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It is weird that Aashiqui 2 doesn't engage you a 100%. It has decent performances, characters who know and show their feelings, a believable love story, yet it's not completely there.



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Love... sigh... Haven't we all done something purely crazy because we believed that is what love is? And hasn't it been ages since we've seen moments of genuine selfless love on screen. It has been longer than that since I saw characters, in Hindi films especially, introspecting and knowing what the other person feels without being told. Aashiqui 2 is the film that has brought these things alive on screen. Yet, it doesn't fill the gap for a love story that sucks you in completely with its romance.

Once the characters Rahul Jaykar or RJ (Aditya Roy Kapoor) and Aarohi (Shraddha Kapoor) were established, it kept nagging me that I couldn't feel with the characters. Fine, the broad stroke of the story is predictable. But, every once in a while, there is a dialogue or a moment of introspection that makes you regard the character in new light. Here are lovers who take their time to fall in love and express it.

Sure, there's the slow pace that can be blamed for making you wait for what happens next. But hey, if you are waiting for what happens next, the film is working just fine. After all here are two lovers, both singers of star status, one sticking on to the other when the going gets bad. Isn't that what we want our loved one to do for us? Isn't that what we'd do for our beloved?

And there came the realisation! I know Aarohi and RJ are in love with each other. But, I know it because of what the characters do for each other or say to each other. It's not because I am with them in this journey of theirs. That emotional connect is missing.

Interestingly enough, the actors cannot be entirely put to fault for this. Shraddha Kapoor's innocent face does half the work for her. I wouldn't take away from what she contributes as an actor here, but she has a charming screen presence. She brings through Aarohi's simple-mindedness and commitment with poise.

Aditya Roy Kapur does his good-at-heart RJ genuinely. Despite your cynicism, you believe how selfless he is. On the darker side, you also don't question why he has set himself on a path of self-destruction. The bits, and these are big bits, where he falters are those where he tries to convince us he's drunk. And that's a huge let down. Shouldn't 'acting drunk' be the primary qualification for an actor to be able to claim himself as one?

Very rarely, do I feel like adding a separate comment about the director. I believe that everything that happens in the film is the director's doing. So, how I feel about every department of film-making is indirectly a comment on his work. Some of the tiny choices made here though, added to my experience. The casual way in which funny lines pass through without drawing extra attention to themselves, the control over drama when we are ready for melodrama - to name a few. Yep, these should be the norm by now. But, till it doesn't, it deserves extra mention if not points.

The other departments too add to the ambience too. While the crisp camera-work lends a fresh feel to the film, the music kept me going with the flow of the film. I'm not sure if I would enjoy just listening to the songs. But, they worked really well within the context of the film. The film itself has a lovely flow (except for the abrupt last 10 minutes) despite being 15-20 minutes longer than I would have liked it.

I must say I was surprised that I liked the film as much as I did. When I saw Aashiqui as a teenager, I remember thinking why do all love stories end up with either "happily ever after" or "both die". Aashiqui 2, with a few light moments in the beginning, a little drama and loads of non-eewww romance, holds your attention and keeps it there. It just doesn't reach out to your heart, wholeheartedly.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A few fist fights.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A liplock. One love-making scene.
  • Concept: That of undying love.
  • General Look and Feel: Crisp yet smooth texture.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 3
  • Story: 3
  • Lead Actors: 3
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 3.5
  • Screenplay: 2.5
  • Music Director: 3.5
  • Lyrics: 2.5

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On the whole, AASHIQUI 2 brings romance back on the Hindi screen -- intense, pure, selfless and heart wrenching. A stirring account with brilliant moments, bravura performances, strong emotional quotient and addictive music, this one's an absolute must watch for the romantics.


after so many years, i hv seen the movie which makes me cry, vch makes me to feel for sum1.. it is awsome, very heart touchy, very mch genuine story....... thnx 2 all..n heads off 4 d last scene of the beach ...

Dattaprasad Godbole:

A seemingly run-of-the-mill sequel manages to impress you, I'm surprised... But even more surprised to realize that you were a teenager when I was 2 year old... You may not have given the movie away, but you certainly have given away your age :-p

Umesh Kumar:

Nothing good to say about the movie. It a sheer waste of time. None of the characters bring anything good on screen. Direction was too hazy.
It scores big on music only. it a one time watch only for love birds.


@jignesh @supriya surprisingly enough, no?

@Dattaprasad ha ha ha. I'm way past the age where one bothers to keep age a secret. I turn 39 this year. :D

@Umesh ouch!

