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As predictable as a movie could get, Gunday's "twist" is the most laughable of them all.



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Wogma Review

Friendship. It's made to look so fickle in Gunday that you feel nothing for any of the characters or their relationships. And love of course, is superficial. In any case, love drama, friendship melodrama, and a few abuses directed towards the "system" later, Gunday is spread too thin on an already flimsy plot line.

Gunday is one of those films that make you wonder why it was made at all. The action is plain and pretty much boring. The performances are overtly stylish and overbearing. The dialogue delivery by one and all is too focussed on making an impact without having any support from the dialogue itself.

The writing is so predictable that even if you haven't seen the trailer you can tell what's going to happen next. If you've seen the trailer, that's pretty much all you need to know. It is a shudder-worthy shame that this story about friendship nods its hat to Sholay.

Given all these aspects, you could keep yourself from blaming the cast. Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor flare their nostrils appropriately and seem to have worked extra hard on moving their lips to indicate impact and energy. There is a one off scene each for Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra which gives them room to let go of the forced style and actually emote. As one would expect, it is too little and too late.

DO NOT get me started on how Irrfan Khan is wasted here.

A little too late also comes the courtesy mumbo-jumbo about how the protagonists do what they do because of the "system". That is a tough one to sell, given their attitude from when they were shown as 12-13 year olds.

The only silver lining is that the first half is reasonably well-paced. There was also this flicker of a comment on how best friends can take each other for granted, but as the movie progressed, it felt like only I saw it. But, other than that Gunday is as mediocre as it gets.

But then again, what do you expect from a film that has characters grow up from being children to adults with the camera on their running feet only to break into a song introducing themselves. Or a film that has too many themes and doesn't take a single one seriously - love, friendship, angst against system.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lots and lot of hand-fights. Nothing too gory or extremely violent though.
  • Language: Clean.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A cabaret dance.
  • Concept: Friendship and love
  • General Look and Feel: Overtly stylish.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 1
  • Story: 0.5
  • Lead Actors: 1.5
  • Character Artists: 1
  • Dialogues: 2
  • Screenplay: 0.5
  • Music Director: 2
  • Lyrics: 1.5

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Killer combination (Ranveer - Arjun) ,,,, coming Soon....


Of whatever little the promo suggests,Arjun stands no chance compared to Ranveer and will be blown away completely! Hopefully all goes well,I'd love to see Ranveer Singh as the next true mass maharaja of bollywood after Salman Khan!


@Anuj some where i was reading about this film and they are thinking this is 100 Cr film.Do you think this would be? but I think Arjun too is good may be Ranveer is too mad.
@Anup i am looking to watch it.


@sidhart - i think everybody is excited about it,,,,me personally because m a bengoli boy and the movie is situated in kolkata and also will be released in bengoli,,,,so i will watch both the version,,,,and i think releasing it in bengoli will help it alot incollecting really good earning in west bengal......although i will watch it in gaziabaad,,,,but m interested in knowing the response of audience of west bengal....


@Siddharth : Yeah dude 100 cr is no big deal these days. Its the new benchmark for medium budget films like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag,Grand Masti,Gunday etc. Khans' and Roshan now have a much higher benchmark which begins at 150 cr and goes up to even 250 and beyond depending on the release size,investment,release date,pre release hype etc! If GUNDAY indeed carries positive word of mouth among the urban and masses alike,there's no reason why it can't nett in the range of 100-120 cr.


...correction...roshan n asali khans start at 200 crore...sub 200 is for ricksha chhap khans like Said, imran, salman and Jamal R khan

ehinome okojie:

Even Ranbir's benchmark is 125cr except for that shameless release (the second most widely released hindi film which failed to gross 95cr worldwide.)


@Ehinome:Good,so u do accept media made posterboy Ranbir is [comment edited because it is a personal attack] whose benchmark is perhaps 50% lesser than that of Khans' and Roshan! Next i'm hopeful Ranveer Singh demolishes this [comment edited because it is a personal attack] Kapoor scion whose idea of good acting is dancing like an [comment edited because it is a personal attack] and making weird sounds and faces like a [comment edited because it is a personal attack] ! Buuuffeeee anyone? :P


