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One of those films that delivers exactly what you expect only to leave you in a more “meh” mode than you started out with.



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Wogma Review

When there is social evil, when it affects you, when your blood boils because of the injustice that has been dealt your way, you want to just shake the entire system up. It reaches your gut and you want to do something yourself. Gabbar Is Back is one of those solutions. It addresses the wrong with anarchy. Interestingly, it acknowledges that anarchy is not the solution. Unfortunately it takes the same route that almost all films that take up the issue do, complete with preachiness. Funnily enough, goes ahead to say, “my way might not be the best, but you ought to do better”. However, it just touch a nerve for a bit before going all “holier than thou” on you.

Many a film have addressed corruption top to bottom and back to the top. This one hits a sweet spot by including malpractice in the private sector. Along with the bureaucrats, politicians, and law and order . Gabbar is Back takes on the misuse of power held by doctors and hospitals when a near one is unwell.

Other than this one plot point the rest of Gabbar Is Back is as run-of-the-mill as it gets. Despite the fact that our protagonist is being hunted down by the police and villain alike, the plot doesn't quite thicken. Some of the dialogue is powerful and/or insightful and makes you want it to register well. Also, there is a subtle satire when corrupt officials are motivated into coming out to show really how corrupt they are. But, just when you think the film is actually being smart, you realise the film knows it and doesn't want the audience to miss out on it. So, it decides to make sure you get the point. It shows it, explains it, describes it and underlines it.

Given these circumstances, there is only so much for the actors to do. The hero is wronged, angry, and smart. And because he is Akshay Kumar, he is also a one man army when it comes to the action sequences. The lead lady is as instrumental in the plot as you'd expect her to be. Shruti Haasan is annoying for the little part that she gets. But, you can hardly blame her for a role written so that she gets to change costumes and have a couple of songs picturised on her.

Speaking of which, an actress of Chitrangada Singh's caliber is now doing item numbers – there is something very wrong with this picture - well beyond having a song that objectifies women just because that's a way to sell the film. Even beyond the fact that the makers are clearly not confident about their product by itself.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Loads.
  • Language: Abusive language silenced out.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Item song.
  • Concept: Common man takes on the system.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 1.5
  • Story: 2
  • Lead Actors: 2
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 3
  • Screenplay: 2
  • Music Director: 1
  • Lyrics: 1

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now Thats something interesting. 3 days to release and not a single comment. Buzz seems to be low.. Same goes for my locality in Delhi. Buzz is even less as compared to BABY.
As remake of a movie originally made by Murgadaas m looking forward to it. Even KRISH also a south indian Director has given some good movies in past.


@Anup : Akshay seems to be completely dis interested in promoting his films of late and hence the dip in his popularity and star value is evident. Had Holiday & Baby been released in 2008-09, they'd have been surefire Super Hits. But looking at Akshay's diminishing popularity now, even well received and accepted films like these two are just about performing Above Average at the theatres. High time Akshay shows a bit of interest in publicising his films, else he'd soon disappear into oblivion like he did during the late 90's and early 2000's.


Anuj- I feel its because the paceat which he is making movies , he doesnt get the chance to promote. He should stop, rest and concentrate on a particular movie at a time.
its always like he is shooting three movies at a time


@Anup - it there any rumored reason for Akshay Kumar's doing so many movies lately? Maybe a tax problem, like what happened to Nicholas Cage over here - or was it just that ROWDY RATHORE was such a huge hit that he started getting offers all over the place, and since he's not getting any younger (I read he's going to turn fifty this year) he's feathering his nest while he still can?

Anyway, since it's Akshay we'll probably see it - Tammy's a huge fan of his. :)


TimELiebe- Truely Akshay Kumar is on the path of CAGE but he Cage is making unwatchable movies now a days , hope that Akshay dont walk on such a disastrous path..


For the fact that it has been made by a South Indian director the movie could have totally been a South Indian product if Akshay would not have been there as a lead man..
Its the same old dish served in the same old manner nothing new in it.. I even fine the jokes less in quantity and also in quality as compared to BaBy which was a Non Commercial serious movie..
Akshay should stop wasting his talent on average movies..


So so film. Coming back to back with Holiday and Baby it offers no novelty factor.

The guys playing the brand called Patil and the CBI officer did impress. But only because they were new faces and didn't come with pre established images.

If you are an Akshay fan then you will enjoy it. For the others it will be a mixed bag.

Do credit the makers to go against the current trend and admit that taking the law into one's own hands is a no-no.

Finally all but one classic Gabbar dialogues were used, missed the Arrey oh Sambha!!


Direction: 1.5
Story: 3
Lead Actors: 2
Character Artists: 2

Dialogues: 2.5
Screenplay: 1.5
Music Director: 1
Lyrics: 0.5


No promotion, no publicity and yet the film is doing reasonably well at the box office. Once again goes on to prove the importance of audience tastes and the irrelevance of the media and critics.

Anuj :

Never heard this many 'taalis' & 'seetis' in a movie hall since the days of Dabangg & Singham. From HOLIDAY to BABY to GABBAR, the ageless Khiladi goes on and on and on.


Fan - Seriously ! U dont know Jaideep Ahlawat .! Who played the character of CBI officer..He was Sahid Khan in Gangs of Wassipur and Lead villain in Commando. Infact this was his least entertaining performence..


Anuj - Dont know which theater u were watching it but same seetis and taalis didnt seems to happen much in Delhi. But i do agree that without promotion movie has grossed really well just because of the genre. But then again , that doesnt proved how many of them liked it.
But what i do know is i went to watch this one with a very close frnd of mine who is a big FAN of AKSHAY and his views are much for bad as compared to me. I find the movie an average one, but he find it below average.


@Anup : PVR Forum value mall Whitefied B'lore. As for your query on 'proof' of how many people liked it, wait till the next weekend. If the movie trends well and goes strong at the theatres until then, its adequate proof for me to believe that the film is being appreciated by the audiences. Surprising part is that even imdb users who're more into the Queen's and ZNMD's of the world have rated this 8+ out of 10 :/


@Anuj-For me if a movie is running ok for 7 days or 10 days in a decent manner that doesnt mean that everybody has liked it . If a person is Akshay Kumar's fan, then he will watch the movie anyhow , if he is not a fan of Kumar, then he will not watch it if he hears that its a bad movie,,but if he hears that the movie is an average one then he will still gonna give a try on it. And also the situation of the date which the movie released is also a factor..
Last movie which is liked by the audience was Dum Lagake Haisa , a long gap has been there. Audience were starving for if not good but at least a watchable film. So everybody is gonna watch GABBAR doenst matter how the response or review were. Because its not a bad film its a decent one. So no doubt it will gross a lot.
And about the imdb rating,,it will go low with the time.


@Anup: Not watched any of the 2 films that you mention of Jaideep Ahlawat.


Fan- Seems like these two movies doesnt fall in the genre of ur liking.
U can give them a try if u r interested in his acting talent. Specially in Commando..


@Fan : So you've been making all sorts of negative comments against GOW for the last year or so without even watching it! WOW


Holiday : 3/5 (Above Average)
Baby : 4/5 (Excellent)
Gabbar : 3.5/5 (Good)

A good solid trilogy of films by fit man Akshay Kumar over the last 12 months. An ageless action hero in the true sense


@Anup: Commando - might give a try. GOW: tried it but was unable to sit through it.

@Anuj: once again, half baked knowledge. If you have followed diligently all my posts on GOW then I am sure you would have read that I quit midway in the film, I did not enjoy it at all. As Anup said, not my kind of films. Probably because made by guys who think just too much of themselves (somewhat like SLB, but at least SLB entertains once in a while).


Barring some absolute duds like Entertainment or Shaukeens, I do watch every Akshay Kumar film.

Ditto for Ajay Devgan films.

I do watch every Amitabh film, every Salman film, every Amir film, every Hrithik film.

Shahid, Ranbir: depends on the promos or word of mouth, so selective watching.

I tend to avoid a majority of Dharma and YRF products (once in a while they do make decent stuff, even though the % of such good films is abysmally low).

All the rest I watch on word of mouth provided they are not "parallel" stuff from overrated directors.

SRK: I try to avoid. His acting puts me off, although I do accept that he's a shrewd business man to be able to remain so powerful in India despite mediocre acting skills.


@Fan : Oh, brilliant. So u judge 5.5 hour long stories spanning over 4 decades based on the first quarter! Fyi, GOW-2 is far more entertaining and fast paced than the first one. But I guess making this argument is a futile exercise to a watcher whose "kind of films" rates Chennai Express ahead of a PK and perhaps even Satya!


Btw, which part of GOW did u watch? Did u start watching part-2 before the first one? If not, i'm sure you'd have recognized Jaideep Ahlawat as he was all over the screen in the first half of GOW part-1 (unless of course u were watching it with your eyes closed and hoping desperately that Rohit Shetty makes a Bol Bachchan-2 or Sajid Khan a Housefull-3)


@Fan Dude,I know tastes vary person to person,but I'll recommend you GOW strongly coz it has some terrific performances and power packed dialogs.It easily is one of the best movies Bollywood has made,at least in my opinion.


@Gokul- Totally agreed with you..For me its a masterpiece.
But there are people who think its a craps because of the treatment and the content.
Cant force anyone a movie which doesnt suit anyone's liking of genre.
Otherwise i recommend GOW to everyone, and almost everybody liked it as long as youth is considered.


