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Delivers what it promises in the trailers. Lots of "dialogue", earthy style and of course bullets. Unfortunately, it also means repetitive, predictable, and tiring.



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Wogma Review

It is a Tigmanshu Dhulia masala film. So, it is as Tigmanshu Dhulia as other Tigmanshu Dhulia films. And it is as masala as other masala films. Which means you don't get anything new and a hotchpotch of a combination.

You have an earthy, stylish element to the film which tries to keep the film outside the urban, polished looks associated with Saif Ali Khan (yes, yes except Omkara, of course). And this style starts out with a bang, at the opening credits itself. Some of the most slickly done work while keeping it rugged too.

The film itself, begins well after the opening too. Except for an abrupt and badly edited opening sequence, the film sets a nice tone of friendship between Raja (Saif Ali Khan) and Rudra (Jimmy Sheirgill). The camaraderie is cute and yet, has a rugged kind of strength about it. But, unfortunately, the writing doesn't hold as the movie progresses. It is just one big enemy after the other, gun fights and more fights, till you are immune to it all.

There are breaks in the form of one-liners - some witty, some not so much - all of them delivered as if it were to become the most iconic dialogue of the decade. Yes, it does translate either to whistles or eye-rolls, depending on your "filmy" appetite.

The other breaks come in the form of songs that you wish didn't exist, let alone show up randomly in the film and be just plain awful. Mahie Gill in "Don't touch my body..." made me so uncomfortable; didn't help that I was sitting between two men who were strangers. It has as much to do with her costume, her moves, the lyrics, the men letching at her on screen as it is with the setting - a number like that set in a wedding as entertainment for the groom and his friends and family; out in the open; in broad daylight! It just felt wrong.

Once you are past that though, there isn't much offensive in terms of vulgarity. There are religious remarks and some social ones too. The social comments take guise under patriotism and Robin-Hood-ism, but come across as sides. They show up rather abruptly.

The editing too is rather abrupt especially in some of the action sequences. Many, in fact come across as rather amateur execution. It is a shame since the action choreography is pretty cool, even if in spots.

The only thing going for the film then is the performances or rather the screen presence of the main players. Except for Raja and Rudra, none of the other characters have the writing going for them. The two other lead actors then, Sonakshi Sinha and Vidyut Jamwal come too late in the film and/or have little to do to really deserve a fair comment on performances.

Saif Ali Khan and Jimmy Sheirgill on the other hand make the most of the rustic roles they are given and it is a pleasure to see them in this setting. Though, thinking of them as simple, men who want to earn an honest living after the first action sequence is hard to digest. But, anyway, it is irrelevant to what happens in the rest of the film.

Ultimately, though, there are only so many revenge films one can watch which offer no variety at all. A couple of smart lines here and there don't cut the deal. Especially when almost everything else is sub-par.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: The movie is called "Bullett Raja"
  • Language: More or less clean.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: An extremely sleazy item number. Dialogue that alludes to sex.
  • Concept: Friendship and revenge.
  • General Look and Feel: An attempt at an earthy feeling, but it includes an element of style.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 2
  • Lead Actors: 3
  • Character Artists: 2.5
  • Dialogues: 2
  • Screenplay: 1.5
  • Music Director: 1
  • Lyrics: 0.5

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i really get excited when critically acclaimed directers which normally make non commercial movies tries commercial movies.....
I was really excited for ramleela,,,,but it doesnt came as fine as black or guzarish.....
M exited for this too,,,,,lets see what happen.....


So now even Tigmanshu has finally recognized the power of the masses and mass entertainers rather than catering to high end multiplex pseudo classes who consider the PST's and the GOW's to be "classics"! Hope Bullet Raja can be more of a "Dabangg" than an "Omkara".



@Meeta:My Dhoom 3 preview


Pardon me for my mediocre writing skill but i'd like you to read through it anyway :P


@Anup That is true.

@Anuj Could you please post only comments related to Bullett Raja on this page? Thank you.


Saif's best chance to redeem himself post multiple duds like Kurbaan,Aarakshan & Race-2 over the last 4 years with a partial hit Cocktail being the only saving grace. Probably the only among A lister's yet to have a 100 cr movie to his name!



