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Not even one of those "so bad that it's good" films.



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67 tweeters have given The Xpose an average rating of 2.3/5.0(?)

28 yays
33 nays
6 so-so
  • Yuvrajsingh877: Best movie The Xpose
  • WaggishCA: Not only did "The Xpose" suck, it blew chunks, bit the big one, and then came back and sucked again.
  • viveksi88127089: saw movie the xpose. nice dramatic suspense. need to appreciate himeshji. the film had made well occupancy in theater.
  • vicramb: Vokay. Finally done with The Xpose. Whattay movie. Damn! Bloody hilarious. Best comedy of this year
  • Upooorv: Not to brag or something but I can make a better movie than The Xposé.
  • UntamedBachelor: I need Mathematics experts to invent a number that is lower than all the existing numbers so that I can accurately rate The Xpose
  • Ujwal_khadka1: Don't waste your time & money by watchng shit like #thexpose
  • UfaceSRKian: Himesh version 2.0 as an actor will change your opinion about him. Brilliant movie and performances. #TheXpose
  • thexpose_himesh: The one thing i miss in #thexpose is pace ! But made with honesty keeping the things as they r ! Unique movie
  • TheUnrealKING: Jai ho > #TheXpose .. Wait actually both r equally crap..
  • TheRohitPathak: #TheXpose is a chutiya film. Bakwas Story, Bakwas Direction, Bakwas Music and Bakwas Acting! Waste of money!! ★★☆☆☆
  • tan_O: I watch the xpose and question my sanity!
  • talha6432: Dard dilo k kam ho jatay me or tm gr hm ho jate me or tm gr hm ho jate Nice movie(THE XPOSE)
  • SyedaKazmi110: The Xpose mahaaa bakwaAas #Movie :/
  • supRohan: The Xpose was actually a wasted film
  • splendidakshay: #TheXposé Who is the murderer ? Solid confusion hai? Watch the movie u will be more confused again! Hahaha @ananthmahadevan u rockd (y)
  • smartmanas: when i asked for #TheXpose tickets, the girl who books it had a dirty smile on her ugly face... i knew the reason later.
  • SaalaDilliwala: I congratulate Mr. #Himesh Reshammiya on being the most integral factor behind the greatness of #TheXpose . This movie is an experience.
  • RoutingViruses: 'The Expose' shows how you convert a horror movie into a comic one
  • RKKeyur: There is nothing bad than the Xpose and new We Chat Ad :p :3
  • RjDhrumil: As an Indian citizen I request to send #TheXpose for #Oscars ;p :p HaHaHaHa Can't handle it anymore
  • ritikarrao: I Might Sound Like An Idiot But Really The Xpose Is An Awesome And Timepass Movie!!! The Xpose Nahi Dekha Toh Kya Dekha Ahahahhaa
  • RedFMIndia: We are at a point where we are asking random people-'Yaar yeh movie mein kya ho raha hai?' Everyone is clueless! #TheXpose #LiveTweetReview
  • RAM_BangaRAM: #TheXpose #RamReview : Its A Good Thriller But Little Bit Boring !! HR Music Good & Good Screenplay !! Time Pass Flick!! #RamRating : 2.75/5
  • radiochatter: Dimag ko hua traas.. Picture thi itni bakwaas.. Koun banaya ye.. Bheje ko shot The Expose
  • pranavm_0891: 'The Xpose' Movie Is Still Running In Theaters All Over The Country.. Kahaan Hai Acche Din?
  • poojalapasia: Survived 'The Xpose', what a nothing of a movie. Though Himesh bhai \m/. I need to lie down for a while now.
  • ofnosurnamefame: While it still is tough seeing Himesh Reshammiya as a hero, The Xpose isn't half as bad as one would expect it to be. We have seen worse.
