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wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
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It is one really long chase sequence, lots of Aamir Khan for Aamir Khan fans and of course you have some smart action sequences. Nothing more than that.



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10 readers have given Dhoom 3 an average rating of 3/5.0.
5 yays
3 nays
2 so-so
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Fan:
  • So-So by Anuj:
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by naveen rajput: 100
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Anup: With some ignorable flaws its a must watch
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by TimELiebe: Hey, it's DHOOM! Maybe a bit Deeper Than Expected, with Nice Perfs by Amir Khan and Katrina Kaif
  • Want to Watch by guddu: Dhoom 3
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Vishal:
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Anoop:
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Suman:
  • So-So by Reviewer: If you like movie without any basic concept then you can make plan for this movie...
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Adam: excellent
  • Want to Watch by Kristofer: