Udta Punjab - Preview

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Gritty film that makes you uncomfortable enough for it to stay long after you leave the theater. Yes, that makes for a good film.



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The first I heard about Udta Punjab was from the Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor's Twitter feeds. The first poster I saw made me curious. Then they gave Shahid Kapoor's look which seemed a little over the top and then I was taken aback by Alia Bhatt's look and was pleasantly surprised to see Kareena Kapoor feature in this one. Then came the who's who of Bollywood going gaga over the trailer.

Sure, the trailer is good and doubles up the curiosity. But, it also brings along a sense that it could all fall flat after the shock value has settled in. It is about a very pertinent issue and from the trailer, it doesn't look like it will get into 'preach' mode. Yet, if there is not much of a story that keeps it all together, it could be well be banking on just foul languaged mouthed with full intensity.

I am out of connectivity again for this one and will get to it only by first week of July. By then, the verdict would have been out and forgotten too. Or hopefully not.

(This preview was written in the second week of May and has been auto-published.)