There is so much discussion going on these days about the so called Bollywood stars. Thought that I would also share my view:
Aamir - Best actor among all stars. One of the most respected persons in Bollywood along with Mahesh Bhatt and very few others. Although all the stars have their own huge fan bases, but other than Aamir and Salmaan, no one even tries to influence this base for a good cause. And that's why I can never consider Sachin as the greatest Indian cricketer. Ganguly and Kumble will always rate higher for me (among his contemporaries). Respect for Aamir increased even further after he married Kiran Rao cementing the fact that it is more about substance for him rather than dumb things.
Salmaan - I can't stand his movies but still I am his fan and want each and every one of his movie to cross 200 crores. He is THE DUDE. Respect hai bande k liye.
Hrithik Roshan - He was the weakest link in ZNMD. Why all that plastic attitude. Did well in Agneepath. That should be his best movie till date I guess. Koi Mil Gaya was okay while Dhoom 2 was worse. Still curse my friend for dragging me to the theatre. Haven't seen any of his other movies. Comparing Hrithik to Salmaan is an insult to THE DUDE.
Self proclaimed King of Bollywood - I mean really? King?? But then I realise that people in this country worship Asaraam and all those ^%&%*. This guy does not know acting, can't dance, average physique....just those dimples over which only girls drool. Gets beaten up by Police men at the stadium. Enough said. And yeah his movies are as great as this great man. His single movie which I like is Swadesh.
Akshay Kumar - If I compare in terms of number movies of him which I liked, he will come second to Aamir. Hera Pheri still makes me laugh. But anyways his image is not that of a super star. He is a likable character....Akki bhai
Amitabh Bachchan - He is 71 with huge fan base, but still never says anything for a cause. Another selfish fellow. And this person wanted to work for the country after getting into the LS.
Just my two cents.


You guys need to watch some Malayalam and Tamil movies. Latest one I can suggest is Drishyam. And do watch's really good. And, Bejoy Nambiar who directed the marvelous Shaitan
ia a Mallu director. Hera Pheri, Hulchul, and Bhhool Bhulaiyaa are all remakes of Priyadarshan's Mallu movies.
Mani Ratnam is a Tamil director.


@Meetu : I am afraid that you may soon require a moderator for your comments section ;-)


@Kapil:Yeah u rate circus clown Joker Kumar ahead of Hrithik without ever hearing of Lakshya & Jodhaa Akbar and expect people to be taking you seriously? And who compared HR with Salman? Different actors catering to different sensibilities doing different films. Only someone with hallucinating issues would make such retard comparisons. For all that ranting,you cannot deny that SRK is a superstar of epic proportions whose had the biggest contribution in putting bollywood on the world map,much more than the pseudo intellectual midget despite AK having done better films. As for "The Sachin Tendulkar",i'm too small a person to even speak of him. The fact that you compare Sachin with Kumble is pretty akin to naming HR and Salman in the same sentence viz comparing apples with oranges.

PS:HR was the single biggest factor why ZNMD did nearly a 100 cr in 2011 (a huge number back then) and ended up being a big Hit. Else we all know the box office track record of the terrible Abhay Deol and rookie Farhan Akhtar (pre Bhaag Milkha Bhaag).


@Anuj : Akshay may do many dumb movies, but in between those, he does come up with some pretty decent movies, last one was Special 26. Actually those dumb movies are for the fans of Koi Mil Gaya, Krishh nth, Dhoom nth and all such craps.
SRK is a superstar....yes indeed, but so are Aasaram, David Guetta and Justin Beiber. They do know what sells, but it doesn't make them any better.
I compared HR to Salman because someone referred to HR as super star. He can never be close to Salman in terms of popularity and following. There's respect for Salman because he knows what are his limitations and what he is good at, rather than pretending that he is the best actor, unlike SRK (Bechara buddha ho gaya par seekh nahin paya abhi tak).
And who watches SRK's movies overseas? Only NRIs na, so whats the big deal. Actually, because of him, foreigners think that Bollywood is all about crap song and dance....and that we can't make any better movies. A film like Ship of Theseus has contributed much more for Indian cinema in gaining meaningful recognition overseas rather than all of SRK's movies put together.
And why all this obsession with 100, 200, 300 cr. Leave these stats for distributors and producers. When I go for a movie, it is for myself and my enjoyment. I don't care how much is the movie going to gross. Just 2 days back, I watched Listen Amaya. This movie got me hooked since the start. While as for Dhoom 3, nothing could make me even wanting to watch it....not even Aamir. I guess actors don't matter for me anymore barring a very select few like Nawazuddin, Irfan Khan, Naseeruddin Shah and late Farooq Sheikh. It's the director which has far greater influence on me.
As for Sachin, I compared him as a cricketer and not as a batsman, by which I meant Sachin - as a batsman including his public image and his other off field activities. Ganguly revolutionised Indian cricket by rooting out nepotism and selecting the team on the basis of merit ony. He had the guts to speak out against anything which was wrong, unlike Sachin and Dhoni. Dhoni is Srinivasan's pet (or shall I say pet who lays golden eggs). Kumble tried a lot to change things in Karnataka Association. Sachin has not done any such thing. He even got elected to RS with much fanfare, but have you ever heard of these two words together after that - Sachin Tendulkar and Rajya Sabha?
So, I am not comparing them just in terms of their core competences, but as overall public figures.