@anuj - ahm ahm - Race 2 - 102 crores


Now thats the correct way to make a good masala movie,,,,close to real action sequence,,,,perfect bal between humour and seriousness,,,,no product endorsement(this has become a compliment now),,not much songs in the movie,,less then 2 and a half hour running time,,,,nice acting by lead actors(jimmy specially has been awesome),,some political twist(signature moves of tigmansu),,litl shocking climax etc.....
The only two bad things for me in the movie are the song ’satake maar’(a really bad song),,,,and an emotional sequence which could have been better with tears but saif just shouted without any tears......
Definatly this is a movie which will fullfill the requerment of both masala audience and critics to some extent....


@Meetu - sadly, the Multiplex screen in Syracuse that normally shows Indian movies has given itself over to holiday stuff like BLACK NATIVITY and BALLET ROUSSE PRESENTS THE NUTCRACKER SUITE, and probably will until the end of December.

Too bad, as this sounds like the kind of movie we'd like to see on a big screen - I know it's not your cup of chai, but it's sure the kind of thing this group of Americans would enjoy! :)


@Anup:102 cr is the producer figure. Actual distributor figure is around 94 cr. Now before you give me the Krrish 3 figures,yes distributor figures for Krrish 3 are around 190-200 cr all versions included. Its the ridiculous trade tracking system in Bollywood we have that enables parties with vested interests to fudge or downgrade numbers without being accountable. High time b-town gets its own version of boxofficemojo.


@Anup : "Definatly this is a movie which will fullfill the requerment of both masala audience and critics to some extent...."~doesn't seem like going by the below average box office response. For me Dabangg,Singham & Agneepath are still the best masala films in recent times in terms of content and audience taste(barring some ott action sequences). Of course the "ideal" definition of a masala movie would include films like Sarfarosh & Khakee but going by audience response they seem more inclined towards the Dabangg brand of masala than the Khakee brand of masala entertainers. Of course the likes of Zanjeer,Deewar and Trishul are on a different level altogether which i do not see any film-maker in present day bollywood being able to match up to(although i do have high hopes from Karan Malhotra after watching the modern day Agneepath provided he brings in a little more subtlety and tones it down a bit).

Kedar Lasane:

Nice Story


Anuj - its really hard to talk to u,,,as i said earlier ur comments are always here and there,,,u by urself dont know what u want to express,,u r just here for opposing other,,,,first u said u r hoping that bullet raja become more of dabangg not omkara and now u say real masala movies are khakke and sarfarosh,,,,accordinh to me omkara too fall on the same catogorie in which sarfarosh and khakkee are,,,these movies are not normal masala movies,,,they are more then that,,,in present time u cant call d-day a masala movie or will u,,,,ofcoarse sarforosh , khakkee and omkara too are alot better movie then dabang , singham or omkara.....
Plz dude clear ur mind,,,,talk one sided,,,,dont talk two sided,,,,as i said earlier the head and tail both cant be urs,,,,and if u cant be one sided then its my request plz dont reply to my comment,,,,anything else u can do i will dont mind it....


Filmakers are always experimenting , this film, needless to say is an utter failure both in writing and performances. What compelled Tigmanshu who gave us the atheletic turned dacoit enthralling film "Paan Singh Tomar" to detour and try out Rohit shetty and Prabhudeva style. I am not lambasting the entire film , its witty dialouges coated with humour was excellent but it never follows the premise. At one point of time i completely lost the track and there was no means to follow the story .


@Anup : Kindly understand the definition of a masala entertainer first before making such remarks. Sarfarosh and Khakee is as massy as a film can get. The only thing they do not possess is ott stunts and ridiculous action sequences which unfortunately have become part of mass entertainers of late. Originally commercial entertainers never had such action sequences anyway (right from the time of Bachchan). Films like Sarfarosh are the ideal definition of a quintessential "Bollywood mass commercial entertainer". I'd have described Dabangg and Singham as perfect commercial entertainers but they fell short in certain aspects imo(not in that of the audience). Omkara is a classic film noir based in the heartland of UP meant only for a very limited audience with taste for such a genre. And that's the reason why i said Bullet Raja should be in the more commercially viable "Dabangg"(with better stunts of course) category than the classic crime-gangster genre of Omkara and GOW. Dunno what you're talking about!


"ofcoarse sarforosh , khakkee and omkara too are alot better movie then dabang , singham or omkara..."~read that statement again and its evident whose in a totally confused and undecided state of mind!


