched this despite your poor rating. Agreed some of the dialogues were cheesy, and could've been replaced with more realistic dialog, but on the whole, the movie was very emotionally intense. It did a good job of explaining the motivations of all the characters, and made me care about the 2 main characters. The 'pain in love' emotion was conveyed so effectively. I thought the ending was poetic. This definitely deserves atleast 4 stars in my book, and I would rate it on par with Ashiqui 2. Yes, they could have done away with some of the more cheesy dialogues, but those are just minor blemishes in an otherwise very well made film.


And here i hear the first positive thing from anybody about HAK from - Selador

ehinome okojie:

Run away from Hamari adhuri Kahani and keep on with Kahani, i don't mind Kahani 20.


@Selador Each genre has a lowest rating type of a film, right? :D


Just got acquainted to your work Meetu. Really like the way you have deconstructed the movie dispassionately with copious humor sprinkled across. Cheers


I love the music of the movie. In my Opinion Arijit Singh is the Best singer. He is the only singer who makes every single song Super hit.


I Love all the songs of the movie.

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