ABCD - Any Body Can Dance - Preview

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ABCD - Anybody Can Dance is more a bunch of people showcasing their dancing talent and ab control than anything else. The story is just a functional wrap-around the makers' passion for dancing but the dances themselves are like those seen in reality shows.



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Kay Kay Menon! Oooooh...playing a dance teacher? Wow, really? Oh maybe that's what they mean by 'anybody can dance'. Or maybe he's just playing the dance company's manager. I have hardly ever seen Kay Kay Menon dance, but if he's really playing a dance teacher/choreographer I am already waiting to watch the film.

This is despite the fact, the good vs evil seems to be very clear in the trailer itself. Either that is damn good character establishment or the epitome of predictability. So, this must be one of the very few times that a movie interests me even though the story seems to be a run-of-the-mill one, this once an underdog competition one. Other than the presence of Kay Kay Menon, the credit goes to watching people dance for two hours. The music seems to be widely appreciated as you can see below. Also, I absolutely loved the last dance sequence in F.A.L.T.U which was also directed by Remo D'Souza.

Interestingly, the promos at least don't have a prominent lead lady. For a dance film, that seems a little off. I hope it is used to the advantage of the story.

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dunkdaft - "ABCD packs a punch that is able to make anybody, dance. "
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