Anuj - damn man,,,,i think ur english is too bad,,,,u should refer some dictionary,,so that u can understand the difference between confusion and mistake ,, ’what i have done is mistake,,,,what ur comments shows is confusion’ may be this statement of mine will help to understand the difference between mistake and confusion


anuj - and in case of masala movie,,,,for me its a different thing,,,,and for u its different,,,,for me mass entertainment is not always a masala movie,,,,correctly said by u that sarfarosh and khakee are mass entertainment but they are not masala movies,,,,sarfarosh , khakee , border , don , rang de basanti , fanaa , gadar , lagaan , etc are mass entertainer but day are made on strong concept,,,,they are not atall masala movies,,,,so kindly u understand the meaning of masala movie,,,,just because a movie liked by the major part of audience doesnt make it masala movie.....


@Anup:You're most welcome to have your own definition of a masala movie 'coz as far as i know,the term "masala entertainer" does not exist in movie folklore and is more of a media creation. Whatever little i can make out of it the term "masala entertainer" basically refers to a movie with a bit of every genre(romance,action,thrill,comedy etc) mashed into one.By that yardstick Sarfarosh/Khakee/Border etc perfectly satisfy the criteria. And yes the so-called masala movies can definitely have strong content,there's no hard & fast rule that a masala movie's gotta have a wafer thin plot.The exact definition of a "masala entertainer" is up to you to decide for yourself.

PS:Rang De Basanti is nowhere near being a "mass entertainer". It was a movie made spefically for the urban multiplex audiences and that's where it did 90% of its business. Its performance in single screens and interiors was negligible.


Anuj - that was a ’waow’ moment when i read ur defination of masala entertainment,,,,,,,,today u have given a new defination to it,,,,congrates....


@Anup:Kindly enlighten me with your esteemed knowledge of Hindi cinema and its terminologies.You see,i'm very new to Hindi films and have never visited a single screen in my lifetime to experience the frenzy of "mass entertainers" like RDB and Chak De India! I'm sure even Delhi Belly,Lunchbox and Well Done Abba would satisfy your definition of a mass entertainer :P


Anuj - havnt seen well done abba,,,,lunch box was not a mass entertainent and not a masala movie too,,,,but delhi belly was a masala entertainment and a good masala entertainment....But yes it was for target audience and liked alot by the youth,,,,so its a masala movie which is not a mass entertainment....


Anuj - and for rang de basanti it gross around 50 crores,,,,and liked by everyone,,,,doesnt matter from where it has grossed multiplex or single screen,,,,its grossing income show it has been seen and liked by many people,,,,so it is a mass entertainment


Anuj - and for rang de basanti it gross around 50 crores in 2006 which is a big thing,,,,and liked by everyone,,,,doesnt matter from where it has grossed multiplex or single screen,,,,its grossing income show it has been seen and liked by many people,,,,so it is a mass entertainment


Well, Anuj is right when he says that there is no single definition of a masala movie. It is a movie which has bits and pieces of everything (Romance, revenge,thrills, action etc) Masala Movies = Mass entertainers. Majority of the times, Masala movies can also be defined as movies that are often critically thrashed by the snobbish critics. Very very very few movies fall in the category which have excellent critical reviews as well as become Blockbusters. Movies like Sholay, QSQT, Ghayal, 3 Idiots and Dabangg.


Yes RDB did 50 cr in 2006 but 90% of its revenue came from multiplexes and A centres which form 25-30% of the total audience. It was rejected by the Single screen audiences in the B/C centers as indicated by its below par distributor share of 23 cr despite netting 50 cr. Compare that collection with real well accepted "mass entertainers" of 2006 like Dhoom-2 & Krrish in terms of collections and distributor share and you'd know the difference. Bottomline,movies like RDB,TZP,CDI,ZNMD etc cater to a very limited target audience of just multiplexes and urban centers and cannot be termed as mass entertainers (unlike 3Idiots,Ghajini,Dabangg,Agneepath,Chennai Express,Rowdy Rathore etc)


In case of films like RDB,CDI etc the collections get a boost courtesy extremely high ticket prices at high end multiplexes and hence these films have a high gross. Had RDB been lapped up by the single screen audiences too,it would have grossed more than Krrish and D2. High gross doesn't always equate to high viewership. Case in point,Love Aaj Kal grossed higher than Wanted despite Wanted having higher theatrical viewership. Mainly 'coz LAK did 70% of its business at high end metro multiplexes where ticket prices are 6-7 times higher than single screens in tier 2 and tier 3 towns!


