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Opposites attact, they say. But even the opposites had something similar that keep them together, for each other, and maybe even for ever. Similarities or differences - celebrate whatever it is that is the cause of your love. A chick flick that's not only for chicks.



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Wogma Review

The whiff of the Arabian Sea. You smell it. The first few drops of rain on your sweating forehead. You sense them. The love that only a Mumbaikar can express for his city. You feel it. I'm getting all romantic on you. You dread it. But what do I do when I see two people just be so comfortable on screen - as characters and as actors. Not necessarily romantically in the "more than friends" sort-of a way. But romantically as two individuals who react and interact.

So, you got that? The number of times "romantic" and its derivatives have been repeated so far should indicate that you, the young lads, should already be planning that dinner date after the perfect date movie. And chicks, go watch this flick. The older generation on the other hand could empathize with the parents in the film.

Sid is a normal, college-going kid - neither the superstar of his college, nor the super-buffoon. Neither the teenage heartthrob nor the class dunce. He's carefree and proud of it. Aisha is serious and knows what she wants. Her practicality is not an exaggeration, nor is it understated - a regular, motivated girl. Their contrasts - evident. Their similarities - to be deciphered.

The first sequence in the film tells you this film is going take its own time to develop and unfold. And by the last sequence you know there isn't much unfolding to be done (except t-shirts and kurtis). The story is half-a-line and yet I'm going to be feel hurt on behalf of the makers if the audience complained, "there was no story!" At times when the movie goes deeper, it doesn't need too many words to describe the story.

And the more time I spent with Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) and Aisha (Konkona Sen Sharma), the more I wanted to know them. It felt better to see screen time being spent on the niceties of their relationship. It was good to see them grow closer to and fonder of each other. Aaawww…that's what friendships should be like. And then I was deprived of more. And I was hurt when one was oblivious to the other's emotions just to satisfy the hunger for drama. Whether it’s the maker's hunger or the audience's - I do not know. But annoyed I was, to see the twosome that got me into their drawing room, throw me out by their out-of-character, ignorant behavior. Those two, who were candid, lucid and were supposed to be best of friends until a few minutes ago.

Then there were the couple of side characters who were there just to throw in a punch. Anything to do with Karan Johar has to have some angle of parental love and associated dramatic moments. Whether or not they belong. And they do not belong here. Especially when you realize one of them has been caricatured just for that one punch line. The lines which were fine until then and later too. Smartly used by thinking and sensitive characters. And suddenly it's spoilt by one on-the-face line. While these individual characters didn't work, most of the interconnected relationships were well-developed with just a scene or two. But whatever bit the dialogue-writer lacked, was made up in the way the two protagonists were created.

Of course, kudos to the two actors, one maturing, and one who looks like she was born with fully-developed acting skills. The maturing Ranbir Kapoor will, I guess, be the industry's first candidate for the puppy-look, innocent boy. And yet not boy-next door. I enjoyed bits of their performances more because of how up-close I saw their expressions. Similarly there is this whole list of things that add value due to their absence. And top on my list is the conscious decision of not having that pause, that moment of awkwardness between a boy and a girl because of that hug, that touch. Its handled delicately and with finesse.

We were just getting used to a superficial attitude of making a film about the woman protagonist, but end up seeing the man claim glory. This one is equally Ranbir's and Konkona's. Yes, even though the title of the film contains the protagonist's name.

For a long-long time I've been watching out for a Hindi romantic film where the story is about the lead pair. That's it. Their emotions, their turmoil and nothing else. Love Aaj Kal was close and Wake Up Sid comes even closer. I guess some background noise is inevitable to satisfy our need-more-masala palettes. But, we are growing up as an audience and it's so heartening to see our masala-chef production houses walk hand-in-hand with us. Wake Up SidPleasures of a preview show, you get to see the cans being off-loaded

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A few pub dances. A scene or two with girls talking casually about sex.
  • Concept: Friendship.
  • General Look and Feel: Nice and bright though not too many song and dance routines. Not a heavy film.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 4
  • Story: 3.5
  • Lead Actors: 4
  • Character Artists: 3
  • Dialogues: 4
  • Screenplay: 3
  • Music Director: 3
  • Lyrics: 3

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I saw the film yesterday. Wake up Sid, is not a film that gives lecture to the youngsters to do something in life. Its a story(?) about a guy, a simple, guy and his friendship. how a friend can teach to be responsible, be serious. its story about a son, a i dont care attitude, with life, with career, n even with parents!!

Ranbir was awesome. He just bring the screen alive. Audience just smile looking at him. he's so fresh!! Konkana was as we expected just what she is best at!! She performs brilliantly. The relation of Sid and Aisha is shown so simple, subtle.

kudos to Ayaan!! The movie just goes on smoothly. some small incidences, make the movie more intersting (b'day celebration, Meeting with naupam in his office) etc. . . .


The review is a wee bit confusing, Meetu. I was hoping for a Yes, go for it! or a No, dump it! answer. But I guess some movies aren't that simple. I am a little confused by the mentions of chick-flick (which usually a guy wouldn't like) and the associations of maturity (I've yet to see a chick-flick that delivered on that).

Incidentally I'm going for the movie today afternoon and I'll tell you what I think of it, once done.


Okay, I saw the movie and now I get it. Your review is a bang on. The movie gave me some food for thought - and a post of course!


Hi Sudhindra - glad you liked it. there were little things i thoroughly enjoyed. And some that I thought could've been avoided. There were others that I thought were completely missing. But overall I enjoyed the film.

Idea! I was waiting for you to watch the film. Your post on it is awesome too!

Navin Modi:

watched it on Colours TV and just loved it....

read your review and agree with most of it....I am saying it again that your writing style is pretty different from other movie reviews


@Adam My bad! Will take much better care next time.

@Navin thanks!


the movie gave me some food for thought - and a post of course!

freelance writing:

The review is a wee bit confusing, Meetu. I was hoping for a Yes, go for it! or a No, dump it! answer. But I guess some movies aren't that simple. I am a little confused by the mentions of chick-flick


@freelance writing really? It is a chick-flick that's "go for it".

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