  • Naaman997: The Xposé was a great movie me! What a movie! Havent seen a movie like this in a long time.@ZoyaAfroz @HimeshR @IamSonaliRaut
  • MeNIHALKDALWAI: The xpose is an awesome movie... Faadu dialogues, luks like 1st hit film of Himesh bhai as hero ... Must watch
  • megha2akshay: The Expose- Himesh ka overdose! SURPRISINGLY the storyline and dialogues are nice! fast paced but…
  • Khan16Aman: #The Xpose very cool Film ;-)
  • kaupar: Just watched Himesh Reshamiya's the Xpose. dont ask why.. suspense builtup was good but failed to deliver the impact.
  • Just_Sheryl: So The Xpose gets 2.5 stars.......Himesh's Dialogues as Ravi Kumar........
  • JemAmansSis4Eva: 2nd day of #TheXposé ! Must go & watch :) You will surely love it !! ♥♥ @TheXposeFilm
  • jaythak67687133: On the whole the expose is high glamour and style but low on content the film doesn't stand Le dooba honey Singh ko himesh hahaha
  • Imshri09: #TheXpose has been watched... Not an interesting story... better to skip this movie :)
  • imMDP: #TheXpose : What a brilliant film it was!!! Shocked!!!!!? Me too... I don't know, why my friends aksed me to go...
  • iapundir: Today i watched The feeling sever headache
  • HimeshRfanclub: The Xpose Rocks!
  • gradwolf: Thoughts on the fantastically boring The Xpose
  • GoyalJeevan: The Xpose is GREAT movie and @HimeshOfficial is awesome.
  • gopalvats4u: Awesome Movie... The Xpose.. Nice Acting by Himesh & Honey....:)
  • fahd_masood: #TheXpose a good watch
  • dhaivatraval: All my followers Go & Watch The Xpose .. its a entertaining film with suspense + faadu dialogues + path breaking music
  • curentbollynews: #TheXpose doing well,A must watch
  • cinemawaali: And now I know someone who spent 400 bucks on a single ticket to watch The Xpose! Hail Himesh Reshammiya's suroor.
  • chaosparticle: This might surprise some of you but The Xpose' was not a bad film.
  • chaitanyaishq: TheXpose - Day 2 rush to theaters for this awesome movie ...HR rocks
  • Bollywood_B: Review: The Xpose has nothing new, and it doesn't even care: Saddled with glaring plot holes, caricaturish sup...
  • bhoi_ashu: Watched #TheXpose Superb dialogues, styling, perfomance by every character especially #Himesh #intelligent #MurderMystery @TheXposeFilm
  • BeingShimSid: Watched #TheXpose starts with a Bang But ends with a Bhandh entertaining Musical Thriller...
  • Bawara_Mann: #TheXpose ko dekh ke lagta hai ki #Himesh ko Roti nahi sirf Struggling mili hai
  • BanarasiGunda: इतनी ओवर एक्टिंग है #TheXpose में की आपका माथा ख़राब हो जायेगा। ऊपर से फिल्म के डाईलाग इतने घटिया की मुह से गाली ही निकलती है।
  • Bajao_Ghanta: Fantastic movie the xpose maza aa gaya
  • BachhavAmit: The Xpose nice movie
  • AyushVasant: 'The Xpose' awsum movie
  • avinash16: Another cult classic after Gunda, The Expose
  • asjadnazir: Was there a "This Movie Could Be Injurious To Your Health..." warning before The Xpose started? #TheXpose #HimeshStopActing (please)
  • AramushaHime: The Xposé is one of the worst movies of the decade.... not that anybody cares
  • Ansh_Rathore: Himesh Reshamiya is back and he’s back with a bang! The Xpose will surprise you.
  • Amitjeeeee: The Xpose is fast-paced and has hit music and lovely dialogues as its plus points.
  • amishah0505: Watched #TheXpose. Highly Entertaining - Na Dance.. Na Expression.. Na Pose.. Only EXPOSE. Janta ne Ek Bhi Mauka Nahi Choda Hasne Ka!
  • Amber_Razor: Awesome movie #The_Xpose Awesome #Intimacy Gorgeous #Zoya_Afroz — feeling naughty
  • alphabhat: Just go to the theatres nearby you and watch #TheXpose .. You will enjoy every minute of it
  • alecebhattarai: Nice film the expose awesme dialog