Badmaash Company - Preview

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It's everything that's fun about a conjob - the core idea, the wool-over-the-eyes, the joke at the victim's expense. Everyone gets their just desserts and surprisingly all ends well.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just fighting the skepticism…

The title Badmaa$h Company immediately pops an image of those films with 3-4, good-for-nothings getting together for some over-the-top, insane, illogical fun or some ridiculous, plot-less, illogical action - C Kkompany, Cash, Dhol, Bhagam Bhag, Golmaal, Golmaal Returns, Dhamaal, to name a few.

The $ in the name also reminds you that in most of the above cases, if not all, the mad rush is to get to a bounty load of cash. Easy cash that is made difficult to get because…well, just because.

Anxiety and skepticism start creeping in. I looked-up the trailer, to negate the negativity and was ironically challenged by not-so-complimentary discussion about the film's trailer. I didn't give up. I completely enjoy this exercise of looking for a way to go into the theater with as little baggage as possible. Fortunately, the trailer succeeded in at least giving me mixed feelings.

The first reaction, of course, was "oye, this is Bunty aur Babli!!!" And it filled me with optimism, because I don't mind taking a little more of that kind of humor. But, then again, it was written by Jaideep Sahni whose sense of humor is very earthy.

Soon enough, you are reminded by the lead actor, "Badmash Company is no Bunty aur Babli!!" The story, in fact, is set in the 90s where four friends get together to start a company. I told ya! "four people". The title then is appended with the tagline "They do all the wrong things, the right way." That sounds like easy $$ being made in a difficult way. shaking off the cynicism

But how? Usually, I get very excited before watching a film by a first-time director. This time, it turns out, he is someone you've seen as an actor - Parmeet Sethi. In most cases, there is some new approach and good or bad, that is something I look forward to. Also, this excitement is usually controlled. But this once, it is further mutilated by the confession, proud as it may be that the script was written in 6 days. Yes, SIX DAYS -

Mercifully, there is some comfort in the fact that of late, even if it is off and on, the YRF camp has supported some good scripts. Then again, news around the film worries me. Supposedly, due to the similarity between Telgi and a character in the film, an entire sub-plot was chopped off to avoid controversy. The article goes on to say -

Sources also said that the plot didn’t help much to the over-all outcome of the film, as it slowed down its pace.

Uhh…why was it there in the first place, then?

Anyway, other characters are also from real-life - inspired by people the writer-director knew, a part of him. Hmmm…I wonder what would have happened if they were all scandalous. How would they have avoided it? Written another script in the next six days?

Now that the film is made, controversy or not, it has at least one person who has appreciated it. So what if he is the director's son -

The elder one, Aryamaan, has seen it with his mom. He came prepared to lie about liking it, but ended up finding it really cool, like an American flick. “Dad, it’s the best Hindi film I’ve seen,” he said. That gives me hope!

American that really a compliment?

Hopefully, the production values will be contemporary and true to the period the film is set in. Interesting the marketing is trying to engage the target audience, the youth, at the right places - Appeals by the lead pair to join their facebook page, contests on twitter with a sense of humor. The now-traditional do-s are also being done. I especially enjoyed the cast's squabble on Zoom TV. Thoroughly entertaining stuff **evil grin**-

Worry not, publicity rules demand you do the group hug, soon after. After all there is the mandatory lip-lock that the audience will be required to believe. Hopefully the film will be at least as entertaining. And the hope is not misplaced because lead actor, Shahid Kapoor says, he'd rather do a successful film than a good film.

I have no clue why, but I look forward that extra bit for a Shahid Kapoor-starrer. Especially considering, I haven't liked any of his films, I've seen, except for Jab we met. I wonder what the trick is!? Anyway, the almost positive music reviews give hope to the foot-tappers. If nothing else, the song and dance will surely keep them happy. And when you are done with getting your ears used to the music, you can catch the film May 7th onwards.