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wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?) - However, if you watch a film just for the grandiose, go to the theaters.
quick review:

There is drama in a film and then there is grand drama. In the latter, the story matters even less. It is the scale, the action, the special effects that the film is shooting for and achieves.



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Wogma Review

Each frame of the film is exquisite - each one grand enough for you to stare at and admire for a long time. For that reason alone, Bahubali 2 could make for a theater watch – especially if all you want to consume, is the scale. For the rest of us though, who want story, minimal coherence, etc, we have no business loitering around in the general area where this film is playing.

The latter part of the audience, meanwhile can amuse themselves by playing, “Which profile picture defines Bahubali (Prabhas) better? The one of him dreamily sitting on a tree or the majestic one on a throne or the one with him fighting the enemy's army with a tree trunk.” In the first half, you could also ponder over questions like, “Why did Kattappa (Sathyaraj) not get killed by Bahubali in episode 1?” Yeah, he annoys that bad.

However, the first half also takes a step towards showing women as strong characters. The action sequences don't sexualise Devsena (Anushka Shetty), but are rather matter-of-factly. Also, both the women, Devsena and Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan) – right or wrong – hold their ground. In fact, it is ironical that a film that is mostly set in a time before Bahubali – The Beginning, the women are treated with a lot more respect than they were by the next generations. The eve-teasing bit is given a solid, brash treatment that it deserves too. However, as the film tries to patch its way to “The Beginning”, you wonder what ever happened to the valiant, warrior princess

In all other ways though, the film continues what it starts in the first installment. Lots of action, so much so that by the end, the clinking of swords seems like background score. Some of it is brutal, even if done artistically or even lyrically. Unfortunately, it gently slides into amusing and then ludicrous. Look at any tree or animal around you and push your wilde imagination to use it as a weapon of mass destruction! The romance continues too, where clouds double as horses and flowers, soldiers turn into dancers and so on.

That is all you expected from this film and that is what you get in abudnance. The actors join in, in the continuity with Ramya Krishnan as “She who doesn't blink” and Prabhas who is equally determined and passionate whether he is a noble warrior or a make-shift engineer. The expressions don't change. Rana Daggubati and Sathyaraj need add no new dimension to their character either. The only refereshing change is that of Anushka Shetty.

This is of course, because the screenplay demands little variation. Bahubali has a broad Mahabharat-esque story. But without any of its complexities. Because all the screen time is taken over by dramatic slo-mo entry and loud background music. There isn't much room to bring in nuances and unfortunately, neither did the makers feel the need.

But that is for the handful in the audience like me. The visuals are mesmerizing. You get an inkling of the scale as the censor board certificate is followed by an endless list of partners. The patient wait for the film to actually begin is well worth it. The opening credit sequence itself made me wish I had opted for the IMAX tickets, even if it was double the price. As I saw the film progress, I didn't think I would have regretted the decision, though I didn't mind saving the ₹250 – because ultimately, the want for a solid story always dominates.

~ ~ ~

ps: I watched the version dubbed in Hindi.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Loads and loads
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: No nudity. A lip-to-lip peck
  • Concept: The politics of power and struggle for it.
  • General Look and Feel: Grand, very grand. Each frame is spectacularly ornate.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 1.5
  • Lead Actors: 1.5
  • Character Artists: 1.5
  • Dialogues: 1.5
  • Screenplay: 0.5
  • Music Director: 1.5
  • Lyrics: 0.5

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Let's watch and then only comment. You no-where compared Bahubali2 with Bahubali1. Tell which one is better and more engrossing?


Let's watch and then only comment. You no-where compared Bahubali2 with Bahubali1. Tell which one is better.


The BAAHUBALI franchise is a masterpiece. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, all versions all languages, cutting across geographical barriers, cutting across regional and linguistic divide, cutting across economic divisions, Indian cinema's biggest moment since #SHOLAY is here... Baahubali 2. SS Rajamouli has done to Indian cinema what BR Chopra did to the small screen with the #MAHABHARATA television series back in the 80's.
For the record, part 1 is still the HIGHEST GROSSING domestic movie till date, even ahead of Dangal. Part 2 will only go exponentially higher.

Chintan Mehta:

I truly feel that you have underrated the movie a lot...I do agree there is too much ham in it but still deserves a 4* rating from every possible angle...


Saas bhi kabhi Bahu(bali) thi.

I think it resumes well what plays out on the screen, in this much
awaited Conclusion.

The makers seem to have been heavily influenced by something that
started out as a sidey joke by a B-grade comedian and which turned into
a buzz-sentence "Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?" The whole movie seems
to be geared towards answering this question, even though that is the
most stupidest of things to ask. And when the moment finally arrives, it
is stretched out and milked out to the most with heavy emotional music,
slo-mo etc.

The movie starts off without any introduction or explanation of the
"story so far". It assumes that everyone who has come to watch the
conclusion has watched the beginning.