@ Anuj & @ Anup
Bade velle ho dono ke dono !!! Lagta hai ki talwar pakda de dono ko to yahi maar kat ke faisla kar lenge


Anuj -Common man krish 3 and CE also have high price of ticket,,,thats the reason why they grossed much,,,,m just saying that the audience who watch movies in multiplex is also a part of mass,,,,so if a movie is liked by them too is a mass entertainment,,,,,and the fact that a movie is a mass entertainment doesn't have any connection with the movie being a masala movie,,,,,non masala movies also become mass entertainment and also sometimes masala movies doesnt able to become mass entertainment....
The crux is that being a ’masala movies’ and being a ’mass entertainment’ are too different things....


Anuj - And what will u say about SINGH SAHEB THE GREAT - it has a fine collection in single screen but have a really bad business in multiplex,,,it is a kind of masala movie as per ofcoarse dabbang type,,,,but was not a mass entertainment....
The question is simple if all masala movies are not mass entertainment they how can be all mass entertainment are masala movies....Thats totally wrong dude....


Adam - and m a audience who appriciate and demand those very very very few movies,,,,because those are the movie which distinguise the mass entertainment and masala movies....
There is a difference between ’all’ and ’most’ ,,,, yes most of the mass entertainment are masala movies but not all,,,,the difference not required to be big,,,,small difference is also a difference.....


As regards a loose definition of what is often referred to as a masala film, I am 100% of the same point of view as Anuj, I.e. the film has a bit of every emotion (fun, melodrama, fight, dance, music, fantasy, ...)

The films of 1970s and 1980s can be called the most closest to the masala genre as per this definition. And by the fact that they had a little bit of everything, such movies usually fared much better than a single genre film in the '70s and '80s period because every moviegoer found his/her need satisfied.

The current age, with so many media choices, sees multiplex crowd coming for a single genre film. But in the B/C centres, movies still remain the dominant if not the only media choice. And hence the reason for masala films to fare well in small centres compared to multiplexes; and the vice versa for the specialised genre.


@Veerappan ha ha ha ha... :D We love discussing movies around here. :D


Veerappan - Yaar ,, we only lookafter that readers keep on enjoying while reading this blog,,,,and ur comment show that we are successful....ha ha ha....


Fan - m agreed with that defination too,,,,but do u think in bollywood each and every mass entertainment is a masala flick,,,,doesnt the non masala movies in india become mass entertainment,,,,even if they are very few in number,,,,thats the thing what m asking to anuj....


@Anup : SSTG's collections at single screens is nowhere near being "fine". Its just done Above Average business at single screens of Punjab/Delhi belt and is a washout in the rest of the territories. As for K3,it has created circuit records in single screen dominated mass territories of Rajasthan and Bihar. And yes every "masala" film is definitely a mass entertainer and imo films like RDB,CDI,Delhi Belly,ZNMD etc are perfect "urban entertainers" but definitely not "mass entertainers".


So why SSTG havnt been a mass entertainment ,,,,because as per ur defination it is a masala movie,,,,and what about BOSS , Policegiri, Zangeer , Mumbai Mirror , Jayanta Bhai Ki luv story , Zila Gaziabad , Shortcut Romeo , Phata Poster Nikla Hero , Yamala Pagla Dewana 2 , Besharam , these all are masala movies,,,but havnt performed well in boxoffice.....Definatly are not mass entertainment,,,,...
And let me tell u ,,, this list may go on,,,,these are just the movies of this year....


Just because a movie has the essential ingredients of a mass entertainer does not mean its a Hit by default. Its obviously gotta be liked by its target audience in order to be a success and in case of the films u mentioned,they haven't been liked by the audiences unlike Ghajini,Dabangg,Singham,Agneepath etc. Isn't it obvious? Its like saying that every particular brand of ice cream has got to be delicious only because its an ice cream regardless of taste and flavour! As always,you do not make sense.


Apt review, Meetu. Surprising that such a movie engenders so much bickering from two of your 'top commenters'! I suppose, we are living in rather intolerant times.

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