Force - Preview

wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

Force is a perfect masala film, which also means, it is perfectly predictable. And yet, Force keeps you engaged. It has everything in the right proportion - romance, action, drama. But it doesn't have that one overwhelming factor which can make me recommend it to you without any reservations. I have to add caveats like, if you are into hard-core action, if you like borderline genuine romance, if you don't mind the two interrupting each other, then watch it for sure.



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There is nothing exciting about an action film. For example, from the trailer it looks like none of the action elements will have anything we haven't seen in Hollywood before. Well, Hollywood these days, hardly has anything that we haven't seen in Hollywood before. Besides, the 2.5-minute trailer of Force itself gives away the entire set-up of the film. My estimate is, that covers the first hour of the film or so.

Which means, the action, the romance, the fun will have to make double the effort to engage. My bet is that it won't. Considering the romance and fun bit require good timing and neither John Abraham nor Genelia D'Souza can be appreciated for their acting skills from the films they've done so far. So, unless there's a 180-degree turn hidden there somewhere, there is barely anything to look forward to. The only thing that might make me give Force a fair chance, actor-wise, is the films John Abraham chooses every once in a while. But I have my reservations about this one.

Add to that the list of films produced by Vipul Shah and you have clichéd, typical Bollywood masala written all over the film. Again as proven by the peep we get through the trailer.

Amongst all these negative vibes, there is one small reason to have hope though. Director, Nishikant Kamat's ventures so far. I've heard a lot of good things about Dombivli Fast and I remember having an overall positive feel about Mumbai Meri Jaan. So, in short, there is hope. Meanwhile, the music seems to be just about lukewarm.

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