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A cut-and-dry romantic comedy which half-heartedly tries to do more.



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Wogma Review

One (wo)man can make a difference. And if there happens to be a man who is in love with her and is willing to give it his all, nothing like it. That's how, dear friend, you come upon a romantic comedy that takes up social causes. Putting it this way, might be a little unfair, belittling the larger purpose of the film too. But then the dry and functional manner in which events take place do not get you involved at all.

Starting from the basics, a romantic film has to be able to convey that the couple is in love with each other. Just by pointing out an age difference, the matter isn't taken care of, is it? Doesn't the audience need to be convinced that they love each other? Some chemistry other than a superficial "good deed"?

Superficial - that is the word that comes to mind through the film - be it the romance, the comedy or the social causes that our lady, Dia (Kareena Kapoor) takes up. By the end, almost every thing that happens earlier comes across as a set-up. Any joke made, anything negative or positive said ties up neatly in the end to either be related back to or reversed in a very contrived fashion.

Given that the dialogue and comic lines work very briefly and you have seen most of them in the trailer, you are left with the actual cause taken up by Dia. That and how the situation is handled could have been an engaging affair. But well, it gets repetitive and was anyway predictable from the word go.

With way too many songs in the beginning and an avoidable narrative thread to the film, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein is also too long. Sure, the narrator is also used as an alter ego, but it just makes the transition, well, superficial. :)

It doesn't help that Kareena Kapoor wears designer outfits even when she's staying in a remote village in Gujrat. I guess we should just be thankful that she repeats the outfits.

The only silver lining, however, is that Kareena Kapoor gives a decent performance. Imran Khan is his usual self - doesn't impress but doesn't annoy either. The cast in the Gujrat village though were refreshingly at home. From the little boy to the village head, they all added to the ambiance of the village.

Yet again, a romantic comedy that is underwhelming. At least, in this case we didn't expect any different.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A fist fight or two.
  • Language: A couple of abusive words.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A pub dance sequence.
  • Concept: An urban love story where one wants to engage in social work by living in remote villages.
  • General Look and Feel: Bright and crisp.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 1
  • Lead Actors: 2
  • Character Artists: 3
  • Dialogues: 1.5
  • Screenplay: 1
  • Music Director: 1.5
  • Lyrics: 1

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What non-sense ! The credit for leading lady is given to Deepika Padukone, instead of Kareena Kapoor. Is it deliberate or just a blunder ?


Dharma and YRF are two powerful production houses that unfortunately do not use their dominant position to promote good different fare like say for example UTV. They (Dharma and YRF) unabashedly use their power to churn out films based on generating quick buck from NRIs and upwardly mobile Indian metropolitans. Movies suck usually, other than being colourful and portraying a modern independent girl/woman as somebody who mouths swear words and who has one night stands for pleasure. I have yet to see their films depicting a real modern woman in terms of thought process, independence, leadership...

Their typical story lines go through all sorts of interesting situations buildups etc thereby generating interest as to how it would end. But when the customary 2 hours come to an end conveniently things fall in place and die-hard natures undergo a 180 degree turn to conveniently allow the film to end.

When could Dharma or YRF use their dominant position to try out A Wednesday or an Aamir or a loads of other successful meaningful commercial cinema?

I would,whole,heartedly recommend everybody to skip this film, and to skip a majority of Dharma and YRF senseless products. My expectations and yardsticks from an established leader are much higher than just churning out a mindless Bollywood masala that we expect from smaller or occasional producers (2-3 films every 5 years) like Sippies or Roshans or RGV.


@Mohan Oh dear! Sorry-sorry. Genuine human error. Will fix it immediately, thank you for pointing it out.

@Fan I will just wait and watch without baggage, as far as possible.


@Meetu: of course, that is your job. Like the food tasters, good or bad they still have to taste it ;-)

My advice was for all who watch films as a hobby/pastime and not as a profession. They could and should save their hard earned money from being given to majority of Dharma and YRF products.


Fan - u can say that for dharma production but YRF had tried its hand in some out of the box movie ,, some has been hit and some are not for ex - fanaa , roket singh , kabul express , ta ra rum pum , chak de india , new york.....


First of all, not all that you cite are "out of the box". Secondly compared to the fact that they dole out on average 5 movies per year, making 1 out of the box every 5-6 years is pathetic in terms of %. My expectations from market leader is to innovate and experiment, and not just milk. Even Rocket, regardless of its demerits, is not an experiment. They are running a factory, where P&L; is set up before film goes on floor. And the P&L; is managed to generate money. Their formula is make around 10 low to medium budget films with a massive ROI for each blockbuster that is made. If a blockbuster happens by chance, then all the more better.

When our expectations from Roshans, Sippys, Vidhu Vinod, etc. are to consistently give good quality products then how could we lower our yardstick for leaders to give max 10% good quality product? Why different yardsticks? Yes a Dhoom3 will be super duper product and then the next super duper will nt come before 2015 and in between we will be subjected to 10 mediocre products.


fan - Well they are out of the box movie for me,,,,not the usual product by YRF.......AND who says u to experience those 10 mediocre product,,,,just wait for the out of the box product,,,,like m doing.....
I think GUNDEY of ranveer singh and arjun kapoor would be an interesting venture by YRF next year.....and SHUDDHI by dharma production too starring hritik and karina


@Fan well, every once in a while Dharma backs an unusual film that I like - Lunchbox, Wakeup Sid are cases in example. Also, even if I didn't like it all that much, it is nice to see a film like Gippi being made.

Similarly, YRF also try to go out of the box every once in a while. Might not work, but at least it is tried. So, I have not lost all hope :D


I will really see this nice movie Thanks WOGMA.


Oh dear...this one's a no hoper and has crashed on day 1 itself! Its collections are even lower then SSTG. Clear signs that the audience does not welcome Imran's mushy boy image (much unlike the over-rated Ranbir) and that Kareena is too old to play Geet kinda roles in today's day and age (leave that to the Deepika's and Anushka's). Time for beloved Mamu-jaan to churn out another Delhi Belly i guess :P

As for Karan Johar,i can't wait for team AGneepath to reunite in Shuddi but that's still a while away!


I dunno, we really liked it, Meetu. Though we all agreed with everything you said, we found it entertaining and a bit deeper than you thought about Middle Class Social Justice types. It's an issue that's becoming kind of a big deal here in the US, with a Presidential candidate resonating with the population talking about actual social change - and the frontrunner offering the same old bromides.

Sure the second half was a real swerve, but they were making the point that Dia's a bit too rigid - and Sriram's a bit too quick to cut corners. Maybe it's because too few American movies take any chances or care about anything but special effects any more, but it was great to see a movie that made a point of looking beyond your own self-interest - and at rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty for a good cause.

PS: Bruce Coville and Tamora Pierce think you should come to Syracuse for a month and watch Indian movies with us! :D


@TimELiebe That sure would be fun!

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