A large part of the initial half is straight out of your typical South
Indian masala film, songs breaking out almost all the time, comedians
mouthing loud comic stuff that cater to the South Indian audiences but
fall flat on Hindi movie audiences, etc. And as with your typical masala
South Indian film you have your [comment partially deleted because it
describes a scene] - you name the South Indian audience pleasing stunt
and it is in there. [comment partially deleted because it describes a
scene], I just found it your typical masala gimmicky nothing more, but
the girl in the young couple sitting next to us found it romantic, cause
I overheard her telling her partner 'How romantic, would you do
something like this for me?' So I suppose there are audiences who love
such fantasies.

I waited patiently for all these extra reels made to just have a high
running time roll off. And then the real movie starts.

The story is quite interestingly played out once it starts. The chess
like steps played out by the baddies are quite interesting. Mahabharata
kind of look and feel. The world of dynasties and royals all over the
world, Asia or Europe, has almost always been a bloody affair. The lust
for power has always pitted brother against brother. No different in
Bahubali then.

The ending is obviously easy to guess for anyone. It is the journey to
the end which is made interesting. And there we come to the USP of
Bahubali. What a journey. Grandiose, spectacular, breathtaking. The
details, the camera spanning, the colours, the perfection, full marks.
It makes for an incredible viewing, the visuals are the best seen in an
Indian film. Sanjay Leela Bhansali might get an inferiority complex
watching Bahubali. Another area worthy of mention are the action scenes.
Beautifully choreographed. Clearly one of the best actions seen in
Indian films too. Special mention for the fluidity in which [comment
partially deleted because it describes a scene] whilst fighting against
enemies, superbly choreographed - really music in motion. Although as in
the first instalment some of those computer graphics are visible as
computer graphics. But let's ignore some minor aberrations amongst the
overall superbly produced effects.

Overall, if you have to watch it then watch it on giant screen. Should
you watch it? If you enjoyed Bahubali the beginning then go for it, very
high probability that you will enjoy the Conclusion because it is a
continuation of the first part in visuals, actions. As a film with a
story probably not the best, but then neither was Bahubali - it is all
about visual delight. And finally to answer why did Katappa kill
Bahubali, your first guess was the correct guess. :-). In the end it
just boils down to a saas-bahu(bali) soap that is aired on TV, with some
spectacular visuals thrown in.


A core Indian mythological fantasy film at its heart, Baahubali takes heavy inspiration from the Mahabharata & the Ramayana in terms of plots. subplots, conspiracies and characterization and thereby strikes a chord with every section of the audience, be it urban multiplex audiences or the single screen frequenting masses. Amarendra Baahubali shows shades of Arjuna & Bheema while Katappa's loyalty towards Mahismati reminds you of Hanuman's undeterred devotion towards Lord Ram & the Kingdom of Ayodhya . Bhalladeva's the evil envious Duryodhan of the story while his dad Bijalladeva does a Shakuni act. Powerful & commanding mother Sivagami shows shades of Kekayi & Gandhari while warrior queen Devasena's character is loosely based on Draupadi & Sita. Bhalladeva keeping Devasena captive is a direct spin off from Ravana kidnapping Sita leading to a war in the epic Ramayana. The narrative is non linear and goes back & forth keeping the viewer hooked on. The climax of part 1 turned out to be a masterstroke, perhaps leading to extensive viewership & unprecedented craze among audiences for part 2, just to know the answer to "why Katappa killed Bahubali". The movie inculcates the values of Sanatana Dharma right through its screenplay. There is a perfect blend of ancient Indian scientific techniques (Bhalladeva using a telescope to view long distance shots) as well as Hindu mythology (Krishna puja, Lord Ganesh at the Mahishmati entrance). Writer Vijendra Prasad has penned down a masterpiece. Although it must be said that the action sequences are a lot more refined and well edited in the first part while the action in part 2 is a lot more massy and stereo-typically Tollywood like. However, eventually this is Indian cinema's greatest mass entertainer since Sholay and the fact that its gonna become the highest grossing "HINDI" film ever proves my point that this is not just a south but a pan India ALL TIME HISTORIC BLOCKBUTER, the first of its kind since Mughal E Azam, Sholay & HAHK


I am with 'Fan' and Meetu on this one. For those who think the film's nativity worked better for South Indians - meet me. I am Telugu and I was constantly frustrated throughout the film for its unnecessary drama, inconsistent VFX quality, over-the-top heroics. Some of the emotions played out quite well but overall I thought BB2 was a wasted opportunity. Wasted because with the commercial success of BB1 they already had a big fan base that could have appreciated a more original and authentic film than this product which is fraught with plagiarism, lazy direction, predictable plot.

If you do watch it, please make sure it's on the big screen, as only a BIG screen can hide all the film's flaws



I really enjoy to watch both part great movie and story,


Meeta - so want to see this! So can't get everybody together in one place at one time! :( :( :(

It's been held over for THREE WEEKS at the one Indian movie screen in our Upstate NY city, and every week I ask, "Bahubali 2 this week, yes? We can all meet at 6 PM in front of the theater, yes...?" No - every week everybody else bags out on me, for one reason or another, even though they want to see it too.

Loved Part 1 (we streamed it on NetFlix), and all said, "If it's showing at a theater in the US, we'll see Part 2 in the theater!" I only hope it's still in theaters next weekend....


It's a masterpiece, you need to check your brain, there is something really wrong with it

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