Gunday - Preview

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As predictable as a movie could get, Gunday's "twist" is the most laughable of them all.



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The opening line of the trailer announces in Irrfan Khan's voice that this story character driven. It does get you interested, but then soon enough he tells you that a city like Kolkata is known for the friendship of two people and you know which direction the film is headed - exaggeration, inflated opinion about self and so on. I understand it is a creative liberty and so on, yet it also tells me not enough thought has been put into it.

The love triangle-action genre mix is interesting too. More so because the triangle is out in the open. I really hope that they stick to their promise and the characters are defined enough to know why they are in love with the same woman and why she'd fall for one of them, if at all. Right now, from the look of it, both Bikram (Ranveer Singh) and Bala (Arjun Kapoor) are one and the same in term of personalities. Maybe Bikram is a little fiercer than Bala. But that might have to do more with Ranveer Singh's personality over Arjun Kapoor's. Both giving their best over-emphatic dialogue delivery which is a put off.

Speaking of which Priyanka Chopra plays their common muse, Nandita. And being the muse seems to be the reason for Nandita's existence. Sad state of affairs considering Priyanka Chopra's stature and capabilities. I'd be so happy to be proven wrong.

And there is a good hope of that, considering we have Irrfan Khan in the mix. His presence puts things right back in balance, which is always a good way to enter the theater.

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