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145 minutes of super-stylish action. There is about 10 minutes worth of story somewhere in there. But, does that really matter? And does it count that it doesn't matter?



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96 tweeters have given Action Jackson an average rating of 1.7/5.0(?)

30 yays
62 nays
4 so-so
  • ZainabHanif: Action Jackson achi movie hai
  • VIRENDR98019132: Full enjoy Action Jackson movie in evening ...
  • vinitnenihaal1: action Jackson is a good film of the year
  • Vamsi3883Vamsi: It is very pleasant to see prabhas in action jackson
  • tiwari19931: #Awesome #movie [email protected] Action Jackson rock in the theatre .. It will be a massive hitt...
  • The_Bapu7: Action Jackson!!!! What a Movie... Superb... Loved it... AJ... Outstanding
  • sunnyviratian: Action Jackson ::awesome movie:: Enjoyed @lot
  • shutup785: Action jackson achi movie hae
  • Saif_Attar: Action Jackson is a pretty good entertaining movie , moves of ajay r really watchable!! My rating : 3.5/5 ! Ps: 0.5 extra for ajay's dance
  • ROYALSTAR15: Action Jackson is Mass Hit.... super movie @ajaydevgn @PDdancing
  • pyarsi: Action Jackson Very nice movie
  • PrabuddhAhire: I just watched "Action Jackson" its a very nic movie full with Action, Romance n Entertainment. AJ
  • MeetUunngLee: Judge me but I loved this mad movie Action Jackson!
  • MDAFIFMALLICK1: AJ says.... No Appointment....No Commitment...Only Punishment..... "Action Jackson" ....Nice Action..Have a nice day.
  • Mayur78645: Prabhu deva as usual with great story. ACTION JACKSON.
  • ManojSahuG: Action Jackson must watch for all Bhaktgan. #MufflerMan #KhaasAadmi #IndiaFightsBack
  • JohnLehtonen1: Action Jackson and Stone Cold are the closest films to actually being those parodies of 80s action films that Simpsons et al. so deeply love
  • Ibtisaam16: Action jackson best movie @AJTheMovie #ActionJackson
  • Iamharry007: Aj...action jackson...action jackson...!!! "its my way ya sky way".. $uperbbb movieee!!!
  • HimangshuBikas1: Action Jackson is very entertaining
  • harshsarvepalli: Watched Action Jackson and I recommend this movie loved it enjoyed Ajay devgan's role throughly. Paisa Vasool @sonakshisinha @ajaydevgn
  • hankypanty: Action Jackson is ANOTHER awful Prabhudeva film. Got to admire him though. He’s terrible. But, few know it. He's Sajid Khan: Ninja Edition.
  • DishantOffical: It dam good the movie action Jackson seen today morning
  • dilLogical_rahi: Watched Action Jackson and enjoyed it. Little loopholes though but overall a good to watch. 3/5
  • DevgnClub: "@Aditya_k168: @AJTheMovie Action Jackson is just Aweosome! Witnessed the perfect Action, Comedy, Drama in it!!
  • deswal_hitesh: Action Jackson What a awesome movie like a hollywood must be watch .-,faadu movie yr
  • AVTIHRIAK: finished #action Jackson awesome film
  • ArPrateeksaini: just watched Action Jackson...i like it..!!
  • alexkinariwala: JUST SAW ACTION JACKSON COOLL!!!!!!!! MUST WATCH
  • AjjuMiyan: Just Watched Action Jackson #AJ is Fully Awesome!
  • riz007_007: Action Jackson was okish.
  • khan9_bilal: Action Jackson is a okay movie
  • jitu191985: Action Jackson - one time watch
  • bunnyjuniork: #Action_Jackson : there are a good story but the Screenplay and Ajay Devgn Acting is too Bad my rating is 2/5
  • _Hiralious: Action Jackson was horrible. Watch at your own risk.
  • venkatsraman: #Epic!Rt @mainbhiengineer Action Jackson is so bad that those who've watched it r suggesting to buy Rajdeep Sardesai's book using that money
  • VarshanSookhun: Action Jackson ... One of the most horrendous Bollywood films I have ever seen. LOUD BRASH AND WASTEFUL !!! 3/10 #bollywood #moviereview
  • universe_tera: Action Jackson review by the team of Tera Universe: there are a good story but the Screenplay and Ajay Devgn Acting is too Bad my rate 2/5
  • TweetErrant: Kill your enemy this Christmas by gifting them tickets of Action Jackson.
  • themadGigolo: Ebola has arrived in India in the form of Action Jackson Highly contagious among stupid people who watch that low grade shit
  • tennews_dot_in: Action Jackson movie review: #AjayDevgn doesn’t need to stoop this low
  • SunnysBlueSky: Life already disappointed nd than Action Jackson happened.
  • sumitsaurabh: Best part of action Jackson was that finally it ended !
  • sRk_theEmpeRoR: Action Jackson utni hi achhi movie hogi jitni achhi Hindi hai Prabhudeva ki. Enough said.
  • SRKsAvenger: Action Jackson was a Chutyapanti ...
  • srkaravind: Narendra Modi Should Announce 10 Lakh Aid For The Families Of Victims Affected By 'Action Jackson'
  • soumilgada: Leave you brains aside and go for It... Have a time out.. For urself.. Action Jackson movie.. But only first half..
  • skodithala: Himess bhai gave such lousy music in Action Jackson?! Disappoint!
  • ShettyRiteshR: Action Jackson - This movie makes me think why we didnt send Jaani Dushman to the Oscars.
  • sarupnair: Action Jackson review: A nonsensical film, watch it only if you like mindless movies: Prabhudheva's fifth dire...
  • rjanup: Mirchi Bioscope Action Jackson : 1.5/5 Mirchis - Rj Anup # Bussss Bahut hogaya …aur sehen nahin hota ….Mujhe...
  • ranigill7: #Action Jackson : This Ajay Devgn-Sonakshi Sinha-Yami Gautam starrer is confusing, mindless and logic-less!
  • ProudDilliwala: Action jackson is the final nail in the coffin of prabhudeva style of filmmaking.Only rohit shitty can make shit work.
  • prk70: Those who watched Action Jackson in theatres. May there soul R.I.P. #worst movie ever..
  • pranavkale120: If someone is mean to u,dont seek revenge, they are not worth it.If someone is very very mean to u,give them a free ticket of Action Jackson
  • PrakaSH_KKR: Even Himmatwala Is Gud compared To Action Jackson , Behenchod Sonakshi sinha ki shakal Dekh ke dimag kharab ho jaata hai
  • one_by_two: Last night forced my wife to see 'Action Jackson'. She was so annoyed with me afterwards, she said no 'action' for me for next 3 months
  • Nima13505829: Cant belived today I watched such a horrible movie Action Jackson. Total waste of money.
  • nbrsr: Me: Went to watch Action Jackson .. Me: Stop laughing at me. I am deep hurt inside, Torn apart mentally. Blunders happen.
  • MughalDarbar: Action Jackson is worse than Ajay Devgn's dancing skills.
  • MrThinkA_Lot: If you judge a film by reviews in social media, Action Jackson is full of nonsensical crap.
  • mkaeel: such sheer piece of crap Action Jackson was free ticket for me but i still wanted refund damn i wasted 30 mints of my life
  • Media_Khabar: साल की सबसे खराब फिल्म एक्शन जैक्शन, घटियापन में 'हमशकल्स' जैसी फिल्म से भी एक कदम आगे
  • md610: Reading about Sonakshi Sinha's sketch in her movie Action Jackson. Surprised she took her mother to watch this movie.
  • markfeinber39gb: Action Jackson is indeed a bad film but I have problem with why it's not as good as last so bad it's good outing from their director.
  • mainbhiengineer: Watched Action Jackson, Ajay Devgn's dance was better than movie.
  • MadNotani: Phus ho gai Action Jackson. Industry people ..take note mindless crap will be accepted everytime.
  • LShirgeri: Action~Jackson में AJ खाक▼ मारिना (मनस्वी मॅमगई) राॅक♡
  • LazyBone_007: The only good thing about Action Jackson is its better than Hamshakals...
  • Just4_Gags: Prabhudeva is a true businessman .... He comes with the same movie every year but with different actors ..!!
  • iPhoneboy_me: 0 out of 5 to action jackson frm my end. Time for prabhudeva to change his name to sajid khan.. :-/
  • indiantweeter: People who watched Action Jackson have committed suicide by jumping from high altitude mountains of that forehead.
  • iDeepakRana: There are movies like Interstellar. Then there are movies like Action Jackson. Quite a world!
  • havoviw: Other things to do this weekend: 3. Don't watch Action Jackson. Don't watch ArGo. Don't watch 'The News'. Go out and hit a ball. Run.
  • HardCoreKohlian: Instead of wasting money on Action Jackson please go by some food & give it to those urchins under the bridge.
  • EngineeRoholic: Action Jackson is an awesome moving... you just need to watch it while sleeping.
  • dr_supal: Action Jackson makes me feel that HappyNewYear was somehow a good movie...
  • divinejewelsin: Action Jackson is the Bakwaas movie from the first scene to the Last scene. its about the gangster sister (cont)
  • csundar86: Pm modi met the star cast of action jackson. You see evn prime minister of the country cant save a film in which ajay devgn tries to dance
  • CrazyDeewana: Action Jackson is so bad that even Ajay Devgn's dance looks more tolerable.
  • CaitOConner: Dear God have mercy Action Jackson is so atrociously bad. And I usually like bad movies.
  • BossKrutarth: "@The_Sleigher: Action Jackson is so bad that Michael Jackson died 5 years before it released."
  • bivek18068783: Action Jackson movie is not good prabhudeva is time discounted work
  • Binodsubedi555: don't expect much from action jackson
  • BigdaChora: Action Jackson's Role in Swachh Bharat Mission is to keep Theatres Clean and empty at the same time.
  • BeboShaleen: Action Jackson is the Biggest disaster of 2014 ... wat the F*** meaningless senseless movie ainvayi time waste!
  • baazigar_lover: Just watched Action Jackson Worst movie of Bollywood beating tees maar khan... my rating to this movie 0 out of 5.
  • Ataaz: Action Jackson should be named as Action Marina... #DontWatchIt
  • AshiTiwariHsmd: Action Jackson ka piracy net pe aa chuka hai. its very bad...
  • AshishSingh777: Action Jackson...kuch khas nahi bekar dhai ghante baithaye rakha
  • ashishbarot: Action Jackson is so mind numbing that some fellow surgeons are thinking of showing it to patients instead of giving them general anesthesia
  • arunk_: We can mock and ridicule movies like 'Action Jackson' all we want. But the sad reality is it'll make so much money while.. 1/2
  • Anuj2807: Action Jackson. One of the worst movie I have seen till now. #AJ #fail
  • aguywithspecs: Life tip #056: DONT WATCH ACTION JACKSON!
  • afzalk1984: Biggest flop hai Action Jackson
  • Adeel_Siddique: Action Jackson - super painful (at @AtriumCinemas in Karachi, Sindh)