@Anup : How many youth did u interview across the country in order to come to that conclusion? GOW was watched by a very limited audience in the first place. Its not a movie that catered to the sensibilities of mass audiences. The treatment was niche, dark, broody and slow paced. Majority of its appreciation came from the metropolitan audiences, that too only those who're into noir and crime genre.


Anuj- U must have misunderstood my comment..
By recommending m not suggesting them to go to the theater and watch it, rather i forced them to watch it from torrent. And the process is still in continuation. Still many of my known persons have not seen it , m still recommending it and people are still liking it. And i didnt get anyone atleast in my known circle who ever delete GOW 1&2 after watching it , they like it so much that they rewatch it again and again..
I only get person above 30-35 years who sometimes say its not a good film that also without watching it just because of the language and dark theme.


Anuj- So dont compare my comment to its box office performance, credit of the popularity of Anurag Kashyap totally goes to TORRENT , agreed by Anurag himself in an interview.
It will get time but one day will come when more people will watch movies made by him.


@Anup : This is not about AK or any director in particular. Its more about the noir genre in itself. Even all time classics like Parinda, Satya & Nayakan which imo are much better films than GOW have had extremely limited viewership among Indian audiences over the years. Mainly because dark gangster films do not have a universal appeal among our audiences (especially family audiences). As for Kashyap, for me his best film till date continues to be Black Friday (another movie with extremely limited viewership) and of course the screenplay of the classic Satya!


@Anup & Gokul : Frankly, I feel people who absolutely loved and adored GOW are perhaps the one's who've never watched Parinda & Satya and perhaps those who were of the belief that bollywood can never make a dark noir classic! Because compared to these 2, even the most ardent Anurag Kashyap fan would agree that GOW pales in comparison.


Anuj- Definitely a person who is not a movie freak and about an age of below 30 would not have even heard of Parinda , because its an old film and that too a non famous one. And yes both Satya and Parinda are better then GOW , that doesn't decreases the credit that GOW needs to get..


Anuj- And about Black Friday i find it on the same level of GOW , and Nayakan - i havnt heard of it earlier but now i will definitely watch it.


I've seen Satya and Parinda, even if a long time ago - almost when they released and I think Gangs of Wasseypur is more elaborate and engaging.


@Meetu : Perhaps you're more into slow paced, boring cinema which are 'elaborate' enough to be soap operas than silver screen cinema. Elaboration to the point of pointless boredom is the last thing I'd want in a movie and that's what I got while watching GOW-1. Part 2 however was fast paced and gripping, no doubt.

@Anup : I too am under 30 btw, and trust me, a lot of bollywood fans who're into crime/noir genre have watched and adored Parinda. Jackie Shroff and Nana Patekar's breath taking performances are bound to make you fall in love with that film. The climax in particular is not for the faint hearted. Highly recommended movie, catch it up asap!


Speaking of noir cinema, how did i forget Deewaar. The big daddy of bollywood crime films, no Satya/Parinda/GOW comes anywhere close to that! All thanks to one man's on-screen persona of course.


@Meeta : As per Wogma ratings, how'd you rate Deewaar, Parinda, Satya, Company and Nayakan?


@Anuj Well yes, I don't find slow paced boring if there is meaning to the slow pace. It is all about the quality of the slow pace. And by the way, I am above 40. So, I doubt age has anything to do with it.

About ratings... I would have to watch Parinda and Satya again but from what I remember feeling I think they'd be "The keen must watch on screen, else DVD"

Deewar would certainly be "Catch on DVD for sure". Too melodramatic for my taste. :P I'm more a Silsila, Trishul,Kala Patthar, Mashaal, Lamhe person as far as Yash Chopra films go. I haven't seen Company or Nayakan.


Anuj- I have already seen Parinda , thats why i said that Parinda and Satya are better then GOW.
And the thing about the age i said because Parinda was not a movie which release after my birth, and its not a too famous movie. Many times it happens that people who are not movie freaks doesnt even recognise the movie. Even Anil Kapoor and Jackie fans dont knows which movie it is. I for myself gets to know about PARINDA while checking Directorial ventures of Vidhu Vinod Chopda as he was making his first Hollywood film Broken Horse. And wikipedia appreciated it alot , also the imdb rating. So i downloaded it , and i liked it a lot. And as always i force people to watch it. And they liked it too..


@Meeta : The melodrama in Deewar was necessary and that's exactly what culminated in some of the most epic dialogues in Hindi cinema. Trishul was equally melodramatic imo though! I never liked any other Yash Chopra movie barring Deewar, Trishul and Darr. The rest were too mushy and candy floss for my liking :P


@Anuj Kala Patthar and Mashaal - mushy? o.O


@Meeta : Haven't watched Mashaal. KP was uninteresting and low on entertainment value. With mushy, i'm referring to the regular YRF stuff like Silsila, Kabhi Kabhi, Chandni and all those over rated nonsense films like DTPH, VZ, JTHJ etc. Even DDLJ is highly over rated imo!

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