"Actually those dumb movies are for the fans of Koi Mil Gaya, Krishh nth, Dhoom nth and all such craps."~still a lot better than De Dana Dan,KI,8*10 Tasveer,CC2C,TMK,Thank You,Heyy Babyy,Tashan,Joker,Desi Boyz and what not? If an above average Special 26 is the best the circus clown Joker Kumar's got i shudder to think about the eventuality of equating his best with the likes of Lakshya,Jodhaa Akbar,Agneepath and ZNMD! And yes HR is referred to as a superstar 'coz he factually is one with a proven track record of consistent box office hits over the last 14 years (something which joker Kumar has struggled through his worthless filmography). For the rest of your comments,big lol...they're so ridiculous that they ain't even deserving of a response!


"I compared HR to Salman because someone referred to HR as super star."~yes and that's 'coz Salman Khan is a megastar of mammoth proportion whose popularity can be equated to the likes of Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan (acting ability varies from person to person,imo Salman is one of bollywood's best comedians till date). That still does not change the fact that HR is a massive star in his own right with a huge fan following across the globe. As for SRK,Indian movies are watched by Nri's and people of Indian origin only mate! 90% of the people watching Indian films overseas are either Nri's or people of Indian origin. That does not change the fact that SRK is the undisputed king of the Nri diaspora and yes his films are indeed watched by more folk overseas than Salman,Aamir and Rajni Sir's in terms of sheer numbers!


Do you work for some distributor ? If yes, then you are doing a good job. If no, then why are you so infatuated by numbers. Don't you have any other argument?
I am not some NRI who is home sick that I should bear with some middle/upper middle/upper class crap family drama playing in the theatre. I prefer realistic movies where directors put great effort in even minutest of details, like the clothes and bag of Emraan Hashmi in Shanghai. You can appreciate it if you ever lived in Delhi or nearby cities. Had there been SRK in place of him, then that character would have certainly looked like a son of some millionaire. KHNH, K3G, KKHH, DDLJ - these movies are for kids and homesick NRIs, not for someone with some grey matter. We should not even talk about Chennai Express, Ra1, RNBDJ, OSO, Main hoon na and all. All these movies were super duper hits but were they worth even a single watch.
NRIs don't watch Salman's movies because they can't relate to them. As for Aamir's movies, NRIs get a decent number of similar movies in US/UK/Canada which require some of their brains. It is only SRK's dumb movies showing lifestyles of Indian middle class and above people that they don't get to watch in their countries.
Have you even seen Ship of Theseus, Listen Amaya or Shahid. I bet you don't have patience to watch and appreciate such movies.
For me, if I am not staring at the end credits after the movie has finished, then it was most certainly a waste of money and time for me.


I liked Lakshya when I watched it 8 or 9 years back. But I can't say what will be my reaction if I watch it again now. Because after reading Javed Akhtar's so many tweets, I am very doubtful about him. He is such a child. No class.
I have not seen even a single minute of Jodha Akbar while in some 15-20 minutes of Agneepath, which I saw, HR was looking really good. As for ZNMD, I have already told, he was the weakest link in the movie. And by the way, movie wasn't that great at all. Those three guys never looked like friends. There was no chemistry. Other than the locations, there was nothing good about the movie. Kai Po Che had much greater emotional connect between the three protagonists.


I am glad you too noticed the "overdose" of system thing :P


It was the most anticipated movie for me in 2014 among all the movies have been released.....But haven't thought that i would like more Hasee To Phasee then Gunday.....Doesn't have anything new,,,,,nothing breathtaking.....
Having irfan khan and ranveer singh in cast along with priyanka chopda and a decent actor Arjun Kapoor in it and this is what u make......
The storyline is full of loopholes....
The storyline is so predictable,,,,and almost all of the dialogues are taken from Amitabh/Satru/Shashi kapoor and Mithoon movies.....I was just predicting all the dialogues before actors were saying it......
Just an engaging screenplay and beautiful cinematography makes it a decent watch,,,,that too not in big screen,,,,although i havnt disliked it as much as you(Meetu) have reviewed.....
Instead of this,,,,movie will gross a lot of income,,,,due to its star cast , good music and massive promotion,,,,and person who doesn't devote much of there mind in the movie,,,,will definitely gonna like it a lot......


@Anup bad luck bro since you watched it and Meetu has given it thumbs down i wont waste money.Thanks to you fellows............


"Because after reading Javed Akhtar's so many tweets, I am very doubtful about him. He is such a child. No class."~of what i know,Javed Akhtar himself rates HR as a fine actor and right up there among the best. For him,he would always remain like a son considering Javed Saab's age. With regards to class,if class refers to sophistication,style and personality you'd be blind to say HR's got none of it. Ask the women who fell in love with KNPH,Dhoom-2 and Agneepath. If class refers to sadakchaap,seetimaar mawali style lowbrow pungent stuff i'm sure Joker Kumar would be your best bet! HR was the single biggest reason why ZNMD worked and a lot better than overrated poker faced flopstar Abhay Deol or the rookie Farhan Akhtar!


Anuj has posted 410 comments and has rated 36 movies.
Virat Kohli of wogma and ppl still want to mess with him!


@Anuj : You need to broaden your horizon buddy.
watch this...really funny


@Kapil : Before that,you need to stop telling someone what to do and what not 'coz frankly,i give a rat's ass about your opinion!


Bollywood was,is and will continue to remain the most watched and popular film industry across the length and breath of this land by some distance. Shouting from rooftops or ranting on public discussion forums (something which bollywood critics specialize in) will not change the facts!


@Agraj :) Wanted a healthy argument but alas.
@Anuj : People grow up and so will you.


1 of d worst movie of d decade :{

Direction: 0.5
Story: 0.5
Lead Actors: 1.5
Character Artists: 0.5

Dialogues: 0.5
Screenplay: 0.5
Music Director: 2
Lyrics: 1

Ehinome Okojie:

I thought India has a holiday for distributing guns to the needy. Gun Day aka

ehinome okojie:

Jokes aside, this has been well received by
critics in the UK/US.


@Kapil : People grow old and i guess u have faster than your contemporaries. Fyi,this ain't a Tamil/Telugu or Malayalam movie forum by the way! Perhaps a Rajni or Mamooty fanboy club might be more in sync with your taste since ur part of that <20% of the Indian population who watches regional films and goes about recommending them to folk who have no idea about the a,b,c of these languages.


So is this an HR fanboy club?


@Harsh it did feel out of place

@Kapil worry not! the rest of us can have healthy discussion about films and how we, personally, like them.

@Suman I know!

@Anuj Please refrain from deciding on what kind of a forum this is. Also, one of these days I am going to read through ALL your comments word-for-word and replace all derogatory/personal attack remarks with [edited/deleted because it contained a personal attack and/or was abusive.]


@Meeta:Firstly,in my definition of derogatory I cannot remember abusing or personally attacking anyone unless of course in retaliation. Secondly,if any of them are indeed in retaliation (which all of them are) I hope you edit the provocative one's made by other members on your forum too. Thirdly,no more comments from my side on your forum 'coz i really do not see a point in sharing my 2 cents on bollywood cinema,the performers & its interesting box office dynamics through the ages at a place where "factual data" based on proven statistics is undermined in favor of personal definitions of "good & bad cinema". As for the one's here who found favor with me (quite a handful of what i can remember over the last 3-4 months),my blog's always open to you guys. Good Luck!


@Meeu : Yes, certainly. We shall all have healthy discussions on this forum.
@Anuj : We need all kinds of views in a discussion/argument, otherwise there's no fun if everybody agrees. And, you are the star here...just like Agraj said, Virat Kohli of WOGMA


@Meetu : Sorry, misspelled your name in the last comment.


@Anuj All actors except maybe Hrithik Roshan have been called names. Anyway, thank you.


....mummmmyyyyy....bunty mujhe chidhata hai...mai ab ground pe khelne nahi jaunga .....


Hey Anuj, you seem very knowledge about box office trending. Which film in your opinion had the best All-India WOM of 2013? (universally across all circuits of India)


@Divya ha ha ha ha!

@rick :)


Overrated piece of crap. Don't waste your time watching this movie. Besides wrong historical information, bad acting, direction, screenplay everything is total crap. What a waste of time and resource!! Finally they hired people to post good rating.


@Rick:I'm not answering any queries out here from now on mate.Post your comments and suggestions on my blog

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