Ankana Rahul Jaykar:

Aashiqui 2
meri zindagi ko dusri baar sochne ka mauka diya hai,mujhme phirse jeena ka takat samaya hai..
Bohat salon k baad phir mujhe roney pe majboor kiya hai,isko dekhte samay kisiko yad karne pe majboor kiya hai..
RJ aapne toh mujhe phirse love karne pey majboor kar diya yar..
Wo aap hi ho jisko dekhte dekhte mujhme maine phirse mujhko dhoond saka..
Arohi aap wahi wo jisne mujhe sachche pyar karne ka matlab sikhaya..mujhme himmat diwaya hai..
Aap dono meri idol ban gaye ho yar
really m fall in love wid u Rahul Jaykar

bass yahi kehna chahti hoon ki mein iss janam mey ab aur kabhi bhi koi bhi movie dekhna nahi chahti hoon,meri jiwan swarthak ho gaya Aashiqui 2 dekhne k baad..
Kabhi nahi bhul paungi mey iss movie ko :')
love u Rahul Jaykar <3


@Meetu:Ur the first woman whom i've heard say that doesn't bother hiding her age...esp considering that ur in your late 30's/early 40's :P

mariya sarwar:

Aahiqui2 z d best movie i hv ever seen it z based n clean language n a true love story jzt loved it well i dunn think so that any movie can compete wid itz z d best <3 d couple performed very well love thm both its much better then iron man 3


its the music that takes u way love the tunes....awesum


@Ankana @mariya :D

@Anuj Really? I thought the age where you want to hide it is in the twenties. I like to think of my age as maturity and experience ;P

@Rajat true ...

Suman Chakraborty:

Direction: 3
Story: 2
Lead Actors: 2.5
Character Artists: 1.5

Dialogues: 2
Screenplay: 1.5
Music Director: 4
Lyrics: 2

Vanchita Yadav:

nice movie

Partha Das:

A Beautiful saga and a materpiece of the year
4 out of 5 from me
Execellent job from Mohit Suri & team
Only to be liked for love birds only


Nice movie,shradhha n rahul looks really nice dedicated pair in the movie.Songs are great fits to movie for every occasion.
Last scene gr8 :)


its the music that takes u way love the tunes....awesum


Observing the posts in the site, some made worthless comments. Aashiqui 2 is a sensational movie, one can feel the flow of the movie. songs striking to heart, infinite accolades to performance of aditya and shradda. the movie inspires everyone to be lovable. we can see how useless comments and actions can effect a weak person, never hurt anyone, cause if we do god pays-back it. I literally couldn't stop my sorrow and cry. it's a true feel.


I don't know, Meetu - everyone in the American Bollywood Movie Night Group has seen this story many times before, and we didn't really like it the first umpty-ump times. Tammy actually asked if we could shut off the movie at about an hour and a half in because Rahul's behavior was making her angry - and those of us who watched the rest just groaned at the movie following the same path we hoped it wouldn't, for once.

It doesn't help that Aditya Roy Kapoor's Rahul is really only good when he's being supportive and loving. His drinking and self-destructive behavior, like his perpetual stubble, feels like it's on loan from Abhishek Bachchan - who wears it much better! As a recovering alcoholic myself (30 years sober, thank you for asking! :) ), I remained unmoved and unconvinced by the scenes of his downward spiral - and you're right, he drinks like a kid playing a drunk in a school play, who's never tasted alcohol in his life.

The one good thing in this entire movie was Shradda Kapoor, who confirms my high opinion of her from another movie I otherwise didn't enjoy, TEEN PATTI. I would love to see her in a really good movie for once, rather than being the best thing in movies that are really kind of mediocre. (Yes, I'm saying she was better in TEEN PATTI than Sir Ben Kingsley or Amitabh Bachchan - because she fit her character perfectly, while Sir Ben did a glorified cameo, and Bachchan-ji's portrayal of a unworldly math professor was akin to watching a lion play a mouse!)


i also like the movei but when ending come ..i feel i actor did this thing...

why and why...then i remember director did this

salman khan:

Aashiqui 2 is the best movie I've ever seen. But, the ending of the film was quite sad. There should be a happy ending.

Ritu Sexana :

total time waste.. only KRK make you smile in whole movie

Rahul :

Really tiime waste..

Christena ellie:

Aashiqui 2 is one of my favorite movie, this movies has great story of love and this movie is little bit sad too.


Really like this movie. Song is heart touching mainly tum hi ho title track But the movie end is not well.


Well the movie was good to watch and the songs were awesome to listen. Must watch it as the newcomers at that time have performed well in acting.

Zoya Ali:

When Aashiqui 3 movie released ?

Rahul Singh:

I loved the movie Aashiqui 2. But lets suppose if the ending be more romantic, it would be more cool. Isn't? Overall, it is THE BEST!

Anushka Vashishta:

I still love the performance of Shraddha Kapoor in this movie.

Anushka Vashishta:

I loved the performance of Shraddha in this movie. She is Adorable.


I would say